Sunday, December 16, 2018

The Purity Police Are At It Again

Poor Gandhi.  He just can't catch a break.  Now an African university is removing his statue because of insensitive remarks he made about African natives during the time he lived in South Africa.  And that's liberalism to a tee.  There are no heroes anymore, and soon there won't be any statues left, because, unless you uphold every modern leftist prejudice perfectly, 100% of the time, the PC police will come for you eventually too...  There's no safety from totalitarians.  Take note.

In other news, U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May is sticking to her guns, saying there will be no "second referendum" on Brexit.  Good!  Those who wish to undo the results of a democratic election on Brexit should be ashamed of themselves.  A "no deal Brexit" is also looking more and more likely.  I say: bring it on!  Britain can make it work, and if it does work I like to think a great many EU countries might follow in Britain's footsteps...

Lastly, Carl Cannon's take on Mueller's frame-up of President Trump is worth a read.  If Matt Whitaker was doing his job, he'd probably be firing Mueller as we speak.  A good second choice would be to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate...the special prosecutor's office of Robert Mueller, as well as other DOJ/FBI misconduct and illegality surrounding the probe into Trump-Russia collusion.


  1. Dr. Waddy; I think history should consider and perhaps has considered the possibility that some of Gandhi's efforts may have been productive of great misfortune. Can he be held in some way responsible for the homicidal mayhem which attended the partition? That said, his essential goodness and his demonstration that nonviolent beneficial change is under some circumstances doable (for example, when you are dealing with a fundamentally just civilization like that of Britain - imagine what the Japanese would have done to Gandhi - nonviolent lack of compliance would have been met with terrifying and summary objectivity) stands him in very good stead, I think. Did that African university consider his monumental and courageous efforts on behalf of untouchables? Perhaps that record forgives remarks he may have made during his South African sojourn.

  2. Dr. Waddy: A caution can be found in the history of Marxist states about exaltation of currently approved figures. When they are purged their followers often are too. The left in power is as fundamentally lethal and unpredictable as an organic plague. In China especially, ludicrous doctrinaire mandated opposition to once honored figures (eg. Liu Shao Chi, Lin Piao and even Kung Fu-tze - "Confucius") demonstrated ad nauseum the arbitrary and , yes, very mundane evil of such regimes.

    I agree with you in that I think that a hard Brexit, followed by a thriving Britain, is quite possible and could drive a stake into the heart of incipient continental bureaucratic dictatorship. The Brits have always been right to keep the rest of Europe at arm's length; their history shows them to have been a higher civilization.

  3. Dr. Waddy; I agree that a determined investigation into the investigators and their supporters be pursued. Now that the election is over why not?

  4. Why not, indeed! I keep asking myself that. What is Whitaker waiting for? An engraved invitation from the goddess Justitia herself?

    I agree with you, Jack, that Gandhi's impact (and personal virtues) can be seen in any number of lights, some of them more flattering than others. Fair enough. Why a person has to be perfect to be "celebrated", though, is beyond me. You know how I love the British Empire, so from that perspective I don't care for little Gandhi one bit -- but I would never call for his statues to be toppled. Not much point in degrading the dead, if you ask me. As you say, though, hero-worship is inherently problematic and should not be overdone.

    I know the EU wants to take a hard line with Britain, but if I were them I would think hard about the consequences of a "hard Brexit". There's been so much scaremongering about it that I would be shocked if the reality were not significantly less cataclysmic than many have predicted. Surely that would, in turn, buoy the hopes of all Euroskeptics. The EU is on shaky ground. They should tread carefully.

  5. Dr. Waddy: I'm reminded of all the Y2K worry; those Brits will be ok ("alright, Jack!"). I haven't considered the effect a hard Brexit would have on the E.U. I've been so happy about perfidious Albion preserving its sovereignty from subordination to polities and cultures which simply do not work as well as Britain. The way I look at it, they are THE mother country; their history is ours too; we are tied very close to them and that's an honor. I care very much about them and their great traditions like the monarchy and am grateful for the good they have done world civilization.

  6. Me too, Jack. A sovereign Britain is a Britain that can continue to lead the world -- at least by example. I hope it comes to pass.