Thursday, December 6, 2018

Trump: A Work In Progress?

Hey, nobody's perfect, right? My latest article examines the first two years of Donald Trump's presidency and some of the missed opportunities for this administration. Ideally, these missed opportunities can turn into important lessons for Trump and his team. Fighting his way to reelection will be tough, but Trump is the epitome of tough, and he can be quick on his feet too. I sincerely hope he takes some of my sage counsel to heart, because, if he does hone his message and improve his tactics, there's no limit to what he can achieve. We need four -- well, six -- more years of Trump (at a minimum)! Let's make sure we get it.

And here's some bonus wisdom: a great analysis of the "climate change" boondoggle:


  1. Dr. Waddy: Experience is so very, very valuable. Our President is the very first from without the nonprofit world to have been elected. He's getting experience now, that's for sure. He's already accomplished laudable things nevertheless and bids fair to do more, much more, in support of the real America, in the next two and, we must resolve, because it may mean the triumph of our cause, the next six years.

    He's made plenty of mistakes and he is irrepressibly offensive to those who harbor traditional political sensitivities, even on our side, and those who mimic them, in cynical hope of his destruction.

    What is VITAL, I hold, is that we may have been blessed with a one time miracle in his rise and that we must recognize what Cassius did: "there is a tide in the affairs of men, which, taken at the flood. . . ).

  2. Agreed, Jack. Trump's victory WAS something of a miracle, a deliverance. Will it be a turning of the tide, though, or a stay of execution? God works in mysterious ways...

  3. Dr. Waddy: There are historical precedents for believing in miracles; the history of the early Christian church ,the survival of Jewish civilization and the fall of Communism are examples.

    The federalist article was excellent - a virtual primer on how to disarm environmental fanatics. It begs the question: what makes the environmental and geographic catastrophy crowd as attention getting as they have been in recent history? I would argue that the ongoing politicization, its attendant dismissal of objectivity and consequent condemnation of hypotheses which do not pass political muster, has seriously infected the physical sciences and their institutions like the "universities " and has empowered pompous latter day T.D.Lysenkos like Al Gore. It may even be that some of them are out and out hucksters who know they are full of baloney but also know they can garner short term monetary and deferential profit from ill supported warnings. The fevered and discredited predictions cited in the article are laughably dated now.

    The "environmental movement" has been from its onset yet the latest and perhaps the last power grab by the world wide left and its American ingrate toadies, after their complete disgrace and discreditation in politics and economics world wide. They are mortified, as it becomes increasingly obvious that the solution to the "existential" carbon emissions problem is encompassed in two words: natural gas. That that fuel is abundant and readily available due to American capitalism is unbearably galling to them and they are entirely lacking in the good grace and good will necessary to accept it. They saw in this "crisis" a new opportunity to take the world on yet another hellish journey to unattainable perfection, with them at the helm and comfortably exempted from its less than pleasant collaterals. Too bad!

  4. Dr. WaddY: Also, I've spent alot of time hiking in the Adirondacks and I remember much anguish about the imminent denuding of the prolific forests up there due to acid rain. It did have an effect but when I last checked there are still some pretty deep woods up there. If this is due to man made mitigation then apparently it was done without government "fundamentally transforming" our country.

    The philosopher and political economist Friedrich Hayek is much credited for having held that an economy operates on dynamics which are not amenable to close planning and administration. I was reminded of this truth when the article mentioned the many famines caused by collectivists arrogating to themselves the unattainable ability to manage something as humanly complex as an economy.

  5. Hi Jack. Yes, we've faced a long list of impending environmental catastrophes -- acid rain, whale extinction, rain forest depletion, smog, toxic waste dumps, the China syndrome, global cooling, global warming -- and somehow we're still kicking. Why anyone keeps listening to the siren song of environmental alarmism is beyond me. In some ways, the climate change con is a real stretch, even for gullible leftists. It's based on wildly speculative theories about what might happen 50 years from now, and generally it's hard to get people worked up about that sort of thing, especially when the evidence of their own senses suggests that the world remains, well, pretty livable, despite all the carbon out there. Hey, people will believe anything, if you say it over and over again!

    You're right -- science isn't so sciency these days.