Wednesday, December 5, 2018

A New World Order

Friends, in my Newsmaker interview this week with Brian O'Neil, we pay tribute to our 41st President George H.W. Bush. I analyze his invaluable contributions to the end of the Cold War, a seminal moment in global history that has ushered in a dramatically freer and more prosperous world. This week's show also covers the "yellow jacket" riots in France, Mueller and the unequal justice meted out to Democrats and Republicans, the rise of socialism on the Left, Democratic obstruction of the enforcement of our immigration laws, and much more!


  1. Dr. Waddy: After listening to your comments on President George H.W. Bush, I think he shares credit with Lech Walesa, Saint John Paul II and President Reagan for the astonishing dissolution of the existential communist threat. You are right and I think the hardliner coup in Moscow in 1991 failed partly because President Bush's able military leadership proved to level heads in Russia that outright confrontation with us was hopeless.

    My mind snaps shut whenever NPR blats about anything. "Presumptuously National Leftist Network" I calls 'em.

    Well taken: why was Hillary not tasked with the hair trigger responses, directed to devastating personal loss for such as General Flynn ( for whom Hillary is not fit to shine his shoes).

    Your observation of millenial doubt in the justice of America is sobering. The left may well have had a decisive and fatally corrupting influence, at least on that portion of our country in which it thrives.

    Your plausible consideration of the possibility of a socialist President is much to be heeded. Certainly equally unexpected political developments have manifested themselves recently. Socialists like comically atavistic Bernie and the Infanta Alexandra are unmoved by the numbers they disingenuously cite or any objective argument countering them. They don't care about the cost of their pipe dreams and if they bankrupt the reprehensible U.S., then all, in their minds, the better.

    Thanx for reminding us that so much social spending is directed at the elderly. Well, we all get old and we all get sick as a result of it. That's inarguable. What is arguable is whether that significant portion of those uncovered by the
    medical insurance which is vital for all, are so uncovered because of negative lifestyle choices. But to Bernie and the Infanta, the mere introduction of that doubt is evil. And your assertion that the incorporation of their obvious conviction to that effect would mean subtraction from the benefits now available to the unavoidably old, is well taken.

    Prohibition and women's considerations. In blue collar America of the early 1900's, the drinking of men returning from 12 hour labor days had reached levels conducive to desperation on the part of their women ( who risked complete societal excoriation should they indulge). The old man would come back soused and angry about another day of toil. You are right that it took very much indeed to effect the passage of a Constitutional Amendment. Perhaps RELATIVE improvements in the lot of working men (slightly easing the ordeal of their spouses?) by 1933 helped Roosevelt justify the enactment of legal alcohol in a political effort to clear the way for other social changes he had in mind.

    I agree with you, we need a wall. A country needs an enforceable border in order that its proven and traditional standards be defended. How many in the caravan are motivated by assertions that the "Yanquis" owe them all, by the venal and corrupt regimes they have fled and by the leftists they have unleashed?

  2. Also: There was nifty cartoon in the paper showing Macron standing on a balcony facing a howling mob and sniffing ("let them eat carbon"). It was comic - almost.

  3. "Let them eat carbon". Ha! Charming. Personally, I don't much care for rioters, regardless of their beliefs, but it's refreshing to see Macron humbled somewhat...

    The millennials are certainly deluded at present, but I wouldn't give up on them for all time. There's always some hope that life experience will temper fuzzy-headed idealism.

    You're right that prohibition may have seemed quite reasonable at a time when drunkenness was an epidemic. I have some sympathy for prohibition myself -- alcohol does vast harm -- but at the end of the day I'm for letting people make their own mistakes...and I hope they learn from them.

    Good point that quite a few of the problems of Latin America are caused by leftist leadership. And we're supposed to accommodate the surplus population of these socialist regimes? No thanks!