Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Democracy Denied: Brexit Saboteurs

Friends, my latest Newsmaker interview with Brian O'Neil is a barnburner!  (That's right: we set fire to an actual barn...)  We hash over the prospects for a no-deal Brexit...and for the betrayal of British democracy via a new "referendum" to reverse the vote in June 2016 to leave the EU.  In addition, Brian and I talk about: the politics and economics of the government shutdown, Trump-Russia fatigue, the question of whether the House will ultimately impeach President Trump, the progress achieved by Trump despite massive opposition, whether the tables can be turned on the leftist Dems pursuing Trump, Rand Paul and his support for American withdrawal from Syria, and waste in the foreign aid budget.  Don't miss it!


  1. Dr. Waddy: I listened: to put material pressure on the overwhelmingly leftist Federal workforce is a brilliant tactic. Let them experience the real consequences of their presumption They won't be able to endure them and I think they will react with characteristic selfishness ( and I hope they do).

    MSM and Dem "misgivings" about pulling out of Syria and maybe Afghanistan are fully discredited by their reflexive opposition to all U.S. military efforts. They have no moral authority in this regard and can be honorably and credibly dismissed.

    So the Manchester Guardian says "How will we rebuild our reputation?", in reaction to what it regards as creditable criticism of Brexit? 1000 years of tortured but positive human progress in Britain has been the provenance of this rejection of European bureaucratic totalitarianism. "Rule Britannia!" in Albion and sympathetic yet firm rejection of frivolous Gallia,is ascendent and thank God for it.

  2. Quite right, Jack. The British "reputation" is founded on a lot more than slavish obedience to the EU... I have little doubt that Britain will be just fine once it leaves the EU -- the hard part is getting them over the finish line when the establishment is so determined to sabotage Brexit.

    Yes, I suspect the federal bureaucracy WILL put pressure on the Dems to make a deal to end the shutdown. Assuming Trump's poll numbers stay relatively even (and frankly they've barely budged in two years, despite heaps of drama), I can't see that he has any reason to panic and fold. His talk today about closing down the border smacks of desperation, though. I hope it doesn't mean he's losing his nerve. Of course, he might even do it, and that would really make the Dems sweat.

  3. Dr. Waddy: If the antidemocratic forces yet at work in the birthplace of parliaments were to force a new referendum on Britain it might well provoke a constitutional crisis of such proportion that I wonder if the sovereign might act to reassure the people that their votes will not be gainsaid. Can you imagine anyone saying "no" to Elizabeth II? If they did they would be mobbed. An adolescent Richard II defused Wat Tyler's revolt by appearing personally and bidding the rebels support him; he enjoyed nothing like the reverence most Brits have for that noble Queen. That said, I too don't expect it to happen. Gads, those Brits are so confident in their franchise that they turned Churchill himself out of office while the war still obtained, knowing he would relinquish it. And so he did (sic).

    In having said "the Federal workforce" I did not mean to include our mostly dutiful Federal law enforcement and postal personnel. Just the Assistant Deputy Facilitating Monitors of Political Correctness and their presumptuous ilk. The President is only a man and he's a stalwart but he needs our visible and audible support; its up to us to make the effort to provide it to him in bountiful measure. He's standing up for us, just as he said he would! If we back him, I'm confident he will stand firm.

  4. Agreed, Jack. The best way to help Trump win the shutdown is to stand resolutely at his side. His consistent strength in the polls has been like a wall of granite confronting all those who have tried to destroy him. Long may it last!

    Would Elizabeth Rex intervene in the Brexit imbroglio? I very much doubt it. I agree that a reversal of the 2016 referendum would be a democratic abomination, but if you look at the history of the EU it's replete with such chicanery. The organization generally doesn't take "no" for an answer.

  5. Dr. Waddy: OK,I thought most of the impetus for a reversal of Brexit came from within the UK. If the dictatorial EU were to effect such an outrage it could be a staggering blow to British democracy and sovereignty and a consequence much sought after by some on the continent. There's very much more at stake here than I imagined.

  6. Hi Jack. No, I think your general impression is right -- the opposition to Brexit is mostly British, but that doesn't mean that the British pro-EU elite isn't working hand in glove with the European elite... By past "chicanery" I was referring specifically to the drive to create an EU constitution circa...2004-2005. The sage leaders of the EU created a constitution, and the electorates of the various EU states voted by referendum on it. It was defeated in France and the Netherlands. So what do you suppose the EU did? It accomplished the same ends by different (and less democratic) means, of course! They made a treaty instead of a constitution.

    The story of Brexit and its fate may be similar, although the circumstances and methods will be different.