Tuesday, December 18, 2018

"Die, Bastard Humans!" Says the New York Times

Friends, sometimes I see an article title so loony that I just have to read it.  This gem comes to us courtesy of the New York Times, which apparently is giving serious consideration to the proposition that it would be desirable for all human beings to just die already.  That's right, human scum.  You've emitted carbon and tortured cows long enough -- it's time for you to shrivel up and go extinct.  Wow.  This is the sort of "philosophical argument" that could only come out of academia, and frankly I'm surprised even the NYT would entertain it.  Be that as it may, we defenders of Western Civilization should know what we're up against.  Even a pro-human stance can't be taken for granted any longer on the Left.  Oh, la vache!


  1. Dr. Waddy: The essay itself is powerful nonsense worthy of a New Paltz sophomore. Perhaps the author has pretentions to latter day Jonathan Swifthood or is working at a level of profound multilayered irony beyond my comprehension (a parody of a parody if you will).

    But since the fundamental purpose of the Times is to advance limousine leftism, its credible to assume this piece serves that purpose, even if only to ignite myriad fevered Saturday night dorm room dialogues. Well, history has shown the left to be proficient in justifying and carrying out the extinction of human multitudes. And we know that among fashionably detached radicals it is cool to maintain that Marxism was botched on the first attempt and should be reprised. Let's see, Pol Pot managed to murder only one quarter of the Cambodian population; percentages like that send NFL quarterbacks into Mcjobs. We CAN do better. The Times is just the place for such introspection.

  2. You know, Jack, what you say puts me in mind of a good subject for a potential future article in The Times: perhaps climate change should be CELEBRATED, because, by extinguishing the human race, it will, in due time, allow nature to restore her own balance and equilibrium. The Earth is self-healing, after all. Food for thought!

  3. Dr. Waddy: Ehhh, yes ,well I suppose those who thrilled to George Harrison's gentle suggestion that "we're all one" would be moved thus. Actually I very much liked George. Leftists, I'm sure, are either ignorant or disdainful of the nonetheless very hard fact that we have liberty to contemplate such airy matters only due to the very sooty and objective industrial revolution and its consequent honing by democratic societies, sans " fundamental transformation". Natural gas, abundant and acceptable to existing technology, is a perhaps predictable outgrowth of this process, yet excoriated by the haughty and dreamy left.

  4. Good point, Jack -- absent the Industrial Revolution, we wouldn't be wringing our hands about the fate of polar bears. We would be desperately struggling to survive (along with the polar bears). Hooray for progress!