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Sunday, December 23, 2018

A Snow Job in the Swamp

Friends, it's been fairly obvious that, under Jeff Sessions and Rod Rosenstein, the Justice Department had very little interest in pursuing crimes and potential crimes committed by FBI agents, Obama administration DOJ officials, and members of the Clinton campaign, the DNC, and the Clinton Foundation. No, the level of motivation to screw Donald Trump was far greater.  Here is a wonderful RealClearInvestigations article on how the DOJ has protected its own (and Democrats far and wide) from real scrutiny.  If ever there was a compelling argument for the immediate appointment of a second special prosecutor, tasked with bringing the Clintons, the DNC, and corrupt Trump-haters in the Obama administration to justice, this is it.


  1. Dr. Waddy: "Swamp" is an appropriate name for it, for sure. God help anyone who takes it on; its yet another measure of President Trump's grit that he has been willing to confront it and must put us in mind of the difficulties he must face and consider the administrative sophistication he must have.

    I was charged with correcting a prison law library which had been mismanaged. Even in that microdot of a setting, not unexpectedly, I had to deal with several layers of vested interests and personal agendas. Some state prisons allow the inmates to take over the law library and it was so there but the inmates were not the only obstacles; administrators eager to charge but unwilling to support also created problems. Its a pleasure to think about it in complete detachment now but it does aid me in imagining what a second special prosecutor would, appalling, face. In considering the calumny Ken Starr was subjected to ("why he's simply a facile prudish pervert taking randy 'ol Bill Clinton to task for liberties he would as soon indulge in if he knew how"). Ehhh, no! Clinton was pursued after lying under oath about activities the revelation of which would have supported the credible perception that he was habitual in his commission, thereby supporting Paula Jones' assertions in seeking relief of him for the tort of sexual assault. This reality was of no moment to the purely partisan leftist apologists for this disgraceful figure. (Alec Baldwin urging the foo-foos to consider the stoning of Mr. Starr). That they will (with Slick Willy's aid, no doubt, though the chutzpah which enables him to show his face in public is hard to comprehend)persist in this amoral and scurrilous behavior is assured to any who may take on the mission of bringing the aristocratic Clintons and the Dems to justice.

  2. Quite right, Jack -- any prosecutor who took on the Deep State and/or the Democrats would face excoriation on an unprecedented scale. Given the (progressively-minded) world these prosecutors live in, that's no minor inconvenience... And yet, prosecutors love to draw blood. I have to believe there are some out there who would enjoy the challenge of taking apart the Clintons, the DNC, the DOJ, the FBI, etc. I suspect there would be no lack of volunteers.

  3. Dr. Waddy: No doubt there are some with the guts and integrity to take it on. Rudolph Guiliani, who was willing to seriously trouble the mob, is an example (I revere him for his visceral courage, always). Maybe the President is waiting to see where the assured leftist onslaught will come from and how it will manifest itself. Longstreet's massive counter attack at Second Bull Run, when he successfully urged upon Lee restraint until presumptuous Pope had committed himself, may be analogous. Leftists, as shown by their open lip curling disdain of late, think their restoration to be assured. A canny player like Trump welcomes presumption like that.

  4. Jack, you're right that there are many ways that Trump can counterattack his tormentors, but a really sustained, credible line of investigation (and prosecutions) against the Dems/Deep State would take time and lots of effort. It's not something that one can switch on and off like a light switch. In fact, I think the window of opportunity may already be closing. Sad to say, I believe Trump was hoodwinked by his establishment aides.

  5. Dr. Waddy: Could be. Well argued.