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Saturday, December 22, 2018

Equal Time?

Friends, the relentlessness with which the media has focused on "Russian interference" in the 2016 election, and the deviousness with which they have constantly suggested "Trump-Russia collusion" without producing anything other than purely circumstantial evidence, is more than an affront to the canons of journalism -- it's nothing less than a coordinated effort to destabilize and de-legitimize the federal government of the United States.  In its sheer irresponsibility, it constitutes a sort of treason-lite.  Be that as it may, people have a right to worry about foreign interference in our elections.  The real scandal is that the interference of countries other than Russia has gone almost entirely unnoticed, and certainly unpunished.  Countries like China and Iran, as this article notes, interfered in 2016.  Countries like Saudi Arabia and Israel meddle in U.S. politics as a matter of course.  In fact, dozens of countries take an active interest in domestic U.S. politics.  Why, then, is the media focused like a laser beam on Russia, Russia, Russia?  The question need not even be asked.  It answers itself.  The sole purpose of the Russia narrative has always been to destroy Donald Trump.  This is why concerted Russian efforts to gain influence with Democrats (over many years) are completely ignored.  The media's selectivity is...uncanny?  Well, we patriots aren't fooled.  We see this left-wing propaganda for what it is.  But the rest of America?  Sad as it is to admit, tens of millions of our countrymen have been hoodwinked.  The press has much to answer for.


  1. That Mark Warren is evil. I read something about him but I can't remember where...he sounds really dangerous to me. Although, the "NOW' dem supporters do as well but there is something about him that makes me want him out of our government, elected by the state of Virginia I believe?

    Thanks Dr. Waddy, I'm glad I found you. I had been a democratic voter on/off for the past 40 years, bringing up children and I thought the democrats were looking after people in this country that might need a hand up occasionally . I realized how dangerous they are after seeing the treatment of Sara Sanders and I then started researching the dem/leftists behavior and I was shocked. Never will side with the democrats and I'm embarrassed that I ever did. My dad was a medically discharged Marine, and my uncles are Navy veterans. I am so proud of them and all of our Military.



  2. Dr. Waddy: Wonderful to see your writing having had that kind of positive influence. Hope that realization of the Dems' destructive intent will multiply ad infinitum. They would have us see only well hugged trees and not the forest of their dissembling guided by their radical left core. Compromise and accomodation with them is futile, wrongheaded and seen by them only as opportunity for eventual complete dominance.

  3. Welcome, Joanne! Thanks very much for the comment. Yep, Mark Warner hails from Virginia. It's sad what's become of that state. It's become reliably blue in recent years. I suppose geography dictates that "the swamp" will infest much of the Old Dominion. Still, it's a pity. I went to college in Virginia, and I feel bad for the rural areas of the state, which have to put up with Dem misrule... Anyway, it's great to have a patriot like you in our midst. Don't forget -- you didn't leave the Democrats. They left you. The Democratic Party has a rich and honorable past...but it's become a national embarrassment in recent years, dominated by identity politics, Trump-hatred, and political correctness.

    Jack, you're right, as always -- accommodating the Left never goes well. When you give them what they want (as I'm afraid Trump has on many occasions), they sense blood in the water and move in for the kill... That's why we need to hunker down and see this shutdown through to the very end.

  4. Dr. Waddy: Living in our NY Southern Tier ,enjoying, supporting and identifying with its common sense views and having experience of mostly rural Virginia in my Civil War reenactment activities, I empathize with your sympathy for that real America portion of Virginia which is being electorally disenfranchised by the onslaught of the eastern coastal elite in that portion of the eastern megalopolis which has infested coastal Virginia. One need only venture a modest distance from Rt.11 through the Shenandoah to encounter the Virginia of Patsy Cline ,the Carter Family and Washington and Lee U. As we in upstate New York can confirm, the left in electoral dominance is culturally and assertively contemptuous of any views it cannot , in its fundamental bigotry, countenance.The complete suppression of such views is its cherished goal. Virginia now; what next?

  5. Yes, Virginia has fallen far, and it's immensely sad to contemplate. Of course, New York is no different. It was once a Republican state, populated with solid, God-fearing Americans, and now...well, you know what it's become. To some extent, this is a process dictated by demography. Those addicted to big government handouts and progressivism/identity politics are simply out-breeding (and out-immigrating) the salt of the earth crowd. The Dems see your "real America," Jack, as a sinking ship -- and if we're not very careful they'll be proven right.

  6. Dr. Waddy: We need to be willing to go to the wall, as the left has been blithe to do on several occasions (eg. support for the Clintons). We have a seminal and decisive call to objective devotion in the beleagured Presidency of Donald Trump, who has heroically devoted the last fifth of his life to our support. This is the critical moment!

  7. You may well be right, Jack -- and, if you're wrong, the "critical moment" was probably twenty or forty years ago, and we might as well go out with a bang, doing our level best to keep the S.S. Western Civ afloat for as long as possible.