Monday, May 13, 2024



Friends, the Left and its judicial acolytes keep hammering away at DJT, but the polls have been remarkably consistent in showing him with a small but potentially decisive advantage over the incumbent, Joe Biden.  The latest New York Times polls in the swing states give Trump the edge, and the RealClearPolitics average of swing state polls now puts Trump ahead in all the critical backgrounds, albeit sometimes by the skin of his teeth.  Bottom line: despite the circus in New York City, if the election were held today, it is highly likely that Trump would win.  That's a remarkable testament to Trump's resilience...and/or Biden's weakness!


In other news, more media outlets, and more politicians -- including Trump himself -- are drawing attention to the problem of mankind's declining fertility.  We're only beginning to see the practical effects of this sea change, but the medium- and long-term implications are revolutionary.  If you ask me, the defining feature of modernity is...ego.  People are less religious, less inhibited by morals, and generally less concerned about anything other than their own happiness and self-interest.  An inevitable concomitant is declining fertility, since, if one can't bring oneself to care much about one's spouse, or one's progeny, or one's legacy, then why invest time and energy in procreation when, instead, you could simply buy a jetski? 



    Thanks for these posts, especially the second paragraph and the remarks on declining fertility and related issues.

  2. Dr. Waddy from Jack: I'd suggest that the emphasis may best be made on "and" in your "and/or "option. Biden's fecklessness becomes daily more glaringly and painfully obvious and Trump nation's gratitude to this guy who "says what I want to say" (my wonderful Pennsylvania mountain friend's statement ) builds geometrically as the antiamerican left shoots its bolt against him in their Soviet style lawfare onslaught. They are incapable of understanding that we in flyover country refuse to submit to their rule and that we un derstandably see in DJT's restoration previously demonstrated redemption from their consummate contempt for our America. Sure, he had a lot to learn in his political rookie first term and the interim has tried him sorely. But he would emerge from it a far more effective Chief Executive fully committed to combating those who have so amorally tasked him and his family and determined to contradict them at every turn. A possible leftist dictated "legal" conviction may very well redound to his favor (from we who are grateful to him for his endurance of detestable calumny and who know he would stand for us). We are completely convinced that the legal onslaught on him is consummately politically biased and therefore utterly unjust. The antiamerican left sees in DJT an absolutely fundamental threat and terribly unanticipated counter to their now almost 60 year concerted campaign to reduce America to totalitarian Marxist serfdom. I mean: look what he did to to their rubber stamp Scotus in his first, exploratory term? That had to sting; after all the Supreme Court had always been their child, yes?! SInce far leftists and those of yet left good will who unfortunately see in DJT unjustified redemption of an erring America customarily ascribed by them both ignorance and malice to those who insolently disagree with their unassailable wisdom, his support (100,000 strong in intensely "blue" NJ at one place this weekend ) , must give them fear filled pause!

  3. Thanks , Ray! I do what I can. I'll put you down for one jetski this Christmas... :)

    Jack, there's no doubt that Trump and Trumpism strike fear into the hearts of many a leftist! All the more so as he inches closer to reelection... For one thing, Trump's resilience, and the polite indifference that the American people have demonstrated towards the campaign of lawfare against him, underline to the Left how little it understands public opinion and American culture. They thought they had this land of ours all figured out and all sown up -- and thoroughly bullied, too. Trump threatens to undo all their handiwork in an instant. Again, one corollary here is that ANYTHING and EVERYTHING will be on the table for these people, as they scramble to forestall the reinstallation of their nemesis in the Oval Office.