Wednesday, May 29, 2024

The Sure Thing


Friends, you know the Dems are in a tight spot whenever they start babbling about Michelle Obama and what a dreamboat of a presidential candidate she'd be.  Ha!  That'll be the day.  Dem doubts and wild speculation are two of the themes that Brian and I cover on this week's Nerwsmaker Show.  We also hit the precedents for censorship in American history, the Libertarian Party and its likely impact on the 2024 presidential race, whether the Dems need a fundamental change of strategy to be competitive in this cycle, and the immigration crisis in the U.K. and the declining fortunes of the Conservative Party.

Some would say it's a good show.  Believe you me, those people are underselling it!!!




In other news, jury deliberations are underway in Trump's hush money trial -- or should I say his "business records" trial, because that's what's really at issue.  How will twelve not-so-average New Yorkers decide?  Your guess is as good as mine. 

And check out this article, which chronicles the retreat of most advertizers from wokeness.  I can see where it's coming from.  Yes, corporate America still leans left, as it has for the last several years, but it is much less demonstrably leftist than it was under Trump.  You can see this in the behavior of social media companies, too.  Not so long ago they had actually banned Trump, and many Trumpers, and were proud of the fact.  Now they're striving to be more even-handed and less controversial.  So chalk all this up as a minor right-wing victory in the culture wars.  We're getting corporate suits to think twice about wearing their neo-Marxism on their Brooks Brothers sleeves -- and that's a good thing.



    I noticed that more often than not, you use the words "Dem(s)" to describe an assortment of American Marxists. I'm not picking a fight on your word usage. However, to call them "Dem(s) is to lend respectability to a party that exists in name only, and for a long time now. Bet Harry Truman is turning over in his grave.

  2. Ray, better to call them Dems (a charming diminutive) rather than Democrats, or, worse, "democrats", which they stopped resembling eons ago... I could call them other things, but my mother taught me not to be profane.


      Now that Trump has been found guilty on all 35 counts,
      control your self!


      How about the DEMONISTA Party? Just a thought.

  3. Dr. Waddy from Jack: I agree with your observation that the dem strategy is one of risk avoidance, for painfully obvious reasons. Perhaps they could serve this purpose best by jettisoning Harris and replacing her with an "heir apparent" prospect who could even become the perceived dynamic face of the ticket. Newsome could be a big fillip for the lagging dem effort, especially as he could be advanced as a competent
    replacement for Biden before or after the election (hint, hint). He no doubt believes himself a certain future President if he is smart about it and this could put him first in line even if the dems lose because both DJT and Biden can only serve until 2028. Obama -Newsome: no good for him; she might actually get to like being President . Newsome-Obama: again not good for him; DJT is a formidable candidate.Why take the chance of being Hillaryed? A VP nominee Newsome would have to go heavy on the virtue signaling since he would be insolently displacing notwithstanding ever doctrinally exalted Harris but in his demonstrated customary Kalifornia mien of haughty and dismissive justness, he would do fine at that.

  4. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Again re the Newsmaker broadcast for 5/29: Why not Farage as Brit Conservative leader?

    I would suggest that the dems' immigration policy is not reflective of incompetence. It has been very successful in achieving its antiamerican left purpose: chaos and enormous damage to our national integrity.

    "Disinformation" is the latest term to be preempted by the antiamerican left and to be defined by them as they, in their unassailable wisdom, would have it. That is "any contradiction of what we say is true". As with all terms included in their dictionary of automatic pejoratives, (eg myriad "isms" which mandate summary condemnation upon accusation) any contradiction of this latest presumption is itself by definition, to be castigated and suppressed.

    I am for reviving HUAC. We need it more than ever now. The suppression of reds in the '50s was justified by common sense. They were and still are determined to destroy America and in the last 60 years , since they were rescued by the clueless radical boomers, have done incalculable wrong to our country.

  5. Dr. Waddy from Jack: "Safe spaces" ehh? Yeah, except for those who rile the antiamerican left. Jewish students can certainly attest to that these days.

  6. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Well America, the tribunal has ruled that DJT is guilty on all counts. America, you've just been New Yawked; we in NY State are used to being controlled by the dysentary amoeba on the Hudson because we cannot outvote it but its found a way to play a most unwelcome commanding role in your politics too. Now a municipality culturally at opposites with America has found a way to work unprecedented destruction on our country's democratic fundamental of true elections and , oh yes, to wreak catastrophic personal hazard on a former President it unendingly despises for his presumptuousness in vexing them. NY City or any other large counterintuitive community can now reach into your state likewise and do it incalculable injustice.It hopes thereby to terrorize anyone else who pretends to opposition of their irrefutable righteousness and unquestionable elite wisdom.

    This neoSoviet ritual stands precedent unless it is firmly discredited in Federal court, including Scotus. NY's relevant appellate courts are thoroughly compromised by antiamerican leftist corruption and will almost certainly endorse this abomination, no matter the reasoning applied by the defense. A transcendently important line has been crossed by the radical left and its apologists; the routine use of our criminal and civil law institutions for politically partisan purposes is now well and launched on the way to being regularized and institutionalized by an appallingly powerful faction determined to use it as a primary weapon in the destruction of our country and its replacement by their neomarxist dictatorship. If we lose in November and thereby confirm in it a dreadful efficacy, that weapon and its limitless variations would be aimed at us all. This "conviction" today gives us open warning of what is surely in store should these today elated America haters achieve the full control over all aspects of our public and "private" lives they so ardently seek by use of such time proven amoral totalitarian impositions.

  7. Dr. Waddy from Jack: This is only the opening cannonade in the antiamerican left's final push for triumph over American democracy. We can put the lie to this initial win of theirs by supporting and redeeming DJT, despite any measure of legal burden forced on him by these lawless radicals, in November. That done then back him unstintingly in dealing them decisive repulse when he resumes office and does all in his lawful power to deliver our legal system from their presumptuous meretricious seizure.

  8. Dr. Waddy from Jack: New York is a pariah among the states. It has taken a definitive step toward banana republic status by "convicting" a former head of state for his political ehh, convictions,as is customary in the third world. Reflexive neo marxist unthinking flourishes in our state's unlimited government ; recently it gave preferences in the clumsily imposed licensing of marijuana to those convicted of what was, after all, a crime, dutifully avoided by the law abiding, at the time the newly anointed offenders were so tasked . And it has afforded touching hope to monsters doing life by considering delivering them from their sentences at age 55, at which point they are supposed thereby to be incapable of evil. Of course their victims are eternally beyond such redemption. It is a maxim that marxist states, in a grotesque quest for "equality" instead force equality of destitution. Lala land Manhattan has set NY a new standard of legal "equity" (that's the word now ,yes?) which stands to be loosed on all of us all in this counterintuitive "Empire" state. Proliferation of legislation and case law mandating criminal status for partisan political heresy is plainly inspired and near at hand. America has, in this vindictive condemnation of a former President, felt the sting of antiamerican leftist New Yawk City misrule for perhaps the first time.( Perversely, NY is the refuge for the man who should have been the first convicted President, draft dodging, perjuring ,sexual predator Slick Willy). It is the totalitarian proving ground for our country; America must contain it as we did the exemplary Soviets or it will continue to impose its incipient antiamerican oppression on the country. We of common sense in NY, though now irremediably dictated to by these tin horns, nonetheless stand regretful for the shameful conduct of our state.

  9. Ray, I like the "Demonistas". It's Latin-friendly, which of course is the most important thing these days. Gender-neutral, too. You've checked all the boxes!

    Jack, it would have been a masterstroke for the Dems to ditch Harris and elevate someone actually worthy of the position and widely respected. That would have gone a long way to calming doubts about Biden's longevity. Alas, they blew their chance. Now it's way too late. And, as you say, unless you replace Harris with a black lady, you'd be tempting fate in terms of identity politics...

    Jack, I would think Farage could never be the Conservative leader, because he isn't a Conservative, but it sure would be nice to see a genuine right-winger get the nod. I wouldn't completely discount the possibility that Boris will rise from the ashes.

    A House committee tasked with anti-wokeness might be a good idea! An alternative would be a free speech committee.

    I naturally agree about the appalling implications of the Trump verdict, and the fact that a majority of Americans, based on polling, don't see this adversarial prosecution for what it was is chilling. But I would argue that the best and only way to defeat this campaign of lawfare is to win in November. That would discredit the entire operation. We could, alternatively, respond in kind, but I fear that's an arms race that the right simply can't win -- not without a real "dictator" to organize it.

    Now the question is: do the lefty judicial thugs have the courage of their convictions, and will they therefore send DJT to the clink? THAT would be a bold move in an election year.