Tuesday, May 23, 2023

To Trump, Or Not To Trump...


Friends, my latest article addresses what is arguably the most pressing question facing Republicans and conservatives these days.  No, not "Should I jump off a bridge?"  The question is: should we or shouldn't we choose Donald Trump as our candidate in 2024?  I examine both sides of the argument, and in doing so I might just give you something new to think about...


What are your thoughts on the wisdom of a third-straight attempt by Republicans to elect Donald J. Trump as president???




In other news, and there's lots of it, at least some Democrats are calling for Joe Biden to face real competition in the Democratic presidential primaries (sorry, but RFK, Jr. ain't it).  These Democrats see what's staring them in the face: Biden is a weak candidate, and running a weak candidate is just plain dumb! 

This is perhaps the most important thing currently happening in this country -- and I don't say that lightly.  There is a coordinated campaign going on (there's no other word for it) to tarnish the reputation and deny the legitimacy of the Supreme Court.  If this campaign succeeds, ultimately SCOTUS will be nullified by the executive branch, and our constitutional system will cease to function.  The stakes could not be higher!!!


Senator Tim Scott is officially running for president, and DJT...wishes him "good luck"!  Ha!  That tells you all you need to know about Scott's chances of becoming the Republican nominee, and it also tells you that DJT understands the obvious: the more candidates in the race, the greater are his chances of being the nominee. 

Good ole Fox News!  You gotta love it, right?  No, not really.  For any number of reasons, Fox's "conservatism" appears to be more feigned than genuine.  Here's a good example:


How important to the Left is their domination of the public schools, and, through those schools, their ability to indoctrinate the young?  VERY IMPORTANT!!!  Look at the North Carolina Governor's reaction to efforts by the Republican legislature to expand school choice: 

As you know, red states are trying to ban things like CRT and DEI, and that's a good thing, insofar as CRT and DEI are bad things.  However, I have my doubts about whether these legal efforts will do much good.  You can't really ban people from saying and thinking and doing Marxist things, and the Marxists can always adapt their terminology so that the ideological substructure remains intact.  Still, it's worth a try...


Finally, it didn't take E. Jean Carroll long to sue Trump...again.  Basically, the argument here is that, every time Trump defends himself from Carroll's accusations and denies his guilt, he's "defaming" her again, and thus may be liable for additional damages.  The Dems may have found a backdoor that will allow them to demolish the First Amendment!  I doubt this will shut Trump up, but it's a tactic that might be very effective against conservatives who don't have his deep pockets...


  1. Dr. Waddy from Jack: I recall in the film Darkest Hour how the King bids Churchill "you have my support; beat the buggers!" As the unprecedented, comprehensive onslaught on DJT continues apace I hope to see Trump nation say the same to him. He's been fighting our good fight since he jumped into the maelstrom in 2015 and brought upon himself the kind of excoriation Churchill faced. The more the left traitorously sics our legal system, which they have blithely compromised , on DJT and us, the more open, certain and unwavering our loyalty to him must be. The left,with its deliberate anarchic cozening of our immigration and criminal law, may well be gathering for its final push for totalitarian triumph. The examples of Churchill and Thatcher and the way they saved Britain, twice, from hell ,can inspire us.

  2. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Trump Nation! The more they prosecute, the stronger we stand.

  3. You are quite right about what the aftermath of a Trump 24 victory would be. In fact, the plan has already gone through a trial run: the anti-judicial reform protests earlier this year in Israel that totally hamstrung a duly-elected parliamentary majority from carrying out its primary platform plank. Cabinet defections, city shutdowns, NGO protests, massive street demonstrations and even strikes by members of the armed forces — all of it duly celebrated by the regime media and international press. Netanyahu, a much more skillful politician than Trump, backed down in the face of those actions.

    Stand by. That’s what’s coming.

  4. Dr.Waddy from Jack: You are right to bid us be fully of aware of all the possible consequences of supporting DJT. But if we don't back him, then the buggers win their unprecedented and detestable campaign to destroy him and are encouraged to make it a regular practice. That alone fixes my support for DJT. I agree with you and anonymous: a President Trump restoration will be met with catastrophic hyperbole as the left surrenders itself completely to vindictive, consuming emotion. It would throw the cultural marxist timetable, which since the failure of summary revolution after WWI, has meant gradual undermining of societal fundamentals, all to hell. That would vex them very much the more and make them reckless, like say elevating AOC, to their folly.

  5. Dr.Waddy from Jack: One thing a red state can do to stymie those who arrogate to their leftist causes the right to use all taxpayer's money to
    impose their smoky dreams: defund them ,deny it them! Legislatures can do that. I would bid anyone from a state where this is feasible to consider NY, where our state "university" system is a quagmire of vindictive leftist bigotry and proto totalitarianism. NY is a one party dictatorship which bids any who oppose its policies "so sue us - good luck too!"

  6. Dr.Waddy from Jack: How did this NC Gov. get elected in the first place? He appears intent on forcing lessons in political correctness on his benighted subjects. But their legislators have been as insolent to defy him. For example they saved thousands of NC unborn children from the deaths he tried to deal them by vetoing an abortion ban.Why, these alternative schools 'discriminate' and 'indoctrinate' so blatantly that I declare a state of emergency, yes I do!" That many
    of these schools are reactions by parents to overt imposition of leftist doctrine mandating INDOCTRINATION in political correctness, planted by subverted teachers' colleges and unions, is of only of passing and contemptuous moment to this " governor". Its an interesting conflict because if common sense wins it could herald a repulse of the american left's arrogant effort to capture the South, a patriotic stronghold which cherishes and upholds positive traditions. Southerners do not take kindly to "know it alls" who patronize them .

  7. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Nullification of Scotus almost happened from 2017 on. Hillary, with three appointments, would have made it a rubber stamp for her, ehh, decisive version of the Executive branch. Biden's puppeteers would do the same should the opportunity arise and so of course would any prospective alternative dem nominee.

  8. Jack, I have no doubt that "Trump Nation" will stand by Trump. Unfortunately that gets you, at best, 35-40% of the vote. To get over the top you need a lot of RINOs and a majority of independents too. That won't be easy. There's simply never been a campaign run by a man under multiple indictments and on trial for a legion of felonies. We can't even begin to forecast how that spectacle will unfold.

    Excellent point, anonymous, that what happened in Israel could happen here. I believe it could be worse, though. In Israel, Netanyahu and the conservatives actually ran the government throughout the events you describe. Thus, it was their loss of nerve that proved decisive. In America, Biden would occupy the White House and would dominate the executive branch throughout any contested election. That gives the powers-that-be innumerable options that the Left in Israel didn't have.

    Jack, you seem to assume that the Left would go haywire after a Trump win in '24, but that they would ultimately surrender power. What makes you so sanguine?

    Absolutely, red states ought to be defunding all sorts of subversive institutions. In the absence of that kind of mettle, bans and diktats will accomplish little. Man up, right-wingers!!!

    Yes, Roy Cooper is a stain on the honor of NC, to be sure. He got elected AND reelected, though, and we can't do much about that. NC is a critical battleground in '24 and will be for some time. I fear demographics there are not tilting in our favor, however, so the state may be living on borrowed time.

    Jack, the Left aspires to "nullify" SCOTUS by making it subservient to an all-powerful leftist executive. That would be bad. There's another way to nullify it, though -- by ignoring it and its rulings. Either way, we're in big trouble!

  9. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Virginia, NC and Georgia have been obvious targets of the patronizing
    and pedagogical left ( "why, you know you can do better now don't you. . .?" ) in its attempted subjugation of the South. The conflict continues, intensely and consequently so.The real America dealt them a sharp rebuff in Va; Georgia showed presumptuously politically correct Stacy Abrams the door and the NC legislature is clearly set to deny them that not yet (if ever) yankee usurped state. There is little denying the staying power of the american left, radical as it is, yet an appalling staple of our polity, so this issue remains profoundly contested.

  10. Dr.Waddy from Jack: S.C. presented formidable Andrew Jackson with plainly stated "nullification"; his successful reaction was to mobilize the Army. Arkansas unwisely defied Ike in 1957 ( what foolishness, this was the guy who commanded "ok, lets go" on June 6, 1944) and he sent in the Airborne (as he did at Normandy, surprise, surprise!). I would expect any near future prospective GOP President to act fully as directly and decisively
    should the left unwisely dismiss Scotus's historically established power. This assumes that Scotus will remain lawful for a time unbearably "unjust" and agonizing for the american left.

  11. A "leftist holocaust"? Yikes! What shape do you believe such a calamity might take, Jack?

    Not only do I not trust Democrats to turn over power in January 2025, assuming Trump wins, but I don't trust Republicans in Congress to fight especially hard to see that he does so either. There are plenty of signs that many prominent Republican politicians hate Trump just as much as the Dems do. Liz Cheney is remarkable for her candor, but not for her venom.

    True, we can claim to have won some important victories in the South in recent years...and yet too many of the states in the "Solid South" have become purple, at best, and that should make Republican strategists profoundly nervous. We can't count on the Mid-West or the South these days.

    Hmm. How would a Republican president react if leftist governors, say, defied SCOTUS and rose effectively in revolt? I dunno, but I hope we get a chance to find out, if only because that would mean that we will once again have a Republican president, and I currently wouldn't give great odds on that prospect, frankly.

  12. Dr.Waddy from Jack: The purpose of the Nazi holocaust was to eradicate an entire thoroughly proscribed culture. So too were the subhuman efforts of Stalin, Pol Pot and Mao. All these monsters and their spawn were apparently human before they acquired the totalitarian power to pursue their counterintuitive dreams with murderous resolve.Does the american left empower some similarly depraved sorts and is it capable of accrediting them to many of good will? I had an otherwse cordial conversation with an earnest ,seemingly nice young man who bithely proposed that the beautiful Adirondack Mts be "depopulated" ( yes, his word), in order to "preserve"them. Uhh, people live there and do not wish to leave. Oh well, Pol Pot showed how to git er done when he emptied Cambodia's capitol city lickety split. I think there are well known americans fully open to holocaust.

  13. Dr.Waddy from Jack: The form of holocaust would be ANYmeans thought by triumphant american radicals expeditious to the achievement of any conviction incidental to them. Their current campaign to force our legal system into their painful Procrustean Bed of "complete transformation" gives us warning. Once accomplished this would be used to work any totalitarian evil they wish, including termination of "counter revolutionaries". Considering the laboratory of the 20th century this is fully to be expected unless we acknowledge the threat and meet it!

  14. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Also to be expected would be ehh, creative rearrangement of wealth and "property".

  15. Jack, that there are plenty of leftists with downright murderous contempt for the not-so-loyal opposition, as they see it, I do not doubt. Now, whether the Democratic Party could be a vehicle for mass murder -- well, I'd like to think that's beyond the pale, but... Nothing is off the table, at the end of the day, should hackles be raised high enough. One potential source of comfort: the Dems and progressives may ultimately decide that we conservatives are too timid and feeble to represent a meaningful threat. Honestly, I think threatening our livelihoods and our life savings would be more than enough to shut most of us up for good!