Thursday, May 11, 2023

Circling the Wagons


Friends, inside the conservative laager, we don't have much choice but to have each other's backs, lest the bestial enemy mangle our fronts.  Ergo, when Donald Trump faces unfair and unreasonable attacks (as he so often does), I feel obligated to come to his defense, whether or not I support Trump as the GOP presidential nominee in 2024.  That's what I do in this latest Sputnik News article.  The piece incorrectly identifies me as someone who "openly declares himself a Trump supporter".  Not so.  I haven't thrown my support behind any of the (declared and undeclared) Republican candidates for president.  I have, however, thrown my weight behind a fully-throated campaign against wokeism, against Marxism, and against the subordination of the rule of law to leftist orthodoxy.  The Left is currently using the law and the justice system to destroy its enemies.  There's a good chance that they will succeed, too, given the vast resources at their disposal, and given the timidity and naivety of many of their opponents.  Personally, I think that would be a shame, because it would be the end, for all intents and purposes, of democracy and freedom.  A society that doesn't permit dissent isn't one that affords its citizens (or subjects) real dignity.


In other news, here's a very comprehensive analysis that will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about how internet censorship works, and how the Big Tech establishment maintains its dominance over our digital discourse. 

This one really intrigues me.  Former Southern Tier (Western New York) Congressman Tom Reed is ever so excited about a potential third party campaign for the presidency in 2024, launched by his organization "No Labels".  He assures us that No Labels won't split the vote and thus help Donald Trump win.  Gee, thanks, Tom!  My take: any credible or significant third party movements in 2024 will, in fact, have exactly that effect: they will, by siphoning votes away from Biden, help Trump potentially clinch victory.  Ergo, we can expect a full court press from the Left and the establishment to vilify and destroy No Labels, the Greens, the "Forward Party", and anyone else who gets it their way.


Finally, Elon Musk says he's found a woman to take over as Twitter CEO, although we don't yet know who she is.  This is almost certainly a positive development.  Musk's leadership of Twitter has been somewhat erratic, and it attracts way too much mainstream media interest and criticism.  A less sensational leader will hopefully calm things down and create the conditions for free speech to flourish on the platform, instead of empowering Elon Musk personally to censor and uncensor at will. 


  1. Dr. Waddy from Jack: "No labels"? Nah, things have gone too far in our country to make it productive not to commit to one side or the other and necessitates labeling in order to characterize both one's side and that of the opposition.The left has declared all out political and cultural war on Americans who do not believe our nation deserves retribution and forced" complete transformation" into a quasi marxist totalitarian hell hole. Terms like yanks, rebs, yanks again, commies, krauts, reds and boche and have helped to motivate past war efforts. Today conservative, prolife, pro choice, gungrabber, real America, Trump nation,equity, inclusion etc are labels which rally our irrevocably opposite sides in this existential conflict.Biden was right for once; the soul of America is at stake. Oh it would be nice if we could get along and "break bread together" and avoid labeling. But we can't and we won't! Common sense America MUST show a united front against an american radical left which is very united in its destructive purpose. One side or the other will win and the losing side will rue. The left called it in the '60s with its still relentless onslaught on America. For now, labels are necessary.

  2. Jack, I tend to agree that now is that time for every American to take a stand, and wishy-washy attempts at bipartisanship, or non-partisanship, are significant only insofar as they help one party or the other to win (which they can, given how finely balanced American politics is). Having said all that, the right leader probably could break the two-party bottleneck that we find ourselves in. And by "right leader", I don't necessarily mean a good one!

    Jack, have you checked your email recently? I sent you one re: Tuesday. Opportunity knocks! :)

  3. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Will do. Thanks.