Thursday, May 18, 2023

"A Woman's Right to Choose"


Friends, how did we go from a circumstance in which virtually no one questioned laws banning abortion, to one in which most women regard their right to terminate a pregnancy as fundamental to their human rights?  I guess you could say that, as per usual, it's all a matter of perspective, and perspectives on the rights of women, and the status (even the humanity) of the unborn, have changed a great deal in recent decades.

This is one of the main themes we explore on this week's Newsmaker Show.  Brian and I also consider the fallout from the Durham Report and the whole sorry spectacle of the Trump-Russia hoax, the frequency and credibility of claims of "rigged" elections, the reasons behind Tucker Carlson's firing, and the likelihood that the federal government will default on its debts.  When we turn to "This Day in History:, we consider the proliferation of nuclear weapons to India in 1974, Germany's qualms about the reliability of their Italian allies in 1943, and the legacy of the "Selective Service Act" of 1917.


Wow!  What a lineup, huh?  Hard to resist...




In other news, have you ever wondered how extensive leftist infiltration is in the sciences, and how the Left steadily expands its control of "objective" disciplines like, say, biology or physics?  Read on!  The political pressures on the scientific community are burgeoning all the time.  In the second article, you'll find that therapists are increasingly falling under cultural Marxism's spell too.


How do most Republicans and conservatives feel about Fox News?  That's a mixed picture.  How do they feel about Tucker Carlson and Elon Musk?  That's a much less mixed picture!  Bottom line: Fox faces some serious problems in retaining the loyalty and trust of its "base". 


Finally, RFK, Jr. is showing signs of seriousness as a candidate for president.  He's chosen Dennis Kucinich as his campaign manager, and you might remember Kucinich as a very effective anti-war Democratic Congressman.  Good choice, Bobby!  Smart people might actually listen to you.  Of course, no one has ever won an election just by appealing to smart people...


  1. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Dare I say it? The Biden commissariat's mandated "whole of government" imposition of DIE doctrine is incipiently totalitarian! As the government amoeba expands apace, the government's intrusion into all aspects of public and increasingly unfashionable "private" life thrives. Why even the far left has its concerns about that; witness their insistence that government has no right to violate personal privacy to save the lives ot powerless, innocent unborn children. Oops! One of the main reasons I doubt the human origin of climate change is that so much of the compromised American scientific academy declares it settled law. Why even our appallingly almost President,omnicient Al Gore has, after bitter study and searching introspection, decided to '"feel" it.

  2. Dr. Waddy from Jack: But the feds are old hands at forcing all ALL taxpayers to ante up for enterprises which blithely express disdain for those taxpayers who not hold with them NY has mastered this, being a one party state. The openly biased National Endowment for the Arts, which regularly funds the likes of the lowlife who executed a work showing a crucifix dipped in urine is a longtime example. Presumptuously named National Public Radio give daily evidence of its leftist bias.Such cuckooing of our institutions is the far leftist way, sine qua non, and clearly bodes the takeover of the "whole" of our civilization and lives(those that remain unterminated that is).

  3. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Re: Carlson, Musk and Fox, here's my vote: those two guys are solid and I would anticipate them doing us much good and the haughty left unbearably insolent affront. I enjoy Fox regularly and I count on it to "say what I want to say" (my wonderful neighbor's quote) almost all the time. I think they could read a bank statement with pro real America verve.

  4. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Naturally, purposeful incipient totalitarians countenance no limit under the sun to their prospective sway - NONE Then in the shamefully degraded setting of the American academy, use of the physical sciences to above all advance far leftist social intentions is to be fully expected. After all, Stalin used his terrified court jester/scientist, a
    T.D.Lysenko,for his edification and amusement.Grad. students, researchers and practicing professionals in those fields all need to make a living after all! And the academic left has worked itself into the power to deny vital employment, advancement, grants, and graduate assistantships in addition to denial of recognition unless scientists behave, yes. Legal sanctions would follow in good time as dissent in all forms and fields is criminalizedThe left would continue this process until it dictates all professional and vocational life.

  5. Dr.Waddy from Jack: I guess you could say the legacy of the Selective Service Act of 1917 was the American Expeditionary Force in France.I lived through the later draft, from 1965 - 1967. Had a college deferment 65-67 and then enlisted in the Navy in '67. Beat that ol' draft, yessir, just like ol'Slick Willy coulda done. Why he coulda slicked his way into any branch and had him a swingin' experience too.Yeah but he figgered he had too many good times ahead anyway to waste 'em on the nation's deefense! That was our Commander in Chief from '83 - '91, a period marked by rock bottom morale in our armed services and among wartime vets. Go figure huh? Thanx dems. The draft really had an effect on our lives until we were 26. Alot ot guys went to college for the deferment.Some guys ended up in Viet hell and came back to the sneers of some of them college kids. Never thought the volunteer military would work but it has been an outstanding success. But the draft was the law after all and many who resisted it did so disingenuously. Alot of them were just plain lazy.

  6. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Couldn't get the broadcast.Hitler thought he was pretty smart but he blew it on " 'ILL' Duce". The proto Fuhrer looked up to that murderous fop and it took him a very long time to get disenchanted with the rat. He showed a most unHitlerian loyalty to Musso by sending his crack commando, Skorzeny, to rescue him temporarily when Italy did the right thing in '43. The strutting douche never was able to to inspire a warlike determination in the needlessly sutfering Italian people and he was an albatross around the Nazi neck.

  7. Jack, I hear you: whenever the Left and the establishment declare anything to be "true", and especially when they repress anyone and everyone's ability to question its truthfulness, we are entitled to indulge a qualm or two!

    Jack, your ability to voice unstinting support for Fox AND for Tucker (simultaneously) is impressive! I guess you're right that, most of the time, both are on the right side of history -- and both, after all, are in it partly for the filthy lucre, too. Personally, I don't trust either of them implicitly. They report...I decide!

    Jack, I have no doubt that, had I any desire to obtain federal grants or academic approval or "scientific" legitimacy, my politics would almost certainly disqualify me. I can speak my mind because all I really want from the powers-that-be is to be left in peace to mewl futilely as the world burns. Someday even that small concession might not be afforded to me, mind you.

    It is rather amazing that an all-volunteer military works, isn't it? I suppose that's mainly because we avoid conflicts with substantial enemies, to the best of our ability, and because we seem to need remarkably few combat soldiers (as opposed to clerks and window-washers) to beat the enemies we do have. I have to imagine, though, that we may lack the manpower we need to deal with, say, Russia or China, should it ever come to that -- or perhaps Iran is a more realistic foil, since a conventional war against a nuclear power might be too risky?

    Hmm. Why are you unable to access the broadcasts online, Jack? The links work just fine for me... Try a different browser, maybe?

  8. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Slick Willy hung out ( ehh,so to speak)from '93 to '01, not what I mistated. My bad.

  9. Dr.Waddy from Jack: WWIII: 15 year old hackers will run it and they are too young to draft.

  10. Jack, you catch and correct your own mistakes! Let's see ChatGPT do THAT!