Monday, May 8, 2023

He Speaks the Truth (!?!!)


Friends, as the Democratic Party/progressive hate machine shifts into high gear to complete its personal and professional destruction of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., he's pounding the pavement, kissing babies (assuming he can find any -- they're getting mighty rare), and answering reporters' questions with shocking candor for a politician.  Or is he a politician?  It sounds to me as if he's telling the neocons and establishment warmongers that they are, and always have been, dead wrong, and that's the sort of thing that a politician would never do -- or, if he did, he'd probably find his skull or his torso ventilated double-quick!  But enough family history.  Let's allow RFK, Jr. to speak for himself.  What he's talking about here is the Russia-Ukraine War, how it was a setup from the start, designed to hobble Russia at the cost of horrific numbers of Ukrainian lives.  According to Bobby, moreover, Ukraine is fated to lose this war, mainly because Russia will never, CAN never, accept defeat.  Hmm.  Could it be so?  Time will tell, but I must say that I like the cut of this man's jib.  I also see why Joe Biden, Deep State drone, would never, ever debate him. 

In other news, Biden's poll numbers are starting to ebb again, and thus some are asking questions about his political durability.  There is, of course, plenty of time for the Dems to shove someone else on stage.  I wonder, frankly, whether RFK, Jr. could be the canary in the coal mine.  If Biden shows enough weakness, then, as RFK (Sr.) followed Gene McCarthy's lead, could someone like Gavin Newsom jump into the race if RFK, Jr. proves that Biden is vulnerable?


This article asks a very pertinent question: why, and how, are so many mainstream media stories emerging simultaneously about the alleged ethical lapses of conservative Supreme Court Justices?  Is this the (by now fairly standard) stratagem of bullying conservative jurists into retirement and/or into kowtowing to leftist demands?  Or is it, perhaps, the elaborate prep work needed when one intends to jettison "judicial review" altogether and therefore to defy (openly) the high court's rulings?  I personally believe the latter scenario is coming, and probably sooner than you think.


Finally, there's been an awful lot of electoral victories in Latin America of late for left-wing candidates, so it's nice to see that Chile is taking a turn to the right.  Long may it last! 


  1. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Could any power be as reckless as to purposefully present Russia with as fundamental a threat and affront as even suggested Ukrainian membership in Nato? Astonishing Russian countenance of Nato's post communism encampment on Russia's door should have been more than enough to answer European security concerns. How wonderful it was that nations like Poland and the Baltic lands could finally rest relatively easy with the unavoidable proximity of what Polish Joseph Conrad termed the eternal curse of its nearness to brutal, ever threatening Russia. But enough already!I think hubris and perhaps casual dismissal of the obviously close interplay of Russian and Ukrainian history and geography led us to bumble into this terribly consequential situation; not intent. Oh gads,is thisRFK Jr. to be the latest of recent counterintuitively empowered Presidents? Forfend it fates! He's a loose cannon.

  2. Dr.Waddy from Jack: That would be a kick if someone like "entitled" Newsome pulled that on RFKJr. This is becoming a real free for all! Looks like Biden may be in big trouble! I guess, if the left wants to indulge in politics by prosecution, we can if necessary do a little of it too. But what they have already done may politically blow right up in their faces as their onslaught on President Trump careens on and the anger of the real America advances apace.

  3. Dr. Waddy from Jack:I think that the return of Scotus to lawfulness has stung the american left to the very quick. They are beside themselves with indignation that"this was done to us in the first place" and they are nearing critical mass as each common sense decision is ACTUALLY and insolently rendered. They are deeply disturbed that they were out"politiked" on this by wily old Mitch and"whaddya think, I was just fronting like youse do!? " DJT. Eventual total dictatorship is ever their expectation for themselves so some kind of extralegal attack on the integrity of the present Scotus( and perhap's tomorrow's too) is highly plausible, I agree. Its just their totalitarian style!

  4. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Adding mightily to the left's unendurable frustration is the certain knowedge that THREE Hillary shills would be on Scotus now, spewing counterintuitive far left dictate clothed in ersatz "law",but are not because the left got "jobbed", somehow! Whaaaaa! Oh how they hated to lose their reliable shelter from democracy.

  5. Jack, I wouldn't lose any sleep over the idea of President RFK, Jr. That'll be the day!

    Did we bumble into the Russia-Ukraine morass? Maybe. Perhaps we thought we could bully Russia and it would never dare to take action against Ukraine proper. Since Russia had already invaded and conquered large parts of Ukraine, though, this seems awfully naive. Perhaps we thought they WOULD take Ukraine, but would be drained by a grueling occupation? I dunno. I find it very hard to make sense of this administration's foreign policy.

    Jack, the "real America" may indeed be angry about the persecution of DJT, but, alas, the "real America" (as you define it) is not, I feel quite certain, a majority of the country. It may be 40% of the country, optimistically, but that ain't enough. The Left has been persecuting Trump for eight years now. Where is the "comeuppance" we've been promised???

    Jack, I wonder what SCOTUS would have to do to push the lefties to heave it overboard once and for all? Possibly a Trump win in 2024, and a Supreme Court decision upholding it, would do the trick?

  6. Dr. Waddy from Jack: I think of the real America as those Americans who do not believe that our country is fundamentally flawed and in need of punishment and complete transformation. That probably includes some independents and even some dems. As openand casual radical presumption and proto totalitarianism proliferates I look for more of them to jump ship to common sense. Why has the real America not mobilized completely?. Too busy leading positive and constructive lives, unlike so many "community organizers", who somehow have much free time and yet make a living.

  7. Jack, if only the majority of Americans saw our predicament in those terms: as a choice between time-tested traditional American values and the rule of law, on one hand, and Marxist extremism and lawlessness, on the other. Alas, I think most Americans are a long way from perceiving the dangers that our country faces with that sort of moral and intellectual clarity.