Sunday, May 14, 2023

Happy Mother's Day!!!


From all of us here at WaddyIsRight, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!  On this Mother's Day, we're thinking especially of all the mothers with male genitalia, because they're truly on the frontier of motherhood...  But for you "traditional" mothers, or cis-mothers, if you will, you deserve recognition and plaudits too (just not as much).  


I'm told the process of giving birth is something of a chore.  After that, mothering a baby, toddler, child, teenager, and especially an unemployed adult stoner addicted to video gaming, can be quite taxing.  You mothers make so many sacrifices, and, lest we forget, you literally chart the future of the human race.  A yearly carton of bonbons and dinner at Applebee's is the least we can do to express our profound thanks.  


All hail mothers, and all hail the venerable institution of motherhood!

In other news, I recommend to you Ron DeSantis's thoughts on why we conservatives and Republicans must "reject the culture of losing" in 2024.  That is to say, we cannot continue to pursue grievances and make excuses related to what happened in 2020.  We cannot throw up our hands and say that the system is "rigged".  We need to be forward-looking, optimistic, but also relentlessly focused on the failures of the Biden Administration.  If we can do that, we can and will win.  Democrats, of course, have a plan to prevent this from happening.  They plan for us to nominate Trump, and for Trump to be so busy fighting off lawsuits and prosecutions that he won't be able to articulate anything resembling a vision for the country.


This is an interesting perspective on how the Left is luring its legions of followers further and further from reality and the truth.  Certainly, as Americans become captive to propagandistic media "bubbles", underlying realities become less and less relevant, and the truth becomes what news directors make of it.  Roger Kimball says, however, that these alternate realities constructed by ideologues are "fragile".  Presumably, that's true, since, only by applying thick coats of censorship to public discourse can the leftists preserve their dominance over it.  The second article suggests that we are nearing a "tipping point" beyond which the Left's ability to control public opinion may slip away.  That sounds more than a little optimistic to me.  Could such a "tipping point" be reached?  Sure.  I see few signs that we're there yet, and I have no idea what might trigger it. 


  1. Dr.Waddy from Jack: This is a conundrum! DeSantis is the real thing; solid in both conservative expression and courageous accomplishment.We could count on him. Trump ,despite many drawbacks, has earned the affection of the real America (those Americans who do not believe that America deserves punishment and "complete transformation"for its definitive sins).Hell, the guy is throwing away his golden years and he's done much right by us. I'm his age and I have nothing approaching his true grit."He says what I want to say" exclaimed my neighbor here in this God's country NY colony. For sure and he''s lived up to it just by bidding the left "KMA" alone.
    Can he be defeated by leftist "politics by prosecution"? Trump nation may be aroused by the presumption and injustice of it already but can it be enough for the long, long haul?Can this continuing onslaught finally disenchant many who voted dem because they "just couldn't vote tor Trump ". Yeah, he's crude but he's our hombre. If only these two would team up.

  2. Dr.Waddy from Jack: I have always thought that the existential clash ot far left vs. common sense America would reach a tipping point,a point of no return beyond which one side would achieve assured eventual dominance. I thought it was at hand in 2016 with the expected election of frantically vindictive Hillary but blessedly not so. You have, with some apparent reservations, suggested a very salubrious though I think, not decisive,tipping point and it gives me encouragement.

  3. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Yes, acclaim unending for traditional mothers and withering scorn for those who haughtily gainsay them. The presumptuousness of the latter is astonishing!

  4. Dr.Waddy from Jack: DeSantis signed a bill prohibiting "diversity, inclusion and equity" (gasp) at Florida public colleges and universities. That's just how msm will present this news in order to bring the left and those who countenance it to white hot indignation. They are justified, yessir! I hear that uniforms will be required and military drill at 0500 (due to Florida's sultry climate)will be mandatory. Rank will have its privileges and proper salutes will be de riguer. There will be many faculty vacancies and ex Marine D.I.s will be "encouraged" to apply. DeSantis has assured the utterly unviability of his presumptuous Presidential campaign by arrogating this, this . . . infamous and dictatorial outrage. Haarumphhh! "Hell no, we won't go!"

  5. Dr.Waddy from Jack: I'm going to have to read more Hannah Arendt. In one of the quotes from her on totalitarian perfidy inthe American greatness article you posted she used the word "excluded" without quotation marks, to describe groups the left champions. I'm glad she did; it supports the truth that the left really believes that there is only one reason for frequently observed provably unproductive and often lawless living. That is solely; purposeful and overwhelmingly powerful and inhuman exclusionary action which has not been alleviated in any way since the 17th century. And the vindictively expeditious left condemns any hint of the existence of factors such as: negative lifestyles, dishonest teachings by persons fully invested in victimology ( who dread any cessation or defunding thereof), the ideological capture by the left of the american academy, the widespread presumption of fundamental evil in the police and miltary, the ever increasing misuse of the law to force leftist political ends and the casual dismissal of the historically incalculable, catastrophic, murderous record of the left in the total control which it always fanatically seeks.

  6. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Another factor especially after the pandemic:widespread contempt for and dismissal of the work ethic.

  7. Dr.Waddy from Jack: An excellent high school social studies teacher I had bade us avoid " leaving loopholes I can drive a tank through" in our expression and look out for them in the expression of others.Some of the fragility in the alternate realities Kimball describes as leftist ploys may be due to the left's presumptuous and promiscuous use of the suffixs"ism" and "phobia" to make of many words handy dismissive automatic and intimidating condemnations. "Why, you are a (fill in the blank) ist." "Your opinion is rank - - - - phobia!" In doing this they leave loopholes through which we can drive rhetorical tanks by demanding that they define their casually applied impeachments. I challenge anyone without some study in psychology to properly use the term phobia. And many of the left's haughty " isms" have been so misused and overused as to have rendered meaningless.

  8. Jack, we know that the Dem prosecutions/persecutions of Trump only make Republicans rally to him more. Could they backfire with swing/independent voters too? All I know is: they never have before -- not in any meaningful sense. The Dems have never been punished for their beastliness towards Trump.

    Jack, as you suggest, DeSantis's actions against wokeism are being framed, by the media and by Dem politicians, as a rejection of equality, civil rights, human rights, basic decency, etc. Of course, they say all the same things about ME (and you), and luckily their pearl-clutching is wearing thin with many middle-of-the-road voters, as you point out. When EVERYTHING and EVERYONE is racist/sexist/homphobic/fascist, etc., these labels lose their "bite", at least with anyone vaguely conversant with reality.