Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Dream Team?


Friends, rumors about an alliance between Tucker Carlson and Elon Musk turn out to be...true!  Carlson announced today that he'll "soon" be doing a version of his show on Twitter.  Well!  What remains to be seen is what Fox News has to say about it.  Technically, Carlson is still bound by his contract with Fox.  Whether they will release him from his obligations, and under what conditions, is uncertain.  Since Fox hasn't deigned to tell us why they ended Tucker's show, we can only speculate about their rationale, and whether silencing Tucker, per se, is one of their primary objectives.


In other news, a Manhattan federal jury has found President Trump liable for sexually assaulting and defaming E. Jean Carroll, despite the fact that she cannot recall what year the alleged incident took place and only leveled her accusations as Trump was running for office.  My guess is that Trump supporters will shrug this off and bemoan the weaponization of the justice system against conservatives, while leftists will crow endlessly and claim vindication.  How will those few persuadable swing voters feel about the matter, though?  Your guess is as good as mine.  In any case, Trump is in so much legal jeopardy these days that it can truly make your head spin.  Plus, now we know that a New York City jury is (always?) primed and ready to find DJT guilty, which could mean that Alvin Bragg has him dead to rights.  Will Trump be breaking rocks in a New York penitentiary soon?  Don't dismiss the possibility!


What's more, why stop at imprisoning Trump?  Why not throw every conservative behind bars, or at least as many as possible?  It looks like poor George Santos is about to have the book thrown at him too.  Come to think of it, didn't I hear that Tucker Carlson and Elon Musk gang-raped E. Jean Carroll in the restroom of an Orange Julius in the mid-1990s?  Yeah, I think so...  This could get ugly!!!


Lastly, not that anyone cares, but the fiscal soundness of these United States is going straight down the tubes.  Sooner or later, this budgetary train wreck is going to affect each and every one of us.  In fact, we may soon have cause to envy those, like DJT, who are safe and sound in the Big House, because life on the outside may get immeasurably harder.


  1. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Count me in as a conservative who is confident that this"politics by prosecution" onslaught on President Trump is a purely political effort by the american left. How very much they hate him for defying them!Of course they do; they are totalitarans. They bear equally intense antipathy to Trump nation and would, if they had the power, do us as much dirt.Appeals will be in order; how the hell could he get any semblance of fair trial in lala land Manhattan? As for moral authority, the left is utterly lacking in that due to its disgraceful defense of documented sex predator Slick Willy (yes Charles Schumer?). Yet again american radicals, now thoroughly esconsed in our polity, give us a clear picture of how they would rule!

  2. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Yeah left, now just pick off a few GOP reps and ya get back "the people's house". "People's" house, hint, hint - get it!? Just like People's Republic of say . . . NY. See, you on the radical left can still use your customary dodge from the representive democracy which will never fulfill your fondest fantasies - the courts of course, amply stocked with grads of law schools with a now decades long capture by the Critical Legal Studies school , alias "the whatever school".

  3. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Carlson and Musk: sounds like a good ticket! By the way, one of Musk's linear Starlink satellite groups passed over a few nights ago and had me convinced I saw a UFO. Then they turned off their lights I suppose not to pull another Orson Welles on the eastern megalopolis. Thanks Elon, that was a thrill!

  4. Jack, I view the legal onslaught against DJT in exactly the same way you do. I also fully anticipate that these tactics will be amplified (massively) in the years to come. SCOTUS might be fully employed just slapping them down. I think the overarching strategy here is the same as in anti-Trump propaganda: throw everything, including the kitchen sink, at DJT, and hope something sticks. In PR terms, that makes a good deal of sense, but it does rather run the risk that, the more legal fronts the Left attacks Trump on, the more people might begin to doubt the seriousness of the charges. "Oh, another Trump deposition/arraignment/perp walk? Is it Tuesday again already?"

    They're doing their best to chip away at our House majority! Santos is an obvious target. Coming soon to a House district near you: "Rep. Smith charged with wire fraud for stating in an email that the 2020 election was rigged." Don't laugh! I bet they're working on it.

    Ooo, what did a group of Musk's satellites look like?

  5. Dr.Waddy from Jack: The looked like a train of closely "linked" white lights moving slowly southwest to southeast. It was an intensely astonishing sight; with good reason I thought it none other than a UFO. I happened on the explanation on line and saw it again the next night, as predicted.

  6. Wow! How many human beings can say that their labors literally "rewrote" the night sky? Musk can!