Wednesday, May 17, 2023

More Mustache Than Man


Friends, the long-awaited Durham Report on the Trump-Russia hoax and its Deep State perpetrators is out, and it's making waves -- not big red waves, mind you, but little Robert Reich-sized waves.  In short, Durham finds that the FBI and DOJ discarded their own professional standards, as well as common sense, in doggedly pursuing a fanciful narrative of Trump-Russia collusion.  What he doesn't find is that any of the prime suspects in this "crime of the century", as per Trump, actually committed any crimes.  That is to say, besides a verbal rebuke, none of the evildoers will face accountability or justice or any kind.  And that means, of course, that, next time we have an election, or a Republican president, the dastardly Dems will do it all over again...and worse!


In other news, the Left's contempt for SCOTUS knows no bounds, and nor does its abiding love for abortion.  New Jersey's Democratic Governor is open to the possibility of defying a (hypothetical) Supreme Court ruling against a key abortion drug.  I repeat what I've said before: it is only a matter of time before the Dems give the Supremes the heave-ho.


Here's some useful info on woke corporations.  To avoid doing business with the worst offenders in corporate America, we would need to know who they are.  This handy guide is a great first step.


And here's your election report.  The first link takes you to a comprehensive, and, in my view, very persuasive analysis of why there was no "red wave" in 2022.  The upshot: the Dems outspent and outorganized us in a small number of key states.  The second link describes the results of the elections and primaries that took place on Tuesday.  One takeaway is that the Dems are still performing pretty darn well, winning in swing areas that we'll need in 2024 if we're going to change the direction of this country.


Somewhat unusually for me, I found myself watching Fox News yesterday, and I saw this illuminating interview with RFK, Jr.  He makes a great deal of sense on the issue of the Russia-Ukraine War, and in general has begun to articulate a message that could go over well with many Democrats and independents.  It's interesting that Fox is promoting RFK, Jr., but I still don't assess his chances of beating out Joe Biden to be very high.  In fact, I'd say he hasn't a snowball's chance in hell of being the Democratic presidential nominee. 

Finally, Ron DeSantis is deep in the trenches of the culture wars, as per usual.  I like his views on almost all cultural issues, and in many ways it's only fair that we Republicans should use the power of state governments to banish wokeism from public institutions like K-12 schools and colleges and universities, BUT there's no question that DeSantis is painting himself into a culturally conservative corner that could limit his electability in 2024, if he gets that far.  Democrats almost universally regard DeSantis as a retrograde sexist, racist, homophobic monster, and they can, between now and November 2024, given their media and social media dominance, convince much of America (probably at least half) that this is so.  I would imagine that DeSantis feels he needs to go hard right in the here and now to be competitive with Trump, and that may be so, but I would hate to see his brand tarnished any more than it needs to be.


  1. Dr. Waddy from Jack: I know just the potential running mate forRFK Jr: why Beto of course. Being Texan ( at least in a geographical sense) he would give the ticket some balance. Most importantly though, the two are interchangeable. They can fill in for one another: convenient that. It is vital that the bust of deified RFK in our Oval Office not be removed to some dusty corner of the White House attic, as it would be by any GOP President. Therefore, it is incumbent for all surviving boomers to vote for the son of the great last hope of a forever after lost and bereft country. 1968 forever!

  2. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Maybe DeSantis is a "what you see you get" guy and doesn't want to be President otherwise. Then again there are the very practical considerations of time, money, staff etc. I think we are seeing the real DeSantis now; perhaps it does divide the insane hatred the left "feels" for all insolent opposition between DeSantis and DJT. The far left's brand of self righteous antipathy does expend alot of energy and even the "elect", as it were, have physical limits beyond even their presumptions about casual physical transformation.

  3. Dr. Waddy from Jack: The Real Clear Politics article on the failure of the "Red Wave" was exemplary; it was well done with principled use of empirical evidence and plausible conclusions from it. The author must be one hell of a good polisci prof.After reading it I am not quiteas disturbed by the setback or what it might bode. I could not, even if I wished, gainsay a pro like that but I do offer a couple of concerns:

  4. Dr.Waddy from Jack: First, I saw no mention of the MSM: one would think its lack of professionalism and its unapologetic bigotry to be a major factor in a nationally set election. Second he posits the 8 statesof Az,Col,Mich,Nev,NH, Pa,Wash and Wisc as the the decisive settings where the red wave was"breakwatered". One of several reasons he proposed was a more extensive use of mail in ballots. Recent

    Use of this method beyond its traditional utility for voters truly absent from the polling place was originally pushed by the left to enable counterintuitive election finagling for the left's advantage ( eg. "ballot harvesting"). The american left is led by cultural marxists who consequently consider them excused thereby from traditional morals. I don't know how effective their cheating was in 2022 but I think it certain it was widely attempted.The probable misuse of mail in ballots in the " 8 states",coupled there with ubiquitous, fully to be expected expeditious leftist whateverism, may well have played a major role in denying the red wave.

  5. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Unimpeded leave to casually kill unborn humans (perhaps even born ones, stand by. . .) (half of them females) might well be the american left' s flagship issue. It has alot of the essentials: it flies in the face of traditional morals, such as the sanctity of the innocent; for a movement still determined to work counterintuitive "complete transformation "of human nature to accomodate a scientifically conceived new order(forced if necessary) it destroys the ultimate human sanctuary, the womb, and with exceeding obscenity blasphemes the hallowed maternal instinct the left finds so inconvenient and unfashionable. Finally, it is unapologetically murderous and that's a must for the far left; consider Stalin or Pol Pot or other leftist exemplars. Scotus has enabled states the people of which are unforgivably bent on confronting this evil and naturally the cultural marxists who infest places like N.J. are stung to the quick and motivated to radical political insurgency. What you see is what you get with them so direct defiance of Scotus must be met with the same sanctions meted out to the South in the '50s and '60s (right Neil Young?). Without this, they will be pleased to destroy all we hold dear.

  6. Jack, while it's true that Beto is widely regarded as the heir to the Kennedys, one has to question whether there's "any there, there". Say what you want about the Kennedys, but they weren't dumb, and they possessed almost limitless self-confidence. Beto sometimes looks like a deer caught in the headlights. He has the feel of a lightweight to me.

    That's an intriguing point about whether the Left's impressively strong and capable Hate Machine may have trouble demonizing two men simultaneously. Of course, in the end it won't have to...

    Jack, did you notice that the author of that masterful analysis of 2022 was a UB prof? Neat-o!

    Jack, there's no question that the MSM's toadying towards the Left, and its excoriation of the right, are supremely consequential in American politics. I doubt the author denies that, but he takes it as a given, as indeed it is. We all expected the media to rig the game in 2022, but we mostly expected Republicans to win anyway. They didn't, at least not as we anticipated they would. Likewise, the comprehensive use of mail-in ballots and ballot harvesting by the Dems is now a built-in feature of American electoral politics. No one can be surprised by it, and no effective measures have been taken to reverse it. Republicans are just beginning to figure out how to respond in kind. But the author is right: organizing all that mail-in voting and ballot harvesting takes vast resources, expended very strategically. The Dems have it down to an (expensive) science.

    Jack, it's an interesting question whether Dems who defied SCOTUS would face any meaningful federal crackdown or penalties. I wouldn't assume it, that's for sure!

  7. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Yeah I saw that. (UB).I wonder how long it might
    be before he is denounced to the Inquisition for heretical objectivity.

  8. Jack, I didn't detect any partisan rancor in his analysis. All he really said is that Demcrats are richer and smarter than we are. That's hardly "heretical"!

  9. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Yeah but its his refrain from rancor which might cause Maalox moments among the leftist elite at the intended" Berkeley of the East" (though it has amounted to little more than the mediocrity of the East) tax payer supported and tax payer disdaining UB. His intellectual integrity smacks of doubt for the left's governing principle; EMOTION! (excuse me).

  10. Good point: intellectual abstraction and neutrality could be (and genuinely is) read as "fascism" and "white supremacy" by the Left.