Thursday, March 16, 2023

Highest of the High Rollers


Friends, your favorite Las Vegas "whale" (no reflection on my weight, you understand) just returned from the universal acclaim!  I managed not to lose my shirt in Vegas, and somewhat more incredibly I managed not to acquire any new shirts either.  It was good, wholesome American fun -- mostly.  What you see above is, of course, the iconic Welcome to Las Vegas sign, the Hoover Dam, the Sing Sing "electric chair" at the Mob Museum, and the incredible scenery at Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.  For those who are inclined to dismiss L.V. as a decadent wasteland, don't!  It's a town with a little something for everyone, I promise.

In other news, i.e. the news, there's a lot of buzz about a potential financial crisis caused by the failure of several major banks.  Well, here my ignorance of high finance hobbles me.  I have no idea how precarious the West's financial situation is, but I do know this: our leaders would do ANYTHING, and spend ANY amount of money (assuming it's yours and not theirs), to rescue their banker friends...


Finally, are Elon Musk's antics helping or hurting his "brand"?   Will Twitter survive all the "freedom" Elon has unleashed in the platform?  Will Tesla survive the bemusement of the company's white progressive customer base, which doesn't like what Musk has done with Twitter one bit?  Finally, will SpaceX survive the wrath of the Deep State, which rather directly funds the company via government grants and contracts?  As always, only time will tell...


  1. Dr. Waddy from Jack: I trust Old Sparky's was not an interactive exhibit!

  2. Dr. Waddy from Jack: One would think the marxists who disgrace our country would welcome a financial collapse They missed their bet during the Depression and they would relish another chance. The misery that would attend such a catastrophe would be of no moment to them. They know their totalitarian rule would be far worse.

  3. Oh no -- Old Sparky was merely a reproduction. He suppose he might have given me a splinter...

    "They know their totalitarian rule would be far worse." I hate to pick a fight, Jack, old boy, but I'm pretty sure they know no such thing. They make it their business never to find out, moreover! That's precisely why the average leftist, if he met you at a cocktail party, would be white as a sheet (or red with rage) within thirty seconds. Ha!

  4. Dr.Waddy from Jack: I grant you fair leave to disagree with me at will. A few of my professional colleagues thought me an extremist. They also did not like the ties I wore.