Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Big Red Wave?


Friends, this week's Newsmaker Show is a deep dive into the threat posed by the Left and cultural Marxism.  Brian and I investigate the legacy of the Russian Revolution and the insidious influence of Marxist thought to this very day, and we also discuss how Ronald Reagan called Soviet communism what it was -- an "evil empire" -- and was rewarded for his seeming audacity with a U.S./Western victory in the Cold War.  In addition, Brian and I analyze the recent release of additional video evidence of what occurred on January 6th, 2021 at the U.S. Capitol.  We also cover the conservative credentials of Fox News (such as they are), and the straw poll results from the CPAC conference.

Oh, mama!  This is what right-wing radio is all about...  Tune in today!




In other news, Tucker Carlson is really taking it on the chin for minimizing the seriousness of the Janaury 6th "insurrection", which, as we all know, was the most horrific act of depravity since the Holocaust...  It continues to amaze me that Tucker is still standing, given how vehemently he's hated by the powers-that-be.  Will he be with us, say, a year from now?  I honestly wouldn't bet on it. 

Finally, it isn't the sexiest news story around, but it probably is the most important.  The short version: continued high inflation and frenetic job growth mean the Fed isn't happy, and is likely therefore to raise interest rates more than some people would like.  This increases the chances of recession, and it increases the likelihood that the slowdown will persist into 2024, which can hardly be good news for Democrats.



    Whatever happens to Tucker's job at Fox, he's a smart guy and is probably already planning on what to do should he be out of a job there. Hardly a brilliant comment on my part, but after all, Carlson is a well paid propagandist, and will not end up poverty stricken.

  2. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Re: the broadcast:your analysis of Jan.6 as a complicated event with more than one plausible aspect was well said, measured and perceptive.So Charles Schumer, NY's national shame, thinks Tucker Carlson's interpretation of Jan. 6 to be "dangerous". Just imagine what Schumer would DO about it, had he the power! That would be alot more than dangerous. Jan 6 was not repeated as were the "politically correct" uprisings of 2020, nor was its violence planned as is that of antifa etc. . I think it certain that the american left would attempt an all out comprehensive power grab if it thought it could. Just imagine conservative thugs taking over entire not necessarily
    pleased neighborhoods of, say, Berkley, Austin, Ithaca, NYC, Chicago. . . Portland(?). How the left would bleat of unforgiveable disorder and oppression But several mini"Paris Communes" WERE arrogated by the proven unapologetically violent american left in 2020? And they were telling predictions of how leftist rule would be.


  3. True, Ray -- Tucker doesn't need Fox, but Fox may need Tucker. He's had an interesting career, I must say. He's always just one racially or sexually charged remark, or one personal indiscretion, from "mainstream" ruination, though. I can't imagine the kind of pressure he deals with each and every day.

    Jack, as you know, everything we conservatives do and say is "dangerous". It's a small miracle we're allowed to walk the streets! I'm not sure, though, why McCarthy gave the January 6th "tapes" to Tucker first and foremost. Seems like it would have been more transparent to make them available to everyone. What's more, you have to wonder whether it's even in our political interests to get the nation talking about January 6th YET AGAIN. Can we never be done with this nonsense???

  4. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Believe me, in the late '60s and early '70s many on the young left thought revolution was at hand and that it would be really keen. Just a little push from them and the seething "masses" would flock to the righteous red banner. The 1971Attica rioters and their Lennonized suporters actually thought the public would tear down the walls and free them for continued lives of predation! Ehh, NOT! Scraggly long haired granny glassed sophomores casually proposed going into heavy industry plants and organizing the already inconveniently unionized "working class" . One of those in the plants breathlessly awaiting such deliverance said "if those pukes come in here they'll get a punch in the mouth!" The Symbioneze" Liberation" Army was almost comic . Those who remained " enlightened"realized what the old left had learned from the failure of the "oppressed" to resist fighting WWI; it would be necessary to gradually undermine entire cultures before toppling them. They became cultural marxists and their corrosive, reflexively iconoclastic humbug flourishes today as "woke". Given its marxist essence and the fact that marxism killed over 100 million innocents, is it not right that we oppose it resolutely?!

  5. Jack, you have to hand it to the leftists: they do (sometimes) learn from their mistakes. As you suggest, they engaged in some comical and not-so-comical overreach in the halcyon days of the late 60s and early 70s. Nixon was their reward. As such, they learned to burrow underground, to infiltrate, and to erode our cultural foundations in a drip, drip, drip fashion. It's working like a charm!