Tuesday, February 21, 2023

The Big Apple Gets the DeSantis Treatment


Friends, it appears that Ron DeSantis is inching closer to declaring his candidacy for the Republican nomination for president in 2024.  One reason I assert that is because he's now hitting the (campaign?) trail, visiting deep blue states like Illinois and New York to position himself as an alternative to wokeness and progressive misgovernance.  Hear hear!  As a New Yorker myself, I say: come again, Ron!  We could use a whole lot more common sense conservatives like you in these parts...


Speaking of common sense, DeSantis is dispensing a lot of sensible analysis re: Ukraine, and that's a rarity in American politics today.  He's saying that we wouldn't be in this mess in the first place if the Biden Administration had projected strength instead of weakness.  I agree.  He's saying that the West has no clear "strategic objective" in Ukraine.  No kidding!  We're gonna "beat Russia", whatever that means, but it's very unclear that the Ukrainians can manage it, and, even if they did, that it would gain them anything but a reprieve from eventual national annihilation.  More to the point, Ron is saying that we shouldn't be picking a fight with Russia when China is clearly a much bigger threat...and we let them get away with anything and everything.  Hear hear! 

Trump, for his part, is taking on DeSantis more and more directly, and apparently he feels he has the upper hand in the polls.  Trump's attack lines are interesting.  He's claiming that DeSantis is against Social Security and Medicare (for some reason), and that he's tied too closely to the GOP establishment.  We shall see if DJT can deliver the goods...


We here at WaddyIsRight welcome all-star CNN "journalist" Don Lemon back to the airwaves, for two reasons: 1) no one watches CNN, so he can't really do much harm there, and 2) Don is quite obviously past his "prime", so he can't be held responsible for every little sexist remark that escapes his gaping maw. 

Lastly, I would like to express my unalloyed contempt for this singer, who took it upon herself to sing an altered version of her own national anthem (that of Canada), which she felt better expressed her shame at the country's mistreatment of "First Nations" peoples.  My opinion is that Canadians have made groveling at the feet of Native Americans their national pastime.  It's about time, therefore, that they give it a rest.  What's more, anyone who thinks that their own personal agenda trumps honoring their country doesn't deserve to be a "native" or a citizen of that country to begin with.  Hate America?  Hate Canada?  Then go live somewhere less hateful, and in the meantime keep your virtue-signaling to yourself!!!


  1. Dr. Waddy from Jack: What a strange meeting of counterintuitive images! Gov. DeDante enters hell seeking to behold the circle for unrepentant wokeists!I like his aggressiveness alot.He is certain to bring frantic leftists close to critical mass of outrage and unbearable mental hurly burly. MayorAdams demonstrated that with the absurd absolutely standard calumny with which he quickly qualified his probably grudgingly admitted agreement with DeSantis on some issues. Their tortuous emotional engagement with their convictions is a weak point in the leftist crust which is easily manipulated by canny players like Trump ; Reagan used to toy with them over it. Sounds like maybe DeSantis has the moxie to do the same. Real America flies in the face of the NY comrades.Goody!

  2. Dr.Waddy from Jack: NYC Mayor Adams: well I've heard of those who say they are conservative on economics but socially liberal but I've never heard of a person as achingly woke as Adams who professes doubt about leftist bleeding heart enablement of criminals and disdain for the lawful. "Face of his party" ehh! ?Does this presage realization by cultural marxists that their engagement of lawless thugs as a "revolutionary class" (like Papa Doc did in Haiti -he emptied prisons and gave the freed hell hounds gainful employment as his terrorists)is bound to do them much, much political dirt in the near future? Mayor Guiliani demonstrated that crime CAN be controlled by. . . (yes) , CONTROLLING criminals and its not ancient history, Mayor Adams, so get with the program!When one is seriously injured it is often necessary for them to undergo an intensive period of relearning some basics like walking ,talking etc.Returning this country to common sense after the grievous injury done our society by the cultural marxists will require similar therapy and that can be advanced by empowering those who profess common sense made ever more precious by the catastrophic ills wrought us by the "woke".

  3. Jack, no one could accuse Ron DeSantis of lacking the courage of his convictions!!!

    It never ceases to amaze how our deep blue cities have an INSATIABLE appetite for crime, economic decay, and moral degeneracy. I have to believe that, if the whole sordid system were not propped up by federal largesse, there might long ago have been a reckoning that would have forced some of these jurisdictions to embrace, well, sanity. Alas, they can double down on failure and foolishness without suffering the full range of consequences -- for now.

  4. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Its because they vote for dems. Too many minority members are still sadly convinced the dems are better for them. But amoral criminals know that they have a real friend in the dem party, the cultural marxist leadership of which considers criminals a useful "revolutionary class". Street trash couldn't care less about politics, they just know when the getting is good for predators and its really good now.

  5. Jack, I suppose as long the money and favors continue to flow from the Dems to their "protected classes" and elite donors, the blind adherence to the party and the leftist cause makes a certain amount of sense, at least in terms of advancing self-interest. Yet another reason to suspect that a financial flow chart lies at the heart of the modern Left!