Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Dead Presidents' Day


Friends, this week's Newsmaker Show is replete with hard-hitting analysis of the political fallout from the Ohio train derailment, the South Park episode about woke heroes Harry and Meghan, the vagaries of "misinformation", the life and times of George Washington, and the import of the Tet Offensive.

Wow!  Is it even legal to range so freely from topic to topic?  Maybe not for much longer, so my advice is to listen in while you still can...




In other news, you may have noticed that the greatest president in American history, Joe Biden, savior of Ukraine, etc etc., has still not declared his candidacy for reelection.  Many speculated that he would so soon after Trump made his intentions known.  Biden's hesitancy is fueling speculation, which is bound to increase with time.  My take: whatever drags Biden over the finish line and convinces him that the Democratic Party and the nation can't do without him is all to the good, because a weak Biden is a nearly perfect foil for whoever happens to become the GOP nominee.  Dems, please, stick with Biden -- he's a prince among men, I swear!


Finally, there's a massive, almost 30-point gap between how many young men and young women say they're in relationships these days.  It's not unusual for the number to be higher among women, but 30 points???  Are some women dating women, or "women"?  Sure they are, but not nearly enough to account for this discrepancy.  The only explanation that makes any sense is that an extraordinary number of young women are delusional.  They think they're in a relationship with some man, but, as far as the man is concerned, they're just hot little numbers with a tendency to get carried away.  Hmmmm.



    And not only that, but after JB's daring trip to a "combat zone" with sirens wailing and so on, this great American leader needs a special semi-military type uniform as commander of The U.S. Armed Forces.
    I'm relying on you to design this uniform. Nothing too elaborate now, but enough to let people know that he is a warrior at heart as well as an astute politician of the first order.

  2. I'm on it, Ray! At the very least, we should pin a few more medals to Sleepy Joe's adult diaper -- even at the risk that it will fall down and he'll (inadvertently) moon NATO.

  3. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Re: the broadcast: "misinformation": so the left has arrogated yet another term to its arsenal of words conveniently leveling condemnation upon accusation or mandating a definition serving solely the purposes of the left. "Misinformation" ,to we of common sense, means just what it says. The left defines it as virtually anything we maintain and you better git on board with that or git ready for the thought police knocking at 3am! Soros: since his Hungarian origin does not convince him, he ought to read James Michener's nonfiction book The Bridge at Andau for a harrowing account of the Soviet onslaught of 1956. Soviet marxist commanded forces savaged Hungary in 1945 and 1956 but he supports their ideological comrades here in the very country which was the bete noire of world communism! I agree, Washington led life beyond imagining.I'd give him a very slight edge over Lincoln as our greatest President. But he did have some success early in the war. His brilliantly conceived and dared retreat across East River from Brooklyn Heights in 1776 saved the Continental Army from complete destruction. Retreats are said not to win wars but. . . Xenophon, Dunkirk, Chosin Reservoir?

  4. Dr. Waddy from Jack: I had always liked Walter Cronkite until I found out about the dirt he did our forces by misrepresenting their victory in the Tet offensive. Guy I know who was very incountry said the VC were smashed during Tet and never recovered . North Vietnamese General Giap was quoted to this effect: "the 'antiwar' (my punctuation that) movement in the U.S. kept us going". Naturally! What else was he to think of a country which allowed itself to be so misled about such a decisive,hard fought US win.My friend told me they were fully aware of how Cronkite and Rather lied about Tet. I think they should have been charged with treason.

  5. Hi Jack. So you regard Washington as our greatest president? Wow! That's high praise. He was quite a man, but I have to admit I don't have much of a sense of him as president, per se. What's your rationale?

    Interesting take on the U.S. media's misperception of the Tet Offensive. Do you think it was willful deception, or guileless self-deception? I often find it hard to tell the difference...

  6. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Cronkite was probably a man of good will,who may have believed he was doing good for the country, perhaps he even thought his take on Tet to be accurate. But just imagine Murrow broadcasting strong doubts about Britain's effort after Dunkirk!. At the least Cronkite didn't verify but went with a story he may well have wanted to be true. Rather proved to be of thoroughly leftist prejudice throughout his l career and probably wanted to see his country get its comeuppance. Washington: he , Lincoln and Eisenhower shared a willingness to suffer importunate fools because they knew they were
    vital in securing support for the army.In highly capable men it takes a special kind of courage to do that; it was a virtue Benedict Arnold lacked; otherwise he was a superlative leader until he gave in to frustration.Washington's generalship, performed with extreme patience in the ubiquitous presence of imminent mortal catatrophe , his wise guidance of the monumental Consitutional convention, his refusal of unlimited tenure in the Presidency, his rejection of monarchy and his exemplary firmness in guiding the nation through a period when the country was an experiment virtually all the world's powers regarded with fear and murderous loathing ; it is this totality which raises his greatness to a supreme height. Lincoln was virtually equal, for many of the qualities Washington manifested but he never had to face the noose.

  7. Dr. Waddy from Jack: But I see I haven't really answered your question; perhaps Lincoln's was the greatest Presidency and Washington was the greatest man ever to be President.

  8. Jack, I suspect a lot of the U.S. media did, in fact, view Britain as a lost cause after Dunkirk. I imagine a few Brits felt that way too. History turns on a dime, though...

    Hmm. I think what you're saying is that Washington was a great president because he settled for being president and had no interest in being king. I agree that showed a lot of self-control, but since it's something that every president since has managed (except maybe FDR?), I'm not sure I would rate it a signal accomplishment... But I see you qualified your analysis anyway. Yes! Washington was a great, great man...who we were fortunate to have AS president. No argument.