Sunday, February 26, 2023

Et Tu, James Bond?


Friends, in the latest case of wokeness run amok, the collected works of Ian Fleming have been edited by his publisher to remove wording that might offend black people, or "Black" people, as they prefer to be...uh, capitalized.  In short, Bond villains simply can't be black, just as Bond himself simply can't be a white male.  I fully expect that, when the next Bond film is released, he won't be.  Sorry, she won't be.  Ze won't be?  In any case, I fully expect that I won't see the damn film!


Cancel culture has also caught up with the creator of the "Dilbert" cartoon franchise, who made some intemperate and racially-charged remarks.  He expressed himself poorly, but his basic point was that people who are racist are bad people.  His mistake was in averring that "Black" people can be, and often are, racist.  Of course, that's true, and there's polling evidence to prove it.  Now, imagine if the roles were reversed.  Imagine that this Dilbert guy was black, and he was counseling black people to avoid white people, because of their nasty penchant for racism.  Would he be drummed out of his profession...or would he be rewarded with accolades and paid tens of thousands of dollars to speak at college graduations?  You be the judge! 

Finally, the Western establishment, early on, suppressed any and all suggestions that COVID could have originated in a Chinese lab (duh!), and ever since they've slow-walked the process that could and should lead us to reconsider the question.  More and more, the "experts" are concluding that COVID was leaked from the lab in Wuhan.  Of course, quietly conceding that fact years after COVID hit the Western world like a tsunami is a great way of ensuring that the Chinese will never be held even remotely accountable.  This is yet another way in which our so-called leaders are carrying water for the Chinese Communist Party  Shame on them!


  1. Dr.Waddy from Jack: 1984 is being realized, with a vengeance! We may soon need a new edition of it, predicting the probable state of a fully enforced modern woke tyranny and, well. . . Dr.Waddy ,you are an accomplished novelist. AOC could serve as a technical advisor (or dictator). Perhaps Saturday Night Live will violate to a degree like unto the ninth part of a hair and be denounced to the woke inquisition. Now that would be progress indeed!

  2. Good point! Perhaps 1984 will be rewritten so as not to offend those who love censorship and tyranny? The best part would be that the ending can be left as is, but now it will be a happy ending instead of a chilling one!

  3. Dr.Waddy from Jack: To their everlasting shame some graduating university class had as their graduation speaker a convicted cop killer a few years ago . Why, there are myriad such present candidates who are in their diverse dishonors prime for such disfunction and who would be feted (fetid?)by the woke automatons so prevalent among our "university" products:Slick Willy of course , "Rep."Omar, AOC, Hillary, Amiri Baraka, Sirhan Sirhan and all the narcissistic self pitying incarcerated true sociopathic murderers, rapists and child molesters who protest themselves "political prisoners". So your suggestion above is plausible. Reflexive iconoclasm is an arrogated privilege among the woke.

  4. Dr.Waddy from Jack: I enjoy plausible alternative history: I read one in which Germany wins WWII but in which Hitler is assassinated by . . . Ian Fleming! Fleming apparently was of His Majesty's Secret Service at one time and may well have possessed the requisite skills. Since the woke sees fit to Bowderlize literature it judges unfit, using recently dictated standards, it would be amusing to see a cult following of early Bond films flourish, to the frantic exasperation of the politically correct.

  5. Ah, but Jack, I assume it is only a matter of time before the Bond films, too, will be sliced and diced to eliminate their non-woke content. In fact, maybe James Bond was black -- err, Black -- the whole time? Some creative editing and colorization could achieve it...