Friday, February 17, 2023

Demon DeSantis?


Friends, the polls are, as usual, hard to make sense of in their totality.  Some put support for DJT and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis about equal.  Others give Trump a substantial edge.  Pretty much all of them agree that Trump currently has the support of about 40-45% of Republicans.  That's a plurality, but it means there are lots of potential supporters out there for an anti-Trump.  Another thing the polls agree on is that, while Biden and Trump's negatives are high, DeSantis's are much more subdued, except among Democrats and progressives.  The media is working hard to get Team Blue on the same page when it comes to hating all things Florida, and it's inevitable that some of their narratives will spill over and delude independents and centrists too.  Right now DeSantis looks the safer choice for Republicans, but what we can't know for certain is how he'll fare when the harsh glare of the national spotlight shines on him, unrelentingly and malevolently, as it has for Donald Trump for about seven years now.  Bottom line: all the polls really tell us at this point is that Biden, Trump, and DeSantis all have a decent shot at winning in 2024, but none of them will enjoy a cakewalk.  This is a 50/50 country, after all, and there's no reason to think that will change anytime soon. 

Here's a glowing review of DeSantis's record and his rapport with Floridians.  The best guide to how a politician will behave and will fare in the future is, of course, his record, and DeSantis's inspires a lot of hope and optimism, and sometimes even veneration.



    One thing for sure, while this "who will be our next president" circus continues, the sitting president and his gang have two (2) more years to f*** over the country even more. Even if a Republican wins in 2024, he/she will have one hell of a mess to clean up.

  2. No question, Ray! Four years of Trump did little for this country, I hate to admit. In fact, he emboldened the Left, and thus he may have accelerated our decline. Only DECADES of uninterrupted GOP rule could save us, and even that may be a stretch. What we really need is a cultural transformation. Unfortunately, we're getting one, but the wrong people are engineering it.

  3. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Remember the old football cheer "swing to the left, swing to the right, stand up, sit down, fight, fight, fight. . ." That is what the country is doing now: on the left we swing ever closer to totalitarian control as incipient , hopeful dictator AOC's looney, unworkable green new deal is now official administration policy and is being given a fullout run in leftist cursed NY state .I mean, there is a two word answer to most reasonable environmental concerns - natural gas - and NY sits next to a veritable ocean of it. But NY means to outlaw its now customary use; why!? Simply because it is unforgiveably contrary to the leftist ideology which has accomplished full control of NY gov't and sneers at any who are insolent enough to object. Get ready , real America, for the same radical onslaught on common sense being aimed at you on the next swing left.

  4. Dr.Waddy from Jack: President Trump pioneered a much more marked swing to the right in his outspoken contempt for the american radical left, his dismissal of pusillanimous RINO "tolerance" for the leftist onslaught on all we value and his refusal to let the unprecedentedly vicious personal calumny the left has used in its frantic quest to break him, put him down! He has set a standard in this which anyone seeking the GOP will have to honor. Looks like DeSantis is up to it too. Someday in the foreseeable future the radicals may perceive that they have achieved the means to prevent and punish any reaction to their dreamy but grimly intended takeover and will make a final push for irresistable power. Though our side has appeared to have "woken" to the very real threat we consequently face, we must resolve to make of the next swing to the right readiness to defeat this existential threat!

  5. Jack, the (forced) transition to "green" energy sources might just be practicable, assuming totally unlimited federal subsidies -- which, let's be honest, IS the key assumption on which the entire Green New Deal rests.

    Jack, I agree that those who, for instance, attend RT meetings have "awoken" to the current stakes of American politics, but, alas, there are millions of Americans who, at best, vacillate back and forth, and, at worst, are already so infected with baseline wokeness that it's unlikely they will ever be allies in the coming fight. Someone like DeSantis gives me hope, because he seems able to move the ideological and partisan needle, when it really counts, but then a lot would depend on what DeSantis intends to DO with national power, should he ever acquire it...