Friday, February 10, 2023

Classic Misdirection


Friends, today we learned that Mike Pence's home has been raided by the FBI, which is valiantly searching for those pesky classified documents that seem to infest almost every residence and office of current and former D.C. politicians.  And that, I suspect, is the point of the focus on Mike Pence.  The FBI and the Democratic Party (which are one in the same, in so many respects) need to foster the narrative that there are lots of secret papers floating around out there, and thus Biden's garage full of them is basically just standard sloppiness.  No big deal.  Trump's trove of SUPER secret documents, on the other hand, and his shameless efforts at "obstruction of justice", put him in a totally different category.  To further this narrative, I suspect many more Republicans will see their homes and offices raided in an ever-expanding documentary dragnet.  In the process, Sleepy Joe's misdeeds will be almost entirely forgotten, at least as far as the mainstream media and the DOJ are concerned.


Efforts to delude and deceive the American people will accelerate as President Biden inches towards declaring his candidacy for reelection.  The DNC Chair reveals the playbook in this (wildly irresponsible and heavily biased) article: paint the Republicans as "un-American" and crazy, and you can't lose! 

Finally, anti-Musk and anti-Twitter stories aren't appearing in the news quite as often these days, but don't think for a moment that the establishment is going to let up on its crusade to obliterate free speech.  In the end, it's far more likely that Twitter will fall in line and censor whomever it is told to censor than that it will survive as the lone social media platform espousing liberty.  Musk may be a lot richer than you or me, but he still faces an uphill battle in reframing public discourse.  The sad truth is that censorship has now been normalized.  In fact, hundreds of millions of people worldwide DEMAND it!


  1. Dr Waddy, no doubt the raid on the Pence home (and any to follow) are attempts at misdirection.
    An additional if not more important result is to dilute the tie of Hunter and the Biden family's corruption linked by the same documents.
    As the great Bullwinkle used to say... "Nothin' up my sleeve - Presto!"

  2. Right, Richie! They're bombarding us with white noise so relentlessly that we'll someday (soon) tune out "secret documents" altogether. This makes me suspect that the casus belli that ultimately ignites the final assault on Trump won't be "mishandling of documents", or, if it's in the mix, it will be only one leg of a very multipronged campaign.

    Anyway, as you suggest, much hinges on whether the House ever does get access to the Biden family financial records. One suspects that half the Democratic Party (the sane half) would rather like them to hurry up and find them!

    1. RAY TO NICK

      I want to know if you are traitor or not? Well, are you!

  3. Hahaha. Patriots? You are a traitor Mr. Waddy. Racist much, too?

  4. Dr.Waddy from Jack: ... and no doubt a clandestine Jacobite into the bargain!

  5. Dr.Waddy from Jack: So let me get this straight: according to the cited spokesman for the dems, the GOP is not only anti American but Ron DeSantis has banned ". . . all types of things in Florida". That the dems, the party which pioneered America hatred in a major Party and which embraces AOC, Sheila Jackson Lee, Ilhan Omar, William Ayres, Al Sharpton , Slick Willie and the vast majority of American academics should charge such humbug is proof that Brer Rabbit rules at the dnc and Brer Bear, in all his simian brutishness, is their view of the real America. ". . . all types of things" ehh? Gee, even Pol Pot and the porcine Kims haven't managed that!

  6. Ray, I am not now, nor have I ever been, a traitor. No sir! I have always been scrupulously loyal to the United States of Nick.

    Jack, the leftist/Dem worldview may be alarmist to the point of absurdity, but it's amazingly popular too. All the progs have assimilated the view that DeSantis has banned black history, homosexuality, trans...civilization (I think we really ought to upgrade it to "civilization", don't you?), books, public health, and basic decency, of course. Distortions in their claims abound, but the crux of the matter is how widely they can spread their delusions.

  7. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Let us resolve to adopt the elegant British spelling of civilisation.Woke culture would find that unpalateably elitist and since they are highly prone to surrendering to their emotions, the poor sensitive dears, could be reduced to sputtering katzenjammer when we use it.

  8. Okay, Jack, but only if people of coloUr approve...