Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Pusillanimous Politicians Pontificate Pointlessly


Friends, this week's Newsmaker Show tackles, among other topics, China's insidious influence operations inside the United States (and every other major country), which have compromised our ability to defend our own interests and, as it turns out, our own territorial integrity.  Witness our failure to shoot down China's surveillance balloon until it had already completed its mission in American skies.  In addition, Brian and I consider Biden's (disingenuous) proposal to increase taxes on the super-rich, i.e. people slightly richer than him, the nature of "cultural Marxism", SUNY's embrace of DEI initiatives, including a mandatory new course for all students, the progress of the Russia-Ukraine War, and more!

Holy moly!  Who could resist such an action-packed, insight-filled radio program???


In other news, some old guy gave a speech.

And here is the very persuasive homage to Governor DeSantis which Ray mentioned:


  1. Dr. Waddy from Jack:Re: the broadcast: I think Mary Tudor was the first daughter of Henry VIII, who became Queen Mary I, "Bloody Mary". How ironic: Henry was deemed "Defender of the Faith" by the Pope but in her way it was she who defended it, in an unspeakably horrid manner. She may well have guaranteed a Protestant England. SUNY may protest no intention of indoctrination through their new politically correct mandated course but I do not for a minute believe it.As Mark Antony said after incensing the mob "now let it work". SUNY know it empowers more than enough leftist bigots on its faculties to take the ball and run with it.

  2. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Being the Margrave of alliteration I grant your article's title my insipid, jnsupportable, inane indulgence!


    Once again, we can thank Nixon and Kissinger for the threat posed by the PRC. When you officially recognize criminal regimes, this is what you get.


    Thanks for posting the article on DeSantis by David Cloud. At the end of the day, DeSantis may be the only person capable of saving this country from further destruction. At least the man has practical experience in cleaning up a number of problems in his own state. One thing for sure, if he wins in 2024, he will be a refreshing change (an understatement) from the fools running the country now, and some of the fools in both parties who will be running in 2024. GO DESANTIS?

  5. Jack, are you sure you aren't the Archbishop of Alliteration (accorded apt accolades by acolytes)? Seems more...appropriate.

    You know, I wonder if Bloody Mary was really all that "bloody", or whether some of that was mere Protestant sour grapes.

    Ray, your views on DeSantis are so much sounder than your views on Nixon! You talk like Nixon and Kissinger birthed the Chinese nation personally (and painfully, one assumes, lacking wombs). But as for DeSantis I'm very impressed, and I was reassured by this article by a friend who recently met him:

    That's because DeSantis is not mentally disturbed, whereas Nixon was. Ha! Just kidding. And I'm also all for resuming the Yangtse River Patrol to take care of those Chinese once and for all, and put them in their place. Nothing like a gunboat on Tung Ting Lake to take care of that.

  7. Dr. Waddy from Jack: I believe more than 300 hideous immolations were commanded or inspired by Mary, including those of such notables as Cranmer, Latimer and Ridley. She and her mother had been much wronged by her father, high heretic Henry and she was apparently determined to undo his doing in churchly matters. At least she rests now in cool comfort in the vault below Gloriana, her half sister. Oh my Archbishopric is impossible due to my lack of ecclesiastical mien. No ,a Margrave's title is sufficient, since I might have a vote for Holy Roman Emperor.

  8. Dr. Waddy from Jack: DeSantis has yet to pass through the scandal the leftist shill MSM surely has in store for him ready for spewing at an opportune time. He'll have to batten the. hatches to weather that!

  9. Ray, I suspect virtually every president we've had has been mentally damaged (which doesn't preclude mental gifts as well). Only a weirdo would seek such a weird office.

    You jest, but, until recently, a military solution to our China problem would have been very attainable. Alas, I think the Chicoms now have a full-throated deterrent capability. We may have to live with them, at least until they decide to annihilate one another.

    Jack, your humility does you credit! I would argue that it makes you the ONLY POSSIBLE CHOICE for the Archbishopric of Alliteration...

    Jack, the MSM has thrown an awful lot at DeSantis over the last few years -- murder, for instance (via his good friend the COVID virus), white supremacy and genocide (via his "ban" on "black history"), homophobia and genocide (via his "attacks" on the LGBT and trans communities), and apparently he even hates Mickey Mouse! But you're right: there's far more to come.