Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Big Pharma's Big Play for Bigger Profits


Friends, don't you just love it when the super-rich hire lobbyists to write our laws so that they, the super-rich, get even richer?  I sure don't!  My latest article exposes an instance of this pernicious phenomenon that's a lot more common than you might think. 


  1. Dr.Waddy from Jack: For the present adminstration and the leftist ideology which commands it, it is all or nothing on health care: it is a completely government run infallible behemoth for which "equity" is the prime directive, which orders health care professionals to specific schools, locations and specialties, sets priorities and allots resources to the deserving. ANYTHING short of this is by definition evil and must be expunged lest it generate more heresy. Since BDMs are nonetheless a success short of this ideal it is to be expected that they would catch the
    basilisk gaze of the incipient cultural marxists who have captured the dem party and who are even now convening the inquisition.

  2. Yes, Jack, we are on a forced march to socialized medicine, even if the health care tycoons don't realize it yet. They, too, will become expendable, in due time...

  3. DrWaddy from Jack: We may well be on a forced march to comprehensive totalitarianism. Trouble is, other nations have gone that route and experienced ghastly failure. This is of no moment to the cultural marxists. They are thoroughgoing bigots who luxuriate in Marx's convenient deliverance of them from the necessity of intellectual honesty and integrity. He figured it all out and they need only carry it out (or else!)

  4. Jack, if they were disciples of Marx, I'd say they were naive (and that would be kind). The truth is, they're disciples of themselves, and they would glibly edit Marx just as they would erase the inalienable rights of you and me. Marx at least was tethered to the earth by his ideology. These people are floating in mid-air.