Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Valiant Virtue-Signalling: Profiles in Western Courage


Friends, you may have noticed in your neighborhood or among your circle of friends that people are tripping over themselves to demonstrate solidarity with Ukraine, and to shake their proverbial fists at Putin and Russia.  As I opine on this week's Newsmaker Show, however, a lot of this support is purely verbal and/or symbolic, and little of it helps Ukraine to resist the Russian invasion.  And, more to the point, there are hard limits to the West's commitment to Ukraine that belie our brotherly sentiments.  We won't fight for or in Ukraine; we won't give the Ukrainians heavy weapons; we won't place sanctions on Russia's most important export to the West, natural gas; and we won't commit to bringing Ukraine into NATO or the EU now, soon, or ever.  Ergo, I conclude, that the West's Ukrainophilia is mostly a face-saving gesture.

In addition to matters Russia-Ukraine-related, Brian and I also cover the hubbub surrounding Elon Musk's acquisition of Twitter and rising tension between Musk and the Left/media.  We also talk over the shocking leak of a draft Supreme Court decision to invalidate Roe v. Wade and thus to return to the states authority over abortion.  The violation of the norms of SCOTUS is unprecedented, but not unexpected, because the Left seems happy to burn down all of our institutions and our rights if it means they get their way.  As for abortion/abortion rights, I hope the draft decision stands, because it's about time that we breathed some life into our beloved Constitution!

Check out this week's broadcast.  You'll be edified...TO THE MAX!!!


In other news, do you have Amazon Prime and/or do you buy things or services from Amazon on a regular basis?  If so, then I hope you like Marxism, and I hope you love abortions, because that's included in the price.


Lastly, here's a great article about the meaning of the word "racism" and how leftists are using and abusing it these days.  The author is absolutely correct: we cannot allow the Bolshies to redefine every word in the dictionary to their liking.  According to them, to be "anti-racist", you have to be racist (against whites).  And, if you believe in "non-racialism" or "equality", then you're actually a racist, even if you don't know it.  It's time to stop playing these semantic games and show a little respect for the English language! 


  1. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Abortion and Roe v Wade:This situation is high history! Your historically professional view is especially creditable. Yes, the '73 Scotus did arrogate to itself the power to decide this fundamental issue in Roe v Wade, with what in any other setting than that august coloquy might have been creditable but not in that, in that Scotus is a putatively coequal branch. Why so have "American" leftists bleated for aye!! Its usurpation of the legislative right generated the decades long fight for which the latest development is this disreputable but authentic leak and the probable dislodgement of this murderous opinion from our glorious Constitutional body of law.

  2. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Your assertion that the overturn ofRoe v Wade will return the relevant lawmaking to the states is very creditable. However, Dan Bongino today raised a horrid consequent possibility: in some states, baby killers, eager to feed the incinerators to advance their bigoted goals of the unfettered access of ALL to baby butchering, will see in this, opportunity to pass state laws confirming sociopathic "right" to destroy "fetal tissue" at any point in its development,even beyond birth! And that WILL necessistate Congressional restraint! Beware NY, Ca etc!

  3. Dr. Waddy from Jack: I can just see it! "Wanna kill that kid?! Yeah, come to NY. To us, there are not two bodies in a pregnant woman; there is but ONE! Why? We say so. Well yes, that second body does have no voice but we could care less! Uhh we heard that NY welcomes those of us of our view, so, well, here we are!

  4. Dr Waddy from Jack: Re : my use of the terms "baby killers "and "feed the incinerators": that was my wording and not that of Dan Bongino.

  5. Jack, I fear you are right that, in response to the end of Roe v. Wade, leftists will actually expand "abortion rights", and find new ways of encouraging/subsidizing abortions, in heavily blue states. Theoretically, the federal government could act to restrain those efforts, but I would be surprised if Republicans were bold enough to pass such laws. Then again, if the Dems go down to epic defeat in November, having staked their all on claims of "insurrection" and patriarchy run amuck, it's just possible that the political mojo will drain out of the pro-abortion crowd, and even the RINOs will take note.

  6. Dr.Waddyfrom Jack: At the very least, we cannot but draw encouragement from the very possible demise of Roe vWade! In susbstance, it is a body blow to that faction which "commands" the surrender of the body politic, both public and "private" to this: "abortion at any moment,even unto that of birth and even beyond (whene the insolent fetus persists) is an unchallengeable natural right and therefore deserving, irrefutably, of accreditation in law". The overturn of Roe v Wade returns this discourse and its dialectic to the legislative setting where it belongs.

  7. Yes! It is a major victory, Jack, and we can also take comfort from the fact that there is no generalized backlash to it either. Lefties are beside themselves, as they always are, but I get no sense that women as a whole have been bamboozled. It's interesting that the public's views on abortion have barely shifted in the past generation or two. That tells me that left-wing propaganda on the subject frequently falls on deaf ears.