Sunday, May 22, 2022

The Left's Betrayal of Black Americans


Friends, it's a point that has been made before, but it ought to be made again and again: when the Left and the Democrats attack the police and undermine our system of justice and the rule of law, they leave all of us vulnerable, but inevitably some more so than others.  The demographic category that has suffered the most from de-policing, bail reform, and the refusal of left-wing prosecutors to do their jobs is, of course, black Americans.  For many of our black fellow citizens, therefore, concerns about crime and violence have become more pressing than ever.  I would remind every Republican politician in the country that this represents an opportunity area for the GOP.  Black Americans have a fierce hunger for justice, safety, and public order.  The Democrats are temperamentally and ideologically incapable of satisfying this hunger.  It's about time we on the right stepped up to the plate!


Could a global food shortage be on the horizon, caused, in part, by disruptions resulting from the Russia-Ukraine war?  It appears so.  Many are blaming Putin, but the truth is that our massive arms shipments to Ukraine aren't designed to achieve peace and prosperity ASAP.  On the contrary, they are much more likely to prolong and intensify the suffering and carnage.  The result, in any case, could be instability, caused by food insecurity, all over the globe, with political ramifications we can only guess at.  To put it another way, the mess we've helped to create in Ukraine is probably going to foster equal or greater messes elsewhere in the world. 

Republican voters seem to favor Donald Trump over Ron DeSantis as a potential presidential standard-bearer in 2024, but in at least one "unscientific" straw poll, that pecking order has been turned on its head.  Are Republicans really turning against DJT?  Is DeSantis's star rising?  Would Trump and DeSantis be foolish enough to target, and potentially destroy, one another?  For the sake of the GOP and the nation, I hope the answer is no.


  1. Dr. Waddy from Jack: We just spent a climatically miasmic weekend in NYC. We avoided the subway and during that time a sociopathic thug fired a random shot into a subway car, killing a catastrophically unlucky rider. You are right; the current license for ANY act, possibly perceived by this perp ,is directly traceable to leftist demonstrated excuses for crime and criminals.It makes sense that those most directly effected by this crime wave DO NOT LIKE IT!

  2. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Yeah, President Trump and Desantis could be a real winner and any feud between them would be regrettable. But then there is former Fla. Gov. and now Senator Rick Scott making an obvious effort for name recognition, in the broadcast media. They are all from Florida now. But is President Trump perceived as such? In November many things will shake out. Since Stacy Abrams sees herself the "chosen one", if she wins in Georgia in November, I would look for her to launch a self righteous bid for it all.

  3. Dr.Waddy from Jack: In today's routine news at 3pm: a suspect is now in custody for the Sunday subway shooting and he is reputed to have some 19 arrests. An eyewitness in his neighborhood apparently saw him do a shooting a year ago and saw him arrested and released the same day!In criminal justice it is widely accepted that a thug's number of arrests is typically a small fraction of his/her actual crimes. State prisons are good to find criminals to peruse and learn from. I spent 20 years working with them face to face, sometimes alone IN A BUILDING, in disgracefully lax joints and in tough ones.I KNOW this: when you take the boot off criminals' symbolic necks,they see only OPPORTUNITY and obsequious surrender to them from those they know know better! The tough joints know this and have the guts to put the public, taxpayers and especially crime victims FIRST and FOREMOST !

  4. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Now in a land where common sense reigns, unlike in our radical leftist scourged America, common sense would be no news at all! And common sense requires that you protect the law abiding at the distinct DISADVANTAGE of lowlifes for whom no healthy society countenances anything LESS. And those executives, legislators and administrators who now dare to demonstrate disgracefully counterintuitive sympathy for criminals OF ANY ORIGIN, must be identified, publicized, denounced and lawfully excused of public office, with DISPATCH! They must also be prevented from ever again presuming public trust!! That is what a responsible country, unapologetic for positive standards, does. Are we up to it!!??

  5. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Like the Officers I knew in the those joints, our police know who the low lifes are. Common sense Mayor Guiliani knew that and he freed the police to do their jobs. The result: the miraculous redemption of multitudinous NYC from world disdained criminal sewer to deserved, self confident world class metropolis. Now the radical left has reestablished the sewer denizens and and loosed them unto mayhem, all in the name (mind you) of "JUSTICE" as it appears to their diseased minds! The results:1970s and 80s style ubiquitously threatening, sociopathic anarchy. Good job lefties! But getcha some shelter, because common sense is knocking at the door again and you will be in the unemployment line. Well, unemployment is preferable to prison, with your darlings, which where you belong!.Oh sorry for the insensitivity!

  6. Dr.Waddy from Jack: That is a perceptive and plausible point that our support for Ukraine might prompt Russian closing of Ukrainian ports leading to widespread hunger. At that point we may be justified in engaging American and hopefully, Nato, naval power directly against Russian power if necessary. Even should it go nuclear it COULD stay free of land and general nuclear conflict.

  7. Jack, I confidently predict that Stacey Abrams will NOT be Georgia's next Governor... 2022 ain't her year.

    I suspect crime is the trump card that will guarantee GOP victories in November. The Dems don't begin to understand the public's "common sense" (as you put it) aversion to violent crime. For them, tucked away in their access-controlled apartment buildings and their fortified suburban estates, the issue is mostly theoretical. To the average American, physical security is, well, a matter of existential import. Republicans would be wise to talk up the crime surge every chance they get, and to suggest traditional, tough-minded solutions.

    Western/NATO naval intervention in the Black Sea? That'll be the day! I suspect we'd sooner see all of Africa and the Middle East starve than get our hands dirty. The latest polls confirm the fact that the American appetite for confrontation with Russia is waning, not waxing.