Tuesday, May 17, 2022

MAGA Monsters


Friends, my latest article is about to hit the digital presses, and as usual you get a sneak peek.  The topic is Biden and the Dems' new attack line against the GOP: we're all "ultra MAGA" fanatics, apparently.  Ultra MAGA?  Really?  That's the best you can do?  Apparently so.  I let the Dems have it for this lame tagline.

If “Ultra MAGA” is the Best the Dems Can Do, the GOP is in Great Shape!

Recently, Dear Leader Joseph R. Biden of the People's Republic of America coined a new epithet, aimed squarely at the slavering, hate-filled right-wing fanatics who still dare to oppose him (that's you and me, in other words): “ultra MAGA”. According to Biden, you can easily tell who's “ultra MAGA”, because we're invariably “petty”, “mean-spirited”, “extreme”, and “beyond the pale”.

Yup, that's me, all right! You too? You have to hand it to ole Sleepy Joe: he's got us pegged. His incisive intellect is matched only by his biting wit. They're a perfect match, as a matter of fact, insofar as both are microscopic.

The Washington Post reveals that President Biden's latest rhetorical tack – his broadsides at the “ultra MAGA” crowd – are the result of six months' worth of furious political consulting and poll-testing. Apparently, according to the pollsters, most swing voters don't care for the term “MAGA”. They associate it with the worst features and excesses of Trumpism. Granted, Trump isn't on the ballot in 2022, but the Dems are increasingly finding themselves nostalgic for the days when he was. I mean, what's the alternative? Run on their record? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Also, ha.

To this end, Biden and his cronies have made the decision to go negative, and hard, in the months leading up to the midterm elections. They were relying, heretofore, on the “startling” revelations from the January 6th committee/star chamber to render all Republicans unelectable (and probably incarcerated) long before the midterms took place. Well, that gambit isn't paying off, at least if the polls can be trusted. Ergo, the best minds of the Democratic Party – all 1.6 of them – had to be refocused on the urgent task of “rebranding” the GOP, yet again, in some monumentally menacing way. And – voila! – “ultra MAGA” was born.

Part of the genius of this line of attack is its sheer meaninglessness. What specific views or positions make one “ultra MAGA”? It could be anything: questioning climate change, opposing race preferences, wanting a secure southern border, objecting when someone mugs you, demurring at the possibility of nuclear war with Russia, proposing tax cuts, proposing tax increases, not wearing a mask, wearing a red hat, singing the national anthem (unironically), owning a gun, owning a car that runs on gasoline, or just knowing what a “woman” is, and whether you are one. Yes, the “ultra MAGA” put-down is serviceable against any and all enemies of “democracy”, which, as we all know by now, means those who oppose and/or criticize the Democratic Party.

But that's not all! Oh, not by a long shot. I am in a position to give you a sneak peek into Phase Two of the Dems' brilliantly-conceived rhetorical offensive against the New Fascism, sometimes erroneously referred to as “conservatism”. Once the “ultra MAGA” label becomes tiresome – so, right – the Dems plan to roll out their really big guns.

Has anyone ever called you an “ultra Nazi” for proposing that all races should be treated the same? Have you ever participated in an “ultra insurrection”? (That's an insurrection in which more than zero people remember to bring guns.) Have any of your posts on social media ever been flagged or removed because you committed “ultra hate”? Well, get ready, because all the things that you so regularly do, say, and think, which used to be just “bad”, are about to become...ULTRA bad!!! Take that!

What's even more worrying, though, is that these propaganda geniuses are rumored to be toying with the ultimate weapon of electioneering: the word “very”. Don't be shocked, therefore, if, by early November, someone accosts you on the street and accuses you, due to your American flag lapel pin, of being a “very ultra MAGA hyper terrorist”!

No doubt your feelings will be hurt, but, when the election returns come in, I confidently predict that you'll be feeling much better.

Dr. Nicholas L. Waddy is an Associate Professor of History at SUNY Alfred and blogs at: He appears on the Newsmaker Show on WLEA 1480/106.9.


And here it is at World Net Daily: 




But that's not all!  Not by a long shot.  There's a ton of fascinating stories in the news today.  For instance, Dear Leader Biden visited Buffalo, NY, in order to make some political capital off of the horrifying supermarket massacre that recently occurred there.  One of Biden's signature lines: " We have to refuse to live in a country where fear and lies are packaged for power and for profit."  I couldn't agree more!  Step one: the Democratic Party should stop lying to black people about the omnipresence of racism and "white supremacy" in this country -- a strategy that is designed to terrorize blacks, and all people of color, into voting blue as though their very lives depended on it.  Biden, however, clearly doesn't see how his own words indict him and his fellow Democrats.  What else is new?


In transgender news, a Republican Senator was booed for making reference to the fact that there are only two biological sexes -- imagine the cheek!  It's the tone of this article that really gets my goat, though.  It's so lopsided in its toadying to the trans agenda that it's not even funny.  For instance, it refers to sex change operations, carried out on minors, as "gender-affirming care"!  Now that takes the cake, doesn't it? 

In Fairfax County, Virginia, elementary school students can apparently be hauled off in chains for "misgendering" their classmates, i.e. labeling them, in gender terms, the way God intended.


Elon Musk says it's possible that he's never voted for a Republican before -- you'd think he'd know, one way or the other -- but he intends to do so this fall.  Well, that's good, and it's a sign that the momentum has swung our way, but it's also a reminder that Musk is not "one of us".  Don't be surprised if he drifts back into the lefty camp after the November elections.  I would be shocked, moreover, if he supported Trump in 2024. 

In my home state of New York, it looks like the court-drawn Congressional maps that may well be imposed, nullifying the deep blue gerrymander that Hochul and pals tried to foist on us, would be a massive improvement from a Republican perspective, and could shift a bunch of seats to the GOP.  And, really, why shouldn't a significant number of Republicans represent the people of New York in D.C.?  Sure, we're a minority here, but a large one.  We deserve a voice too!


I've written before about how California judges are striking down laws passed by the legislature that endorse racial quotas.  Well, another judge is saying "No way, José!" to gender-based quotas, too.  Kudos to the Golden State's judiciary, which is proving far more judicious than I would have expected! 

Finally, before we congratulate ourselves for strangling the Russian economy with sanctions, we might want to consider the fact that the present hostilities have contributed to a massive increase in energy prices, and the Russians are one of the world's biggest exporters of energy.  So...guess who's making out like a bandit?  Putin -- that's who!  All that oil and natural gas money will buy a lot of missiles, I'd wager, so don't count those Russkies out just yet.


  1. Dr.Waddy from Jack: I am amazed and I fully admit not having anticipated, this turn in one party NY state politics. The dems tried their best to add an expanded NY House delegation to their doomed majority, come November. And Judicially seated dems in NY actually did right and struck them down!

  2. Dr. Waddy from Jack: A "Federal Appeals Court" , presumably one step from a lawful Scotus, struck down a 2nd Amendment snubbing law from (of course) California banning semiautomatic rifles. Beware NY!

  3. Dr.Waddy from Jack: And beware Sen.Schumer. Sorry but the real America will not allow you to force your New Yawk views on us! And that includes your continued determination to pin crimes done with guns on lawful gunowners! Sorry, that boat don't float in the common sense America which is your gehennal

  4. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Can their be ANY doubt, ANY doubt at all, that the Fairfax Co. situation very fairly predicts the
    american left's obvious intent in ANY setting in America?What more do we need to convince us. ?These people are
    are determined totalitarians, fully intent on and dedicated to, forceful imposition of their views!

  5. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Consequently,I think the looney agenda of the American left has been advanced far enough out of its subterranean disingenuous holes as to be obvious!!!

  6. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Oh for the luvva! Wyoming (Wyoming !) Senator Lummis was no doubt expressing the opinion of the vast majority in the common sense state which sent her to DC! So she was excoriated by some of a "uuniversity" class of 2022. Too bad she refrained from reminding these leftist captured counterintuitive brats that they received a very much discounted college education from Wyoming tax payers! And those taxpayers and the Wyoming electorate, probably support Senator Lummis's intial remark. Too bad the Senator saw fit to appease them!

  7. Dr.Waddy from Jack: The Confederate flag included in your byline: It may not be your purpose in displaying it but : I know many in my rural community who freely display it on their houses, lawns and vehicles. And I am CONVINCED that their purpose is not to disparage minorities but rather to say to outside forces such as NY state and Federal governments and, presumptuous political doctrines which force their way into our very schools: "STEP OFF!" Stop trying to force unneeded and unwanted change on us! Why display the Confederate BATTLE flag? Because it exemplifies unrelenting resistance to numerically and dismissively dominant outlanders!

  8. Actually, that Confederate flag should be the official flag of our Democrats. After all, before, during, and after our civil war, the Democrats were the party of slavery, and down South well into the 20th Century they were referred to as "Dixiecrats". Kind of ironic that the a. holes who run that party now are attempting to pass it off as a freedom loving and whatnot party. But as you know, bullshit never ends. It just keeps coming at you, doesn't it?

  9. Anonymous too from Jack: I do not wish anything like 1861-65 but resolute political action to prevent heavily populated places like NYC from dominating common sense Upstate NY is justified. They do not understand how we think and live up here. And they are dems.

  10. Jack, I am as dumbstruck as you are -- okay, I might even be slightly dumber -- by the actions of the NYS judiciary. When does a leftist judge ever "do right" by anyone, especially where there's partisan advantage to be had??? Has the world gone mad?

    I agree: Senator Lummis shouldn't have given an inch to her hecklers. Anyone who is "triggered" by biological facts should at least have the decency to give a respectful hearing to a U.S. Senator!

    Good point, Jack: the Confederate battle flag symbolizes, for many Americans, resistance to federally-sponsored excesses, up to and including outright oppression. The Left naturally enjoys giving the Feds the finger too -- they just prefer to do it with the hammer and sickle and/or the banner of Antifa.

    Ray, that's a good point that the Dems were, for so long, the party of Southern iconoclasm. segregation, and Civil War nostalgia. On the other hand, maybe the Confederate flag SHOULD be banned. I mean, its connections to a known terrorist organization -- the Democratic Party -- render it suspect, no?