Thursday, August 29, 2019

Britain: Back on Track?

A hearty thumbs up from those of us at WaddyIsRight (so mainly me) to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who, by his prorogation of Parliament, is throwing down the gauntlet to Brexit saboteurs: they must now either throw him out of office, pass a law preventing Brexit on October 31st, or get used to the fact that the will of the British people will FINALLY be done, despite their bellyaching.  Well done, Boris!  Make those Europhiles sweat!  Even the New York Times seems to be swooning over you, just a bit:

Another big thumbs up to President Trump who, despite the unpatriotic whining of the mainstream media, is sticking to his guns in our trade war with China.  Why the Chinese have been so obstinate I still can't fathom, but we certainly can't afford to buckle under.  Does the current round of tariffs weigh on the economy and American consumers?  You bet.  But it's a means to an end, and the end we seek is trade fairness and a more balanced trading relationship with China, which will ultimately be in everyone's interests.  All Americans ought to be lending their support to the only U.S. President bold and public-spirited enough to challenge the Chinese.  Instead, all too often Trump is going it alone.  That's a disgrace, but we happy few who love this country and honor our President are still with him!

Finally, a big thumbs down to James Comey, former Director of the FBI, who this week was rebuked by the DOJ's Inspector General for repeated violations of procedures, including leaking secret and privileged information to engineer a special counsel's investigation into the President.  Comey, my only regret (and I suspect one of Trump's biggest) is that you weren't fired on January 20th, 2017.  You're an embarrassment to American law enforcement, and all the book deals and CNN appearances in the world won't change that.  Shame on you!  You were supposed to serve the public, not twist it around your little finger.


  1. Dr. Waddy: This is a time fraught with danger for Britain; its very future as, well, the Britain we know and love, may be in the balance.It must free itself from incipient European bureaucratic totalitarianism and ensure the continued life of its unique civilization.

    Yet, this process is fascinating to those who know that British democracy is evolutionary and not dictated or even completely legislatively defined. Is there another country with as effective and beneficial an unwritten Constitution?

    Johnson appears to be a strong and decisive leader in a time of otherwise enervating national doubt. Its very encouraging to see.

  2. Dr. Waddy: You are right;the President does need our expressed support and I'm going to do it by calling the White House.

    So we pay somewhat higher prices at Walmart; so what? We can easily endure that. The left, which blithely advocates soaking the rich because "they'll never notice it", ought to be on board with that.But I'm worried about farmers who may be suffering real financial jeopardy over this trade war. The nation should help them; its not right that they should carry a disproportionate measure of the burden.

    China up until perhaps 20 years ago could easily have borne the hardship perhaps caused by this. But a China newly blessed by widespread affluence? Perhaps the regime thinks it can simply suppress unrest. We'll see.

    Just as we in the west thought, after seeing China prostrate for 150 years, that that defined China;so the Chinese, after decades of often spineless U.S. leadership, expect the U.S. to fluff. Trumpian determination may still be beyond their ken

    1. Were were discussing this Jack, last night over dinner (Walmart and China). The farmers have gotten themselves in a pickle over this, thanks to years of subsidies from the government. I don't say this lightly (a very hot topic in our household), as my husband comes from a farming background, but the farmers have done this to themselves. Grant it, the government backed them into a corner by forcing certain things to be grown (like soy beans). I really can't feel bad for them. We will be paying the piper or as a certain pastor has said, "The roosters have come home to roost." I see Wallyworld is carrying more diverse products from like, Vietnam, Which is great. Better quality and better fit (clothes). I rather pay high prices then have to deal with the junk from China, just saying.

      I also saw your comment asking about Independence Lost. It is a book by Kathleen Duval about untold stories of the Revolutionary War. Excellent read, part of the new emerging Historians and the deep stories that have never been told. Reading it for my American Revolution class. Smiles

  3. I seen nothing will come of James Comey, Dr. Waddy. I even bet he still has security clearance. I totally agree with your assessment on this.

  4. Linda: Thank you for that insight on the farmers' situation; it makes me look at it differently.

  5. Dr. Waddy: OK, I read the introduction and the conclusion of the report. Although the Justice Dep't declines to indict it could still well be part of a more extensive( probably to be supported by upcoming IG reports)conclusion of "Collusion!" yes, between the Obama administration, the Deep State and the, by definition, amoral, Clinton campaign to provide "insurance" against an unendurable Trump victory in 2016. That should complete the discreditation of the entire"Russian collusion" farce. And that should lead to relief for such worthies as General Flynn and others.I trust the President to time such pardons wisely but I implore him to free all caught up in this disingenuous web when he can do so to the betterment of his cause - the redemption of America from the leftist curse.

  6. Jack, you're right -- watching Britain's unwritten constitution at work is fascinating. The rules of British politics are also being re-written. It seems clear that Remainer efforts to cast the prorogation as a "coup" have failed, and Johnson seems unlikely to be ousted anytime soon. Good! I'm still not sure why he doesn't take my advice and attempt to strike some partial deals with the EU on Brexit. Surely there are possibilities between "deal" and "no-deal"? We shall see.

    Jack and Linda, your conversation re: American farmers intrigues me. I have to say, I lean more towards Linda's analysis. Keeping in mind that most farms in this country are part of big agribusinesses, not small family farms, it seems to me that farmers already benefit from massive government support. Now, in the midst of our trade war, Trump is bending over backwards to give them additional help. The loss of markets is painful, yes, but higher prices for Chinese imports are also painful, to a point, for consumers, and consumers aren't getting any help at all from the government -- in fact, it's the government that's pocketing the tariffs! So, I'd say that farmers have a lot less to complain about than typical Americans. Be that as it may, the collateral damage caused by our trade war is regrettable, and I hope, for everyone's sake, that it will be over soon.

    As for Comey, I was disappointed to see that the DOJ won't indict him. I wonder why not? Leaking secret/confidential information IS a why not punish it? I suppose you could take the view that Comey's years of service balance out his indiscretions, but then surely Flynn deserves mercy too. Jack, you may be right that the IG reports will be damning of those who tried to frame Trump for "collusion," but I'm afraid that, like Comey, they will laugh off their own damnation. The media will merely shrug. SOMEONE in the Obama-Clinton orbit needs to go to jail for the dirty tricks they tried to pull in 2016. That's my view. It needs to happen, because if it doesn't the Dems will not hesitate to try this sort of thing again. Next time, they may be less subtle about it.

  7. Dr. Waddy: You are right, you are right. I hope to see the redemption of General Flynn and others but if leftists are not taken to arduous and intimidating legal task in this reaction, then the left will not hesitate to repeat its outrages. I mean, why not? I think it most likely that President Trump's reelection would open the door for a rightfully consequential legal onslaught on his "Russian collusion" gadflies. But then, he might reject such as that in order to press his advantage, without restraint, against the American left. That could be a very prescient policy and he is very smart! How could we have anticipated this?

  8. Dr. Waddy:I mean not to be hyperbolic ( as I think it often indicates an effort to overpower, to intimidate, which in presumptuous factions like the left, becomes reflex). But think of Churchill's frank 1940 declaration to the British Parliament and people: 'I have nothing to offer you but. . . . " No, this is not as critical a situation in the U.S. as that but: the President may be saying:" as a businessman, I know the, historically proven consummate proven Chinese governmentally guided business people, have been gaming us for decades. I will meet them on even ground if only you will support me and the result will be benefit to both nations and that can only have beneficial consequences!

  9. Jack, I suppose you're right that Trump's reelection could unleash some kind of vengeance against the originals plotters against Trump...but statutes of limitation will begin to be an issue. Barr seems like a sympathetic figure (sympathetic to JUSTICE, that is). Why put off to tomorrow that which we can do today?

    I agree that Trump could frame the trade battle with China better. He could perhaps have extracted more support from the Democrats in the opening rounds. Frankly, many of them support his actions -- but they can't bear to support him. The irony is that few Americans believe that China is "playing fair" in terms of trade...but massive numbers of liberals obviously hate Trump more than they care about the fate of the American worker. That's an indictment of liberalism, needless to say!

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