Monday, August 12, 2019

Elizabeth Warren Joins The Black Panthers?

Friends, if you want to learn just how far down the rabbit hole of reverse racism the Democratic Party has traveled, read the story below.  On the 5-year anniversary of the death of Michael Brown at the hands of a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, numerous Democratic candidates for President are blaming the police officer who acted in self-defense (according to the Obama Justice Department!).  But that's not all.  Left-wing loony Elizabeth Warren even flatly accused the policeman of "murder"!  I say: keep it up, Liz!  Loose talk like that will win you the Democratic nomination, but it will also torpedo your chances in 2020 against President Trump.  Sounds perfect to me.

In other news, the Left is decrying President Trump's new regulations for immigrants, which are designed to penalize them for using public assistance.  The law already says that immigrants should be denied welfare, but for years they have skirted these requirements.  Keep in mind that U.S. law, despite the idealistic pronouncements on the Statue of Liberty's tablet, has always sought to encourage desirable immigration and discourage immigrants who would be a burden on the country.  That's just common sense.  No wonder Democrats are offended by it!

Lastly, consider the dilemma of a parent whose child wants to become "transgender," but the parent is concerned that this may not be in the child's interest.  The Left's position, and therefore the education establishment's position, is that any person, even a minor, can change their gender instantaneously and on request.  Moreover, in blue states, it is perfectly legal, and very PC, to help a child change his or her gender -- but it is ILLEGAL to try to convince a child that transgenderism is not the answer.  This, after all, would be "conversion therapy," which offends the Left because it suggests that being trans, or gay, might be in some way less than ideal.  My heart goes out to parents facing this predicament!


  1. Dr. Waddy: This is beyond outrageous.

    Officer Darren Wilson is a human being. I don't know how life is for him now but it was about as bad as it could be for awhile. He was exonerated in a federal examination closely monitored by President Obama and Attorney General, both of whom very much wanted to "hang"Officer Wilson. Gee, those are some pretty uh, heavy guys to have on your case and undoubtably seeking your ruin. Do you think maybe Officer Wilson might have had some emotional and physical problems dealing with that and, oh yes, death threats, unemployment and regret at having killed?

    Elizabeth Warren: How would like to bear that burden, especially when the highest officials, with unlimited resources and determined to destroy you, were yet unable to find any pretext to do so?. Maybe, just maybe, Officer Wilson's life has gotten better with the passage of time.Now to do yourself political and personal advantage, you put him back on the front page with the most serious of charges. You know millions are listening to you.

    What does this say about you,pray!? This was an unspeakably cruel and depraved thing to do to a man yet PROVEN JUST in a legal process arguably biased against him, for doing his hard, hard duty. How dare you? I hope Officer Wilson or organizations supportive of him take legal action against you and all other candidates who condemn him so that the time and care you would expend to campaign be fully occupied with accounting for this terrible wrong. And all of you question President Trump's character? You should be profoundly ashamed!

  2. Dr. Waddy: What the DEMagogues conveniently ignore, as practiced misleaders are wont to do: At the time the Statue was erected there were far more occupations which required just a will to work and a willing back. My grandparents, born citizens, had to seek relief during the Depression and they were put through unshirted hell in applying for it. They ate only oatmeal for two weeks and walked around in all seasons only in the winter boots which were all they had. My grandmother never forgot the cruelty visited upon her by some (hopefully they were uncharacteristic) disdainful public nurses. That was perhaps forty or fifty years after Emma Lazarus wrote the words on the statue. I don't think there were many immigrants on public relief then. Some predominantly immigrant neighborhoods in NYC are memorialized by museums preserving the appearance of their tenement buildings and apartments. They were not domiciles of the prosperous; yet most of their occupants managed to support themselves.

    Today, public assistance is far easier to get, so it is a correct and responsible thing for government to pay attention to the possibility in issuing greencards.

    And who says the poor are by definition unable to earn a living? Very well qualified people might be unable to provide for themselves in the dysfunctional societies so many of them flee to come to this land of blessed plenty and opportunity.

    Aren't you leftists the first to say the poor are poor only for lack of opportunity? By your lights then, all of them will be able to demonstrate the traits of positive living predictive of productive life here in the U.S. Isn't that right "Representative" Omar ?

  3. Dr. Waddy: Re the child transgender/ PC reductio ad absurdum: Its yet another confirmation of the left as thoroughgoing reflexive icononclasts. Having long since convinced themselves that 2+2=5, that up is down, that right is wrong, that bad is good, they have completely embraced subjectivity (more on that below). In a sense they have made the teaching to the young of productive living far easier. We need only convince them of one guiding principle: simply assume that that which is directly opposite to the expressed and demonstrated norms of the leftist elite to whom they are constantly exposed in the MSM, entertainment, far too much of education and far too many of their peers, is by definition sound reasoning and creditable behavior. What could be simpler?

  4. Dr. Waddy: Am I exaggerating? Consider a recent article in American Thinker titled "The war against'discriminatory'knowledge and competence embraced by higher education" by Eric Utter. He describes the efforts of a young Prof. at Northwestern to "argue for a movement against objects, truths and knowledge" in the teaching of mathematics because it discriminates against and discourages those who can't hack it and that is oppressive.

    WELL! Mathematics indeed. Is logic next? Mathematics launched Saturn V. Can this new take on "reasoning" do as much?

  5. Drl Waddy: To continue, this proponent will conduct a Freshman Colloquium on this view at Carleton College at which, no doubt,objectivity will be, ahhh, discouraged. Perhaps that will be good preparation for the contemporary American academy though I think Carleton to be well regarded and do not know it to be poisoned by the PC left, yet. I fully anticipate this Prof being offered a Chair at SUNY New Paltz, though, in jack time. Sorry Alma Mater but you deserve it.

  6. Jack, wow... since I agree and was thinking a long the same lines, I shall not repeat anything. As for your comment about the Eric Utter article. I was speaking to a former professor of mine the other day at Walmart (gasp! Teachers have lives, lol) he currently teaches at Alfred State. Anyways we were discussing this very thing on the fact there seem to be turning of young minds to believe mathematics is not real or logic or even having a gender. Now, in full disclosure, I have a learning disability known as Dyscalculia. I'll tell you what, if it wasn't for this math lover and the fact he "sees" numbers, I would of never gotten through any college math courses. He was my biggest advocate. Math does not discriminate (how can numbers discriminate? I haven't quite figured that one out), does it discourage? Yes, but it does not discriminate. Some folks have it, some folks don't. I'm one of those that don't, hence the studies in History--now facts I can remember. Back to the article by Eric Utter, so, I take it that this person / professor wants to make Mathematics non binary and gender neutral? More loony bins on the left. Which reminds me, in two weeks I will have professors asking, "What gender pronoun do you prefer?" It gets so answer, "Linda will do just fine, thank you very much. Frankly, I don't buy into this gender pronoun stuff, my parents gave me a name, period and the very fact that I am 52 years old, I am just too old to conform." Oh, the looks I receive are priceless.

  7. Hear hear! Jack, your defense of Darren Wilson is eloquent and on point. It really puts paid to the Democrats' claim that they oppose "bullying" and "offensive remarks" too. They couldn't care less about the feelings (and interests) of those they dislike. Their "sensitivity" is highly selective.

    Jack, I think we can all agree that sometimes everyone needs a helping hand. Whether that hand should be extended by GOVERNMENT, however, is another matter. Personally, I believe that everyone accepting a handout should have to look a real, live human being in the eye, and make a case for why, temporarily, they are deserving of assistance. Dependence should never become a lifestyle.

    Jack, the far Left's questioning of science (as a paternalistic/racist construct) is pretty rich. To a degree, though, they've carried this nonsense into execution: academic standards have been relaxed, because all standards imply a certain percentage of people (some of them in protected categories) who can't hack it. Ergo, the standards are to blame. This may be the most outrageous nonsense, but it's part of the world we live in.

    Linda, that's most interesting that your professors ask you which gender pronoun you prefer... Do they really??? Amazing. I would have thought that even to ask the question risks offending someone, no? If a bearded, burly student is wearing a dress and lipstick, then surely he/she/it prefers to be a woman, no? So you call he/she/it "she/her" -- or you risk PC annihilation. To ASK the student what he/she/it PREFERS seems dangerous. Personally, I don't call anyone anything. It's much simpler that way. If I want to recognize a student, I look in their direction or point. Of course, the fact that I'm terrible with names is partly to blame!

    1. Yes, indeed, Dr. Waddy they do, please don't be so shocked or amazed. It is the sign of the times...I was shocked my first semester there. At first I was really confused and it dawned on me that students were picking a pronoun; he, she, it, they, pther etc. NOT KIDDING. I'm there to learn and retain, not learn social whatever (I guess that is rude of me to think such a thing).

      I know you never did (call a pronoun or a student's name) nor would you. I remember you gave ample time to engage with questions or just general chit chat. You were also very fair in doing so and never treated a student any differently. {{smiles}}

  8. Dr. Waddy and Linda: The appalling lack of human consideration for Officer Wilson amply demonstrated by the vicious Dem candidates who have excoriated him lately begs some questions: Are they saying that if elected they will reopen the case? Do they have any idea what prison would mean for him? It would, at best, mean life mostly alone in a protective custody cell in a maximum security joint. ALONE! He would never survive being placed in the prison general population.

    Also what does this say about how such people would govern were they to obtain the full power they hope to someday achieve? They show every sign of being possessed by characteristic Marxist presumption in casually consigning those they deem "incorrect" to subhuman status.

    Maybe leftist Profs should just call everyone "Comrade".

    The left keeps on recklessly tipping its hand. We must take heed.

  9. Linda: Thank you for fighting our fight, on the frontline, with your reply to requests for your preference in being addressed. In senior citizenship, from which you are many years away, I would suggest, but for which you may be seeing previews (I'm 72)we are afforded some protection from PC totalitarianism (actually though, at my age, there isn't much they can do; if they triumph,I probably won't see it and there is some comfort in that). When people hold doors for me and call me "sir" I know enjoy some deference. Anyway, I'm glad you are meeting their timorous PC conformity with bluntness and sardonic observation. Could be some of the Profs welcome it but are afraid of their mesmerized students. They need jobs after all.

  10. Jack, I think being 52 offers some thought on senior citizenship, the darn AARP keeps floating in the mailbox, lol. I'm afraid, change is hard for me in regards to the culture that is happening. I am also afraid my mouth gets me in trouble far more than I care to admit. smiles

  11. Linda -- I'm glad you found the discussions in my class open and fair-minded. That's what I strive for...although I must admit some trepidation about the wacky perspectives that some students come up with. Once a conversation goes off the rails, there's no telling what damage it might do, especially these days!

    Also, I'd love to see a complete list of acceptable genders in one of your classes! The sheer inventiveness of some transgender terminology is...extraordinary. I was watching a short clip of Jay Inslee the other day, and a young woman was asking him how many genders there were. He wisely ran for the hills.

    I like Jack's "comrade" suggestion. Since we apparently can't handle dividing people into groups anymore (without descending into self-mockery), why not give up trying?

    I suspect you're right, Jack, that many professors are afraid of their students these days. Who can blame them? Every millennial is a ticking time bomb of PC hysteria...

    As for Darren Wilson, I don't think any Dem candidate for President has any intention of trying and imprisoning him, when it's so much easier to use him as a rhetorical punching bag. Right now they're all struggling for legitimacy in the eyes of black voters, and apparently many of those voters want white policemen roasted over a spit. It's really a shame how radicalized many black Americans have become -- but we Republicans have to take partial responsibility, because we've put little or no effort into making our case in black communities. We surrendered that demographic long ago. I sincerely hope President Trump will make a major effort to recapture some of that lost ground.