Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Trump Shows the G-7 Who's Boss

Friends, this week's Newsmaker Show with me and Brian O'Neil covers a lot of ground, as usual.  First, me and Brian analyze the state of the race for the Democratic presidential nomination.  Biden appears to be slipping, but he's still the frontrunner -- for now.  Sanders and Warren are both showing a lot of tenacity, and those who anticipate that Sanders will fade away and Warren will take up the mantle of progressive standard-bearer must be disappointed at this stage.  Brian and I also talk about the inconclusive G-7 summit, the prospect of negotiations with Iran, the relentlessness of the media's Trump-hatred, and the question of whether Donald Trump is a "liar".

In our history segment, Brian and I cover Allied advances in France in August 1944, German brutality on the Easter Front in WWII, the marriage and divorce of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, Martin Luther King, Jr's 1963 "I have a dream" speech, and the ugly anti-war protests at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago in 1968.

We set the bar high!  All you have to do is listen and enjoy...


  1. Dr. Waddy: So very much of substance in your broadcast, as usual:

    So Sanders in office would use Presidential power to protect the media from the insolent doubt expressed by the present President. Why, Bernie, you don't say! Why that a socialist executive would harness the press, why its unthinkable (NOT). Whether or not you like the MSM now, we could count on that I'm quite sure. History and all that you know Bernie.

    That warren drew a large crowd in now lala land Seattle is unsurprising. And a somewhat mathematically lesser total for the President's crowds in the real America is of litle concern. She would not dare to venture into his strongholds (i.e. most of the country). It would be too, well, "icky"for her.

    Your observation that the G-7 went mostly as expected is to be expected. Our President is a courageous and consummate player and is not too "high falutin'" to engage in the hurly burly that most of those so very sensitive and detached European executives are loath to engage in in public.

    They shrink from recognizing that the China-U.S trade war is a fundamental struggle between two incredibly powerful economies and ably led nations. Its beyond their ken.

    I do not doubt that our gutsy President held his own and that of the U.S..

    Oh, no doubt, the international MSM opposes our President. They are capable, in their pinched prejudices, of no less.

  2. Dr.Waddy: Your observation that a lie must manifest an obvious desire to deceive is sound, very sound. And that the left does not care to document that concern, because it demonstrably assumes that its assertions alone are, by definition, proof, stronly supports this

  3. To continue:Pardon the diversion, courtesy of the app: ... by the discreditation of the left's assumptions. The left but bellows its concerns about President Trump's putative lies, it does not support its accusations.

  4. Dr. Waddy:Why our President is a PLAYER! Your very nightmare dreams you leftists, you. He understands your objectivist and materialist convictions and stands against them!

  5. Dr. Waddy: I fully expect, though I know he will not publicly express this, that Slick Willy admires our President's ability to cut to the quick, to the very essence of the argument, and that he will express to his compadres his understanding of this onerous reality. Will he be heeded? Who can say?

  6. Dr. Waddy: I think the British royalty to be a good thing and its integrity to be vital to the well being of the nation. That Elizabeth II has managed to guide her family through its many travails is yet another confirmation of her greatness.

    The March on Washington: I watched it on TV; it was really hot in Buffalo so it must have been terrible in Washington. Dr. King was a man of such monumental courage, eloquence and organizational skill! He could have chosen to use his immense influence to foster vindictive violence against those who had wounded black America so grievously . I was told by a man who worked with him that one had to understand his essential Christianity. I think that explains the magnificent generosity and forgiveness manifested in his speech. The present day left would do well to learn from it.

  7. Jack, I hope Warren draws bigger and bigger crowds, because they may help propel her to the which point she will fall flat on her face. Go, Liz, go!

    Well said on the subject of lies. The Left calls its enemies, real and imagined, "liars" almost as often as it calls them "racists," and with roughly the same degree of credibility. Enough said.

    I imagine you're right that Slick Willy acknowledges Trump's "common touch". Seems to me that those who hate Trump might want to step back and assess how the man managed to become President, against all odds. Dismissing him is a poor way to beat him. Luckily, most Dems really are that smug!

    I agree about the royal family. It's a shame that its prestige and legitimacy might be damaged by the current Brexit brouhaha. I'm glad the Queen didn't interfere with the prorogation, though. That would have been distinctly alarming.

    My my, you watched Dr. King's speech live? That's amazing! That truly was history in the making... I'm no expert on Dr. King, but I think you might be romanticizing him slightly. He seems to have had his faults...but on that day, in that place, he put America's yearning for equality into some very eloquent words. I agree -- the Left ought to have stayed true to his non-racial vision. They chose not to, and shame on them for exploiting the very divisions that King dedicated his life to overcoming.

  8. Excellent points Jack, are you sure you don't want to hang out with me and attend classes? ((grin))--as always, Jack, you are a delight.

    Since I can't think of anything to add, I will just say I agree with you both. I think Queen Elizabeth knows the times are a changing. I happen to like her, she sure has held steadfast to a lot of hard times, and especially liked her "upper stiff lip" concerning Princess Diana. Although, she did amend her ways towards her following Diana's death. I was very surprised to see the Queen signed on to Boris Johnson's to suspend Parliament--that sure took guts, didn't it? Change is coming for Great Britain, that is for sure. It should be interesting to see how this plays out.

  9. Dr. Waddy and Linda: Thanx so very much for your comments on my views. Dr. Waddy: you may well have very plausibly expressed reservations about my views on Dr. King. I still think him a heroic and monumental figure but there is much evidence that he was inclining in a leftist direction. His opposition to the Vietnam War may well have been misguided. After all, there were many black men fighting dutifully (really, more than dutifully) over there. And surely the corporally demonstrably sociopathic convictions of the Communists should eventually, if allowed graphic proof,have dissuaded him. Linda: I do 18th century reenactment up at Fort Niagara and, with authentic uniforms, formations and very smoky firearms have reenacted the Revolution in conditions only suggesting how it could have been at Lexington and Concord (and I've been there too). I've faced some 800 British regulars and its still an intimidating sight. How did they do it? Must of been something profound that was motivating them! There are actual primitive photos of Revolutionary War vets on line. One of them was quoted in the 1850's as saying:"son, they meant that we should not rule ourselves and we always had!" Imagine facing those disciplined lines, those bawling Redcoat officers, those 3/4 inch musket muzzles, those shiny 16 inch bayonets . . . for a principle!

  10. I have been to reenactments, Jack, I am so impressed you take part in them! I will keep you updated on this semesters class on the American Revolution if you like, I think it boils down to (as of 4 days in class-grin) that folks were just tired of paying high tariffs and I also think it was quite a social movement at the time...I highly recommend another book- The Minutemen and Their World by Robert A. Gross.

  11. Linda, I would love to know more about the Queen's position in the recent prorogation brouhaha. Personally, I'm not surprised that she assented to Johnson's request, because for her to refuse it would have been...unprecedented and provocative. Nonetheless, she was in a lose-lose position, and I am somewhat surprised that the (enraged) Remainers haven't turned on Her Majesty... This coming week may well be the DECISIVE week in the fate of Brexit. I will be watching with baited breath.

    Jack, I would concur that MLK showed flawed judgement in his analysis of the Vietnam War, and in his support for versions of socialism. My view is that, rather like Kennedy, he benefitted in a perverse way from his own assassination -- or rather his historical legacy did.

    Linda, you'll have to teach us about the Revolutionary War this semester. It's something I know very little about. I would agree that the revolutionaries were brave and principled, but there is some irony in the fact that the taxes that so offended them were trifling compared to the taxes we pay now -- and the freedoms they so treasured then are ones that our own government has long since compromised. "Principles" are all relative, lest we forget.

  12. Dr. Waddy and Jack, as the semester progresses, I will keep you updated. I think I have found "my calling" grin. When you get the time there are some great books that have been assigned for the next two weeks:

    Independence Lost By Kathleen Duval
    The Minutemen and Their World By Robert A. Gross
    Liberty's Exiles-American Loyalists in the Revolutionary World By Maya Jasanoff

    Also, my final research paper has been approved: The Twelve Influential Women of the Revolutionary War and the Impact they had.

  13. Whoa! TWELVE influential women??? Haven't you learned by now that three or four influential women is plenty? Twelve sounds like a recipe for a VERY long paper. :O

  14. Linda: Very interested to know which twelve you selected?