Sunday, August 25, 2019

The Chosen One?

Friends, frightening and disheartening though it is for me to say it, you could very well be looking at the face of the next President of the United States: Elizabeth Warren.  There are polls that show her beating President Trump.  Of course, that's because the news media smears Trump a thousand times a day, and most of the American people barely know Warren.  Still, it will be an uphill climb to educate voters.  Let's start today with this great article that exposes the calumny she recently directed at former Ferguson, Missouri police officer Darren Wilson.  Warren is not just a radical socialist -- she's also hateful and dishonest.  The American people need to be told this, and we need to make the case over and over again between now and 2020:

Here's a great article on the climate change hoax.  Is climate change in general a hoax?  Well, that depends on how you look at it.  The climate is changing.  That much is true.  Of course, it's always been true.  The "hoax" part comes into it in this sense: the claims that the eco-liberals make about climate change are often disingenuous, and their predictions of future climate-related catastrophe have a terrible record of inaccuracy.  We need to hold them to account.

Lastly, here's a great article by Newt Gingrich about the New York Times and its agenda for 2019 and 2020.  Essentially, having failed to dethrone President Trump on the thin pretext of Russian collusion, the political and journalistic Left is now pivoting to race as the fundamental narrative that will sweep away Republicans and empower Democrats in the next election cycle.  The constant drumbeat of stories about white racism will do one of two things: it will manipulate the American people into evicting Donald Trump from the White House, OR it will sicken the American people by its sheer repetitiveness and its brazen appeals to anti-white prejudice.  Much hinges on the success or failure of this race-based narrative!  We cannot afford to let these lies about America, and about whites, Republicans, and conservatives, go unchallenged.


  1. Dr. Waddy: The possibility of this disdainful woman becoming President is as appalling as was the prospect of Hillary taking the oath. She was schooled in the "law"in the same era and is clearly yet another dismissive, presumptuous and frustrated boomer eager to bring her salad days to final fruition. She may well lack the ferocious vindictiveness from which Hillary suffers due to Hillary's humiliating public misuse by her voluptuary "husband" ( Hillary's "marriage" is a tawdry mockery of the institution and she was so very obviously determined to take that out on all men ). But so very obvious also in Warren is the man hating '70's feminist conviction that they are unquestionably just in their assertions on any subject and that criticism by any man is automatically discredited (or from any traitorous woman who
    supports a man's views)She would no doubt carry that snooty mien into the debates should she face the President and there is no better man, in his objective courage, to throw it back in her face, than Donald Trump.

    I wish I could have figured out how to comment on the Examiner
    article. The one thing the author neglected to emphasize was the grievous personal injury she has done, without remorse, to Officer Darren Wilson. I've held forth on this on your blog before.

  2. Dr. Waddy: re: the global warming doubt you have expressed. Pish tosh! Dr. Waddy! Where are your "feelings"? You offer only empirical evidence and reasonable deductions thereof. Do you not comprehend that enlightened modern intellectual discourse gives full rein to "EMOTION" and to that "reasoning" which is its consequence and which pays it homage? Thinking people have long since embraced the concept of human generation of warming and your doubt of it is indicative of inhumanity and intellectual discreditation Sir. In past eras the corporal consequences to you would have been manifest and deserved but we, in pity of your ignorance, grant you only exile to that desert in which your kind dwell and commisserate, separate forever from the company of the politically correct.

  3. Jack, I share your revulsion at the notion that Warren could be President. It's interesting to compare that possibility to the, well, probability that Hillary would win in 2016. Hillary was odious in a lot of ways, but she did cultivate the image of a moderate. Old Liz doesn't even pretend. She's a Bolshie through and through. Thus, whereas corporate America made its peace with Hillary, I wonder if they could swallow Warren? That could add an interesting dynamic to '20.

    No doubt you're right, Jack, that I deserve exile to a desert isle because of my opposition to climate change orthodoxy. My only hope is that, given the sloppiness of "climate science," maybe they'll slip up and send me to a dessert isle instead. I could see that... Pay me a visit on the slopes of Mount Macaroon?

    1. Well, then count me in on the move to the deserted island, grin.

  4. Dr. Waddy: Good point on Hillary's disingenuous moderateness. Corporate America must know Warren is readying the tumbrels for them and she ain't just knitting like Madame DeFarge. What will they do about it I wonder.

    A new dynamic may be emerging;there could soon be a vacated liberal seat on SCOTUS due to Justice Ginsberg's illness. The President, who would want to fill it before his first term ends, would of course face intense pressure from the MSM and Dems to delay until the 2020 winner is decided. The best argument against this would be that they howled about the injustice of waiting in 2016. With an election coming, it could be a critical decision for him; my guess is that he would do right by his base and secure a majority of lawful judges.

  5. Dr. Waddy: Gingrich is so well spoken and so perceptive (even though some of his electoral predictions did not pan out). As a Civil war buff, I saw that in his 3 volume Gettyburg alternative history where all he did was slightly alter a few facts and delivered thereby a plausible account of how it could have been. He pays close attention to fact and to reasoned supposition in his remarks on current affairs. He was the "Prime Minister" of the U.S. for awhile and he hamstrung the Clintons.

    So when he discourses on the Dem strategy for 2020, in light of their petulant, "abortive""Russian collusion" campaign, I pay attention.

    Perhaps this is the right moment for a decisive reckoning with the term "racism". Has it been misused and overused, presumptuously, by those who assume political advantage and profit by flaunting it? Let's test that and the 2020 election is a good place to do it. Bring it on you race baiters!

  6. Am I the only one that feels that public in general will tire of the 2020 election sooner than later? I can tell you both, these young people (listening to them today) are so confused and misguided. They will stop at nothing to get ride of Present Trump, which includes Socialism.

    Jack, thank you for the grin over your last comment in regards to the race baiters.

  7. **Rid not ride...sorry, my brain is overworked from reading Independence Lost by Kathleen Duval.

  8. Linda: What is Independence Lost about?

  9. Dr. Waddy and Linda: Why does it matter what the young think? I don't think it did matter until the '60's; please correct me if you know me to be wrong on that Dr. Waddy. If I'm right, then why did it start mattering then?

    Well of course the size of the boomer generation was important. But I think also it was the overwhelming optimism the post Depression, post war 20 and 30 somethings felt, together with the wisdom they had derived from their harrowing travails, which motivated them to create this new multitude.

    Then in the '60's,when so many of their children turned against them, either directly or by example and implication,it was a profound shock. These now 40 and 50 somethings had had enough sturm und drang in their lives; they were not up defending the positive aspects of their lives and they let the kids run wild.

    Now its 50 years later and we see faculty and administration in the American academy intimidated by people out of high school. "We will learn together", they rationalize. Faculty and administration themselves are now second and even third generation products of the intellectual anarchy of the '60's.

  10. Dr. Waddy and Linda: In a healthy society the young should earn influence and consequence through patience, production and constructive living, as, for example, they must in the military.

    I've said before I think the American academy is probably lost and that the way to mitigate its baleful effect on our culture and society is to isolate and encase it, as the oyster does an irritant. That alone would help to give those among the young who arrogate to themselves transcendent wisdom, righteousness,presumptuousness and contempt for those lessons taught only by extended living, some pause. The mature must refuse, in all settings where it arises, to abide those young who choose to do so exercising unearned decisive cultural and political power. Eg. we could start by discrediting and disempowering the Squad.

  11. Dr. Waddy: Above, I should have said much faculty and admin istration...

  12. How corporate America and the establishment will react to Warren and Sanders will prove critical, I suspect. A lot of things could save Biden's bacon. A manufactured wave of disquiet at the radicalization of the Democratic Party could be just what the doctor ordered. I'm reminded of the fate of Howard Dean, who seemed to have all the momentum, but who the establishment regarded as too hot-headed.

    Jack, I agree that Gingrich is a smart cookie. A final reckoning on the race issue would be nice, in many ways. Let the Left hurl its false charges with abandon in 2020...and fail. That might cure them of their addiction to race-baiting for good. The country would profit greatly from that course of events.

    Linda, you pose a very good question about the 2020 election: whether it will turn the voters on or off. I rather suspect it will be intensely negative, and that neither candidate will end up with high positive ratings. That suggests a low turnout contest...but on the other hand both parties are getting good at scaring the wits out of voters. Turnout in 2018 was massive, in historical terms. My guess, therefore, would be average turnout. We shall see.

    Jack, intriguing thoughts on the young. Have they ever mattered? Sure, plenty, but the overwhelming tendency throughout history has been to put real power in the hands of the old and venerable. The young can be harbingers of cultural and political change, though. Were the youngsters misguided in the late 60s and early 70s? Undoubtedly! But we can't deny that, generations hence, they've gotten virtually everything they wanted, and the established order they so despised is lying prostrate at their feet. They are even on the cusp of achieving many of their leftist fever dreams, e.g. socialism, American un-exceptionalism, the reimaging of race and gender to leftist specifications, the gutting of traditional marriage, the sidelining of religious faith, you name it. I agree that youth and wisdom have little to do with one another...but the young do inevitably inherit the Earth, so their misguidedness is certainly relevant...and scary!