Sunday, September 1, 2019

The World As We Know It

Friends, it was 80 years ago today that World War II began with Germany's invasion of Poland.  The world would never be the same.  The Second World War was instrumental in creating the conditions for the Cold War (that decided the fate of tens of millions laboring under Marxist tyranny), fostered the technological innovations that would both kill millions and eventually improve and protect countless lives, and revolutionized mindsets, ushering in modernity, for better or for worse.  Take a moment today to contemplate what an earth-shattering development Germany's offensive against Poland was.  Ponder also the vagaries of fate.  Germany looked invincible in the fall of 1939, and it very easily could have won the Second World War.  And yet it didn't win.  On the contrary, six years later Germany was shattered, and the Soviet Union and the United States were riding high.

In other news, the German "far-right" has won more votes than ever in regional elections in Germany.  The AfD is a party that opposes immigration from the Middle East and has been labeled in consequence "radical," "extreme," and "far-right".  Every other party in Germany has promised not to work with the AfD.  In effect, it's been shunned.  Now, I'm no expert on the AfD.  I'm sure there are elements in it that are odious.  Be that as it may, I also know that the Left is constantly working to de-legitimize the right.  Conservatives are always, in their eyes, "far-right".  From their perspective, you can't criticize immigration, or illegal immigration, and be anything other than a "white supremacist".  As conservatives, we need to defend ourselves from these smears, and we need to be alert to the standard tactics of liberals.  Above all, they want to paint everyone on the right with the broad brush of prejudice and hate -- and it simply isn't fair or accurate.

Finally, Sleepy Joe is at it again, generating "gaffes" at an alarming rate.  His latest statements, though, evoke a common liberal assumption: that "immigrants", including illegal immigrants, are actually morally superior to American citizens.  They work harder, they are more law-abiding, they cherish their families more, and they love this country more strongly.  As a result, we mere citizens have no moral authority to criticize them or to deny them their "right" to be in this country.  It's all nonsense, of course.  Immigrants, and illegal immigrants, are people, not demi-gods.  Some are admirable human beings, some are despicable human beings, but that was never the point.  The point is that a country of laws has the right to decide who can and can't live and work here.  We, the American people, get to make those decisions, not the "immigrants" themselves.  Never forget that!


  1. Dr. Waddy: I've seen that picture many times before. Considered in the absolute abstract, that is, sans the execrable cause he fought for, the German fighting man distinguished himself from beginning to end as a courageous and endlessly constant soldier.

    That made him a terribly puissant foe and it is to the great credit of the Russian, British Empire, resistance forces and the American Army that he was overcome. In his wake: the sociopathic SS and all of Hitler's hellish aspirations followed and he knew it, though his otherwise creditable sense of duty may have masked it. In the end, humanity triumphed.

    Was the whole thing inevitable? In considering the aftermath of WWI (and its origins)we may perceive points at which the Holocaust of 1933 to 1945 might have have been prevented (?).

  2. Dr. Waddy: So Angela Merkel, perhaps by way of expiating German WWII guilt, admitted many unfortunates into her country. In doing so did she seriously and can she prove to Germany that she did, seriously consider the existential effect on her culture that this would have? Did she? Perhaps not and she is now facing the inevitable consequence. Does she really think Germans will give their country up to an utterly foreign culture? They won't!

    Immigration, regulated by law and not destructive of the host nation's integrity; that is all that may be asked of any country.

  3. Indeed Jack. I have a sister in-law who is German and became a American a few years ago. Let me tell you, socialism runs deep and still does. My sil finds nothing wrong with what Merkel did, nothing. Germany will see to it any opposition will be shut down. It is sad, truly it is.

    Sleepy Joe...somebody needs to get hold of this situation and quickly, he needs to bow out before making a real fool of himself. Something tells me though, the people are getting wary of the 2020 election already. Yes, Dr. Waddy, we are a nation of laws, period. These gvt. officials needs to follow the law that is already on the books.

  4. Dr. Waddy and Linda: Pore 'ol Joe. He can't help himself. In a one on one debate with a player like Donald Trump, he would humiliated.

  5. Dr. Waddy and Linda: Time and time again the left presumes to deify any group it seeks to champion and fully expects all, on pain of everlasting excoriation, to go along. Alot of people are getting tired of it. It breeds cynicism in people who might otherwise be fully on board with bringing justice to the oppressed. Sure, stand up for them if one wishes but you can't transform them into uniform paragons; everyone, including them, knows that to be a sham. Let them be treated equally, both in benefit and in recompense, by our laws.

  6. Jack, I couldn't agree more about the grit and courage of the German soldiery. They were practically a force of nature, and they almost conquered the world. As you say, it's a shame that the hucksters in the Nazi Party were able to manipulate the proud German Army and use it for wicked ends.

    Could WWII and the Holocaust have been prevented? Absolutely, in my view. It took a lot of dominoes falling into place to create WWII as we know it.

    Jack, I concur that the cultural compatibility of immigrants is a legitimate consideration in immigration policy. The irony, of course, is that many Muslim immigrants are the opposite of the sort of progressive social-justice-warriors that liberals are pining for. But never mind -- irony is lost on our PC overlords.

    Linda, sadly, I think a huge number of Germans have been thoroughly brainwashed on the subject of Western culture and the migrants. Just like many American leftists believe that "illegals" are beyond reproach, so many Germans find ANY limit to migration to be rank fascism and intolerable. The truth, though, is that even Merkel had to back down from her open borders policy. That's...progress?

    As for Biden bowing out, I'm not sure that's in the interests of the good guys (meaning us) in 2020. Let him stumble all the way to the convention, I say, and lose to Elizabeth Warren, who will be a dud of a candidate. If Biden instead bowed out early, lest we forget, he might be replaced with a competent, appealing moderate alternative. That would be bad!

    Jack, you're right that the Left's lionization of whole categories of people, based on the fact that they aren't whites, or males, or citizens, is just as prejudiced and silly as the old bigoted attitudes the liberals so despise. Their mythology never stands up to serious scrutiny...which is why the mainstream media so studiously avoids critical thought!