Tuesday, August 27, 2019

The Triumvirate of Terribleness

Friends, things are getting really interesting in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination.  The polls are tightening generally, and in at least one Joe Biden isn't ahead anymore!  That's news in itself, because every poll in this cycle has confirmed his standing as the frontrunner.  To me, it looks like both Warren and Sanders are nipping at his heels.  That shows weakness on Biden's part, yes, but the dynamic it sets up between Warren and Sanders is equally fascinating.  My latest article breaks down the race in all its various dimensions.  The big conclusion?  It's a three-way scrum at the top, and I haven't a clue who will emerge as the victor...but I'm looking forward to some real nastiness in the months ahead!

While you're at it, check out this spectacular article on the idiocy which is the Left's current obsession with Amazon forest fires.  They've made a mountain out of a mole hill for one reason only: they can't abide Brazil's conservative President, much as they can't abide President Trump.


  1. Dr. Waddy: When General Quarters sounds on a Navy ship the entire crew repairs to understood posts, ready to fight in a united manner. Similarly, I think the Dems have an opportunity to join behind a widely supported candidate.

    This could be accomplished by Sanders throwing his support to Warren. Why shouldn't he? His general point of view will have triumphed and he won't have to endure the rigors of a campaign and even possible Presidency. Warren might well then be able to concentrate on trashing the President rather than other Dems.

    You're right; the Dems think they have a winning strategy in assuming that loathing for Trump alone is enough to beat him and that the time is ripe to avenge the terrible rebuff of 2016 and put the nation on the path to correctness and justice which Hillary would have mandated. If an apparent "moderate" like Biden or Klobuchar were nominated, a decisive number of Dems might see it as yet another rebuff and petulantly and prematurely embark on the epic journey to the political and cultural margins which, even now, some of them lugubriously contemplate! And a" moderate" would have to stay so throughout the General Election campaign.The day after victory they would be free to go left-wild.

  2. Dr. Waddy: I always thought that lungs USED oxygen but PRODUCED carbon dioxide! As carbon generators are lungs not to be despised then by the environmental "Chicken Littles". It just goes to show, ad infinitum, these people don't think about that of which they are so unassailably convinced; rather, they emote, the poor dears. And if the Amazon rain forests are carbon producers is their yet improbable destruction not then to be celebrated in the salons of the elect? Yes, President Macron?

    But I must admit, when such as the world renowned scientist Leonardo DiCaprio sound the tocsin, I am perversely offput, even complacent. And somehow I do not think it coincidental that the fact of the Brazilian President's perceived conservatism (the left does not see the irony; after all, it militates the "conservation" of the Amazon rain forests) is not the spark for this present effusion, even unto the American provincial unwashed, of stories on this "unprecedented" catastrophe.

  3. Jack, I have little doubt that the vast majority of Dems would vote even for a moderate who was a (reprehensible, by definition) old white male, BUT it wouldn't take very many of them staying home or voting Green to make things interesting. Politics is a delicate balancing act.

    Could Sanders throw his support to Warren? Sure, but the question is...when? It could be too late. It looks to me like Sanders actually believes he can win this time. That's bad news for Warren. But your instincts may well be right: the Dem nomination could be decided by horse-trading.

    As for Brazil, for me the lesson is a familiar one: the reality of the world we live in, and the contrived shadow world that the media is constantly fabricating for us, are shockingly dissimilar. A little sly editing can make hell seem like heaven, and vice versa. This is especially so in politics. So many impressionable minds out there, ready, even eager, to be misled. It's sobering.