Monday, March 25, 2019

The Trump-Russia Hoax: The Damage Is Done?

Friends, by and large I'm not inclined to beat a dead horse and say "I told you so" in the wake of the Mueller report.  Everyone with a grip on reason has known for a long time that there was no collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government.  Mueller simply admitted it -- grudgingly, we assume.  Nevertheless, good for him.  He's more of a patriot than most Democratic politicians will ever be.  They, after all, spent the last two years wishing, hoping, that the President of the United States was a Russian asset.  How low can you go???  But I digress.  This article by Michael Goodwin says it all about the Mueller fiasco, and about what should happen next.  I'm particularly intrigued by what Goodwin says about the damage that these phony allegations caused over the last two-plus years.  Trump has been repeatedly labeled a criminal -- a traitor, no less -- on utterly specious grounds.  The U.S. media and its international accomplices speculated non-stop on how long it would take for Donald Trump to be led off to the gallows, and how many of his children would join him there.  The relentless smears, based on the thinnest of evidence, are truly beneath contempt.  But again, all that is over now.  The country can turn the page.  We must ask ourselves, though, what if the Democrats and the media HADN'T been peddling this toxic garbage for the last two years?  How much more successful would the Trump presidency have been?  How much higher would Trump's approval ratings be?  How many more victories would Trump have won in negotiations with our friends and adversaries, given the fact that his credibility and his authority would have been enhanced?  How many more bills would have been pushed through Congress?  How much stronger might economic growth have been?  How many casualties of the last two years -- from General Flynn to Steve Bannon -- might still be in the administration, if that administration had not been constantly pressed to the wall?  These are fair questions, and we will never know the answers.  They are the stuff of fiction now.  The upshot is that the people who concocted the Trump-Russia hoax are not just enemies of Donald Trump and the Republican Party.  They are, in truth, enemies of America, of the Constitution, of democracy, of justice, and of fair play.  They are villains of the most despicable sort, who believed that the end justified the means, and the only end worth playing for was victory.  They must be held to account.  Lindsey Graham is right: the time to appoint a second special counsel is now!

This one is also well worth a read:


  1. Dr. Waddy: I say: let's not ever lose sight of the fundamental reality: the Dems consider Hillary's defeat to be by definition unjust and that ANY means of reversing it is justified - any means!

    I stick with the Civil War I analogy in this, our second Civil War: the setbacks, the hazards, the sacrifices, the understandably unanticipated outrages, the doubt, the dread, the final conclusion ,guided by a heroic President - all of this - I believe, will manifest itself if we remain true. We had a big win this week and we must take heart from it.

  2. Dr. Waddy: I think this reality invests the Dems' yet continuing effort to establish "Obstruction of Justice" opprobrium and even legal disability, on our President in the wake of the submission of Mueller's findings: they were utterly unmoved by the duly adjudicated commission of the same offense by their darling bill clinton. Ever sneering Charles Schumer is exemplary of this and affords a bridge to such as perky Kirsten, his factotum, who was then the Junior Prom Queen and daddy's hunter in the wilds of the Albany - NYC corridor (or so she has maintained). Bottom line: their horror at the contemplation of such high falutin' misconduct is completely discredited.

    That said, may they persist in that vein, as it builds the foundation for their perhaps final repulse in 2020. Trump nation IS watching.

  3. Well said, Jack. The Dems do seem inclined to continue with their Trump-Russia and obstruction inquiries, and I think they're making a real mistake by doing so. They've made their point, and the nation is growing tired of their fist-shaking. As you say, the Mueller report is a big win, because it shows how empty their single biggest charge against our President was. Every other charge will lose credibility in consequence. Already the public is turning on the vindictive Democrats in the House -- and that problem will only grow with time. In my view, the Dems are in serious danger of losing not just to Trump, but of forfeiting their House majority as well.

  4. Dr. Waddy: Ditto, ditto, ditto. The Dems are providing a master player with all he needs.