Monday, March 4, 2019

America First -- the Milky Way Second

Friends, there's much in the news. First, Vice-President Pence (a really decent guy, if you hadn't heard) has penned an op-ed in the Washington Post about the need for Congress to grant authority for the creation of the new Space Force, to be housed in the Air Force.  One assumes many Democrats will oppose the Space Force simply because it was Trump's idea.  Perhaps they will deny that space even exists? Oy.

We've just begun to see the ugliness that will develop on the Left as various Democrats -- some more "socialist" than others -- vie for the Democratic presidential nomination.  Just today this Bernie supporter is complaining that MSNBC is plotting against his guy, and an article also appeared in the New York Times calling on Democrats not to go too far to the left, lest they scare away centrist voters.  This tug of war will be fascinating to watch!

In what may prove ultimately to be the biggest news of the Trump era so far, the U.S. and China are nearing agreement on a new trading relationship.  Will it fundamentally alter the commercial balance of power and reverse Chinese abuses?  I have my doubts, but it will represent a major win for the U.S., and it will undoubtedly create many thousands of U.S. jobs.  It will be hard for the media to sweep this one under the rug, folks...

As you no doubt saw coming, the House Democrats are positively giddy with anticipation about all the "dirt" on Trump, and his family, which they're intending to dig up.  As usual, they can't pick a focus for their Trump-hatred, but they're sure that, if they attack on all fronts, he's bound to cry uncle.  Ha!  Clearly they haven't met the man.  That Congress will drag the Trumps through the mud from now to November 2020 is certain.  That the American people will be persuaded by any of these antics is doubtful.  Democrats run the very real risk that their harassment of the President will backfire -- and that they will lose control of the rabid, impeachment-craving faction in the party.  Pelosi and Schumer would love to keep a lid on calls for impeachment, but for those who watch CNN and MSNBC for a living, and there appear to be millions of these lost souls, nothing will suffice except summary execution for all Trumps.

Socialism is emerging as one of the key themes in the 2020 race, and there is every indication that this line of attack against Democrats could be a powerful and effective one.  The American people don't cotton to socialism.  The Dems have yet to figure this out, and some of them, like Bernie, could never change their spots, even if they wanted to.

Finally, you remember all that nonsense about how tax refunds were down, and thus the Trump tax cuts were actually a tax increase on "working families"?  It was always a total fraud, and now we know it for sure:

Crazy times we live in, eh?  It's only going to get crazier!


  1. Dr. Waddy: Ditto on Pence: he's a great guy and I like his apparently unapologetic conservatism. Its tempting and perhaps sound, to dismiss all Dem criticism of President Trump's efforts as mindless Trump hatred. But tactically it may be best to try to understand their fevered and reflexive thrashing. I wouldn't put it past them to turn a blind eye to space but their main attack may well be to assert that the cost is too high. This- from those who blithely laud the "Green New Deal".

  2. Dr. Waddy: MSNBC is beneath contempt simply for giving Sharpton regular air time. They are utterly discredited for doing that and what is described in the article is business as usual for them. PRAVDA was once the organ of one party among many in Russia and we see what it became. MSNBC is its avatar. One wishes one could wash one's memory, as we wash our hands, of the mental effluent deposited by any contact with those credulous roaches.

    Gee, NY Times, ya think? That the limousine liberal mouthpiece is moved to express reservations about the Dems' headlong descent into Marxist insanity, in a country in which, for the majority, well, that proven murderous creed just doesn't work, indicates how far things have actually gone and how fearful its readers ought to be. If the radicals triumph, then fashionable NY Times readers are for the tumbrels, if not, they will have to endure far worse then 2016. I treasure their discomfiture.

  3. Dr. Waddy: Again Fox denied me access to the article. Silly things - I'm a Fox fan.

    I have such regard for the great Chinese nation that I hope that an agreement with them will redound to the advantage of both countries. I'm confident it will benefit us, with President Trump at the helm. Can a businessman be a good President? Sure does look like it!

  4. Dr. Waddy: I see Charles Schumer was sniveling that the Senate majority's power to advance President Trump's judicial nominations by a simple majority vote (imagine that)is, well, its "not fair". That he is unbearably and unforgiveably denied the means to dictate that vote using his insular and thoroughly bigoted New Yawk standards might just play a role in this fevered protest.

    Let's see him apply the same standards to the House Dem's vindictive subpoena onslaught on our President. Oh, perish the thought that he, a Senator , would stoop to direct such misapprobation to the House, but then, he did when slick willy was brought to account by a majority vote in that body, (impeached that is) didn't he? He said" ok, lets get this ridiculous procedure out of the way" when it came to trial. His attitude is a bellwhether for the Dems'stand on everything - "heads we win, tails you lose".

  5. Dr. Waddy: That poll is encouraging. Its very plausible that the real America - outside coastal CA , coastal Oregon and Seattle infested Washington State, downstate NY, the eastern megalopolis which now infects even a regretable portion of Va, and other islands of detached dreamy leftist musing, would look askance on a movement which has such obvious disdain for their values, is very plausible. We overpowered the leftist strongholds of NY and CA in 2016, thanks to the brilliantly asserted Constitutional provision that populous and detached urbanized areas must not completely dominate less settled places, in the electoral college. Just imagine - President Hillary! Can there be any better argument for the fundamental soundness of our political tradition?


  6. Jack, I expect the Dems will indeed oppose the Space Force, even though all it really amounts to is a bureaucratic reorganization. Perhaps, under a future Democratic President, we'll get Space Welfare instead? Could be.

    It's interesting that the NY Times is recoiling from Dems' extremism, isn't it? Whether it's confiscatory socialism that the Times fears, or just the prospect of losing in 2020, I'm not sure.

    It's encouraging that so many Americans reject socialism, isn't it? I must admit, I'm pleasantly surprised. An awful lot of Democrats and millenials seem to think highly of Marx's brainchild. As long as we can get the Silent Majority to understand the threat we're now facing, victory is assured.