Thursday, March 14, 2019

The Day "Hispanics" Were Born

Friends, don't miss this week's Newsmaker Show with me and Brian O'Neil.  We cover some hot topics in the news, like the state of the Democratic presidential contest -- especially the prospects of the mercurial Joe Biden -- and Nancy Pelosi's startling admission that she's against impeachment, because Trump "isn't worth it".  We'll see if the rest of her caucus agrees...  We also touch on some fascinating historical topics, including the anniversary of Hernan Cortes' landing in Mexico in 1519, Mikhail Gorbachev's accession to the premiership of the Soviet Union, and the unmitigated tragedy that was Bolshevism.  Don't miss it!


  1. Dr. Waddy: In considering the alarm expressed by some Dems over their party's sharp public swing to the far left, I am reminded of a remark attributed to one of Dukakis's managers in his 1988 Presidential campaign: "women, blacks, gays - shut up - you're going to get everything you want when Michael is elected but shut up or he won't be elected!"

    The AOC/Bernie types think the time has finally come to be open and honest about what their party has yearned for since 1972, the "fundamental transformation" of the U.S. on what amounts to the Marxist model. Dems like Emanuel and Pelosi see disaster in such frankness and they are right. AOC/Bernie are doing much more than serving up rhetorical wins for Republicans. They are providing a most revealing window into the very essence of their party's resolute totalitarian intent and the real America is watching, understanding and mobilizing. Along with Andrew Cuomo providing in NY an onerous preview of what a Dem America would be, the threat to all we value looms ever more obvious.

  2. Dr. Waddy: I like Ann Coulter very much because of the aggressive stance she takes toward the arrogant left but she needs to step off on President Trump. He's been all any reasonable conservative could ask for and he has guts! Ann ought to admire his grit.

    An historical note: I believe Lenin's brother was hanged for some connection to Czar Alexander's assassination and that Lenin was very bitter about that. Imagine the effect that may have had on history. How very many innocents died at the behest of this debased man.

    The Russian tragedy was beyond comprehension -incalculable-especially so because it might well not have happened.

    Many of us may well know Marxists and I think its time to say this: if this were 1916 a reasonable person could opine that Marxism might well be worth a try. But over one hundred years of Marxist motivated calamity beyond measure it has proven beyond any level headed doubt to be in practice an unalloyed evil. Any allegiance to its amply demonstrated equivalent in technologically enabled totalitarianism, Naziism, places the advocate at the tawdry fringes of our civilization, bereft of credibility or respect. And so it should be with Marxism and accordingly, with those who champion its resurgence. They are not only monumentally mistaken but they should know better now if they are of good will. That they persist bespeaks profound moral turpitude and, very possibly, the most inhuman of intentions. That they have captured the soul of an exceedingly influential faction of the American polity must inspire profound alarm. Some of them fancy themselves passionately opposed to injustice but history shows them to be the avatars of those who did the very, very worst in the 20th century. I do not for a moment foresee their reform or regret; they must be defeated by the same relentless political force they are blithe to wield. History tells us in irrefutable terms what they promise, either out of unassailable naivete or out of purely sociopathic intent.

  3. Jack, it certainly is interesting that some party luminaries are sounding the alarm about the Dems' shift leftwards this early. After all, they've barely begun to fight (amongst themselves)! But I agree with you that those who are warning of dire consequences are correct: the Democrats could easily blow their big advantage in 2020 -- and quite a few of them don't seem to care. After all, it "feels" right to screech at maximum volume, so they can't help themselves.

    I'm not sure why Coulter thinks Trump has "sold out" on the border. He's expending vast amounts of political capital to get the Wall. My view, though, is that he needs to take other steps to make the Wall a credible one, once it's built. The bottom line, though, is that kicking Trump when he's down (which is always, thanks to the MSM) helps NO ONE on the right.

    Jack, as you know I subscribe to the "great man" theory of history, and there's no doubting that Lenin was "greatly" terrible. A million things might have deflected him from the path to totalitarianism, and how many Russians might have lived long, full lives in such a case!

    Quite right -- how anyone can endorse Marxism/socialism after the horrors of the 20th century is a mystery. It seems to me that what's at the heart of Marxism is this: the belief that anyone who is poor or subordinate is by definition OPPRESSED, and they should rise up to seize power (or respect) in some form. In other words, Marxism is the rejection of hierarchy, or rather the insistence that any traditional hierarchy should be turned on its head. As a conservative, I couldn't agree LESS, but one can easily see that these ideas retain great influence on the Left. This is why pity has been elevated to become the highest virtue of the modern age, and victimhood is more prized than strength.

  4. Dr. Waddy: Much to say. I notice Jeb Bush is urging Republican opposition to the President in 2020. I can't find the words; it speaks for itself and I think the President will shake it off on his progress to another term and in the process render Jeb a deserved footnote. Wise up, Jeb.

    I too agree with the great man theory; it has been affirmed many times , I think. Lenin would in any setting have been blithe to advocate sociopathic violence; what unimaginable catastrophe for so many worthies it was that he and his hellish heir got their chances, sans restraint. The twentieth century began with such consummate promise for mankind (1800 vs 1900); the Edwardians cannot have been able to foresee the idealistic madness which soon obtained - who could have foreseen it then? But, with that example, we CAN!.

    I am tempted to say who the hell cares how Marxists think? We know that in practice Marxism is the demonstrated essence of evil. Trouble is, they have yet persuaded many of the credulous today of their worth. How do we defeat it? Do we outreason it? Since reason is beyond the Bolshevik's emotionally driven avatars we must defeat them with main political force. I think this is President Trump's belief and his leadership is our best hope. He has already courageously enacted his intention with his Supreme Court nominations and his steadfast determination to enforce our borders. What more could we ask in general!?

  5. Hi Jack. Oh, Jeb. As you say, there's little to be said. Whoever challenges Trump for the Republican nomination will be steamrolled into oblivion. Perhaps that's even desirable, since it will demonstrate how solidly Republicans are behind him.

    What you say about the 20th century is so true. It began with IMMENSE promise. And so much went well in the 20th century too, but we went seriously off the rails thanks to several utopian, totalitarian ideologies. Maybe we simply grew too big for our breeches.

    How does one defeat Marxism? Good question. Reason and evidence surely won't be enough by themselves. On some level, the public must be made to feel the pain and loss which this twisted ideology has wrought. The Cold War brought home the stakes, of course. Sadly, people have short memories, and the young have no memory at all of the battle against communism. We won't win by assuming that "it can't happen here and now" -- that's for sure. It assuredly can and will happen, if we don't muster all our forces to win the day.

  6. Dr. Waddy: It appears at this time that the insane Dem turn to the lala left is, by definition, doomed. But we must not assume that!

    You are undoubtably right that President Trump will defeat any feckless Bush RINO challenge. It may well, as you note, redound to our advantage and perhaps spell the final and welcomed marginalization of the spineless and unperceptive in this existential war.

    How can we bring home, to those who understandably don't know, the murderous reality of leftist domination? By relentless public documentation of the left's monstrous record and of the certainty of its revival should the American left prevail. Our President must talk of it every day and those with the financial means to do so must flood the media, at ALL expense, with grimly graphic documentation of the proven consequences of leftist rule. The time has come for an all out assault on these totalitarians - not tomorrow - NOW! They think their time is nigh; we'd best meet them with main force or they may get over.