Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Full Mobilization at the Border

Friends, as much as we need a wall at the southern border, the fact is that a wall, by itself, won't suffice.  The rot in our immigration system goes much deeper.  Right now, Central Americans who pour across our borders and then apply for asylum can count on staying in our country for years before our over-burdened immigration courts get around to considering their (almost always bogus) claims.  In essence, they keep coming, because we allow them to stay by default.  That needs to change, and I have a proposal to change it.  Read on, and see what you think.


  1. Dr. Waddy: I haven't the slightest doubt that leftists would delight in excoriating our military were it to play a bigger role in the defense of our southern border and I would fully expect that it would provide them "rationale" for the abolition of the military too.

    Trashing the military is practically a rite of passage for leftists. The blood of the older boomer radicals would rise at the thought of a reprise of their glory, the deliverance of S.E. Asia to their Marxist mentors despite the sacrifices of our forces and despite the staggering effect their vicious betrayal had on the services and on vets. The younger left would embrace an opportunity to prove its mettle in the ongoing crusade to destroy our country.

    But your two proposals would work, the antiAmericans know it and for that reason will be most devoted to defeating it. They want and need the illegals to invade freely both as a hedge against their imminent loss of the Supreme Court and as a decisive blow against our nation's integrity.

  2. Perhaps you're right, Jack -- a few years ago I would have said the Democrats were too smart to attack the military, but now? Clearly their mood has changed. In that case, it would be even smarter for Trump to follow my advice!!!

  3. Dr. Waddy: Having lived through the '60's I am convinced that the left has held back in its savaging of our armed services only because it knew it would be mobbed these days. I am reminded of the rioting Attica inmates in 1971 who actually thought the nation would rise to their support. Similarly, the left today "feels" that its time is nigh. So the spitters and excoriators are lathering up as we speak; some are veterans of their legendary '60's exploits. They will be met by a real America "radically" different from that which they flim flammed back then!

  4. You may well be right, Jack. In that case, the more Trump uses the military, either at the border or elsewhere, the more the Left will excoriate it. If Trump is smart, he will be thinking hard about moves he can make in 2020 that will bait the Dems into revealing their true colors...

  5. Dr. Waddy: Yes, yes, yes and he's just the guy to do it. The left's hyperbolic reaction to any opposition is a dead giveaway to the canny, like our President. The emotionally driven righteous are approaching complete dominance by those driven beyond reason by their outrage at disagreement with their irrefutable justice. Players like Trump know how to play that!

    Now is a prime time to goad the left into ever more fantastic manifestations of its dreamy intentions. I think our President fully aware of the historic opportunity presented thereby. Resolute action on his part could yield double benefit: first the objective effect our military firmness will generate; second, the catastrophic effect on the psychological balance of the oh so sensitive radicals which will assuredly obtain.

  6. Well said, Jack. Amazingly, the Dems are playing right into Trump's hands, with their lunge to the socialist left and their sweeping inquisition in the House. You should check out the poll I just posted to the blog. It seems that the American people are finally "getting it": Mueller and the Dems are bullies persecuting an innocent man.