Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Joe Biden: Feelin' Groovy

Friends, don't miss this week's Newsmaker Show with me and Brian O'Neil.  We get deep into the horse race -- excuse me: donkey race -- on the Democratic side, in which former Vice-President Joe Biden seems to have a distinct edge.  We also investigate why Kirsten Gillibrand is such a no-hoper.  In addition, we talk about the uncertain fate of Brexit, the public's growing skepticism about impeachment and the many investigations targeting the President, South Korean participation in the Vietnam War, the mental health of President Trump, the 100 Days of Napoleon as well as the fate of Napoleon's son, the legacy of the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq, and AOC's unpopularity and whether FoxNews is responsible for it.  Check it out!


  1. Dr. Waddy: A universal guaranteed income which would be denounced as "inadequate and an insult" within moments of its enactment is, yes, a BAD concept. Its characteristic though, of the apparent eruption of impassioned leftist intent which President Trump has motivated.

    I remember Jimmy Carter in 1975-6 emerging from 8% poll status unto the ultimate chair. Who can say who might emerge from the sanctimonious Dem gaggle and frankly, who gives a damn? They will be facing PRESIDENT Trump and that says it all, I think.

    Perky Kristen? Oh my, she is as "dust in the wind" and with her, Warren of Native America.

    I really like Kelly Ann Conway for her resolute support of the President when many of lesser courage bailed. This has to be an ordeal for her; President Trump, however,is ever the gamer.
    Too, should we wish to venture into amateur psychological speculation, the Dem party affords us in the Clintons, more than abundant subject matter, yes?

  2. Ha! Quite right, Jack. The moment a universal basic income becomes law, watch the Dems start angling for a "raise". Government largesse can never be great enough to satisfy their appetites, not just for cold, hard cash, but for recognition, praise, sympathy, and "justice".

    True, some odd ducks have emerged out of the primary process. I wonder whether the Dems have it in them to hit Biden hard with attacks... Some may. On the other hand, those second and third tier candidates, i.e. at this point everyone except Biden and Sanders, may go to war with each other, seeing it as necessary to winnow the field. That could mean clear sailing for the big ships, for a time. Who knows. I also wonder how Bernie will ultimately use his chips in the game.

    Psychoanalyze the Clintons? You presume their humanity! I'm not entirely convinced that they aren't robots or aliens. It would explain a lot...

  3. Dr. Waddy: Biden may make it very difficult to attack him if he engages Stacy Adams as a running mate. Anytime someone expresses doubt about him he can simply say that she is being harassed and hide behind her politically correct armor. Oh, he's slick. Actually, he would take cover only if it was convenient; he is far too much in love with his own (well, mostly his own) blather to refrain. Trouble for him is, Donald Trump is NOT spineless Paul Ryan. All this Beto and Stacy viability opens up fascinating possibilities. Mondale and Dukakis should declare soon, Carter too. Heck, maybe that recent Illinois Governor will be out of jail in time and perhaps Stevenson can run in absentia. I mean ,I know the Dems are convinced that "diversity" is by definition a virtue and a mandate by their lights , but affirmative action for rejected politicians? Maybe they are too open minded? Ah, but their compassion!

    My understanding (only) is that South Koreans fought well in Vietnam and were much feared. Could someone who fought in country comment on that? The ROKs certainly would have had an understandable animus to Communists, especially considering the atrocities those subhumans worked in the South when they held most of it.

    Oh Gads, I also presumed the country could endure much more of that tawdry pair's disgraceful story. I expect they will be speaking in sweltering tents in county fairs before too long for $5 admission; Slick Willy can delight in roaming the midway checking out the female crowd and playing the shell game and Hillary can indulge in lugubrious reprise of her glory days up until 11/8 to the accompaniment of "Stand by Your Man" (though Tammy would never have allowed such misuse of her great song).

  4. Dr. Waddy: Also: its starting to be palpable; that is the increasing possibility that the Mueller investigation may yield the Dems nothing more than an enduring image of petulant brathood. And they shot the bolt, yessir. As for AOC, whoa! I thought she descended on a cloud from Valhalla or Olympus and would caution anyone questioning that or her unchallengeable righteousness and omniscience beware of Nemesis, which is undoubtably at her beck and call day or night. That anyone would subscribe to unforgiveable doubt about her is scarce believable and exposes the advocate to all the pains of heresy. Godspeed to any with the resolve to do so! (NOT)

  5. Hmm. Stacey Abrams as V.P.? Hmm. She's a whiner of the first order, but she might get away with being the V.P. candidate -- maybe Republicans would be intimidated into silence? She's certainly got all the demographic appeal that Biden would be looking for. Totally untested in national politics, though, and potentially a bad fit for the presidency itself (a valid consideration, given Biden's age). I don't think he'd be reckless enough to choose her. If he wants a woman of color, there are others.

    Wikipedia tells me that over 300,000 South Koreans fought in the Vietnam War. That's impressive! They were by far the most generous of our allies in supporting the war against the Viet Cong.

    Interesting to speculate on what would become of the Clintons' roadshow if the Dems lose in 2020. I expect they'd find a way to say "I told you so".

  6. Dr. Waddy: Now I see some sources speculate that Biden will declare himself a candidate only for a "nation saving" single term (if that) and this suggests he would then demure to the person or concept for whom he had always been a stalking horse. Stacey Abrams? This is most to be wished for due to her insubstantial qualifications and her imperious assertion of defiance to that objective perception. Biden has always been full of hot air only.

  7. Dr. Waddy: Sorry; I should have said "defer" instead of "demure".

  8. Hi Jack. Yes, I've seen speculation that Biden could run for only one term -- and that he could choose Abrams as his running mate more or less right out of the gate. I say, go for it on both counts! Neither seems like a good idea to me. Declaring that you can only handle one term is a great way to emphasize that you're passed it, and putting all your eggs in the Abrams basket seems reckless, given her lack of national experience. I suspect Biden is too smart to make either of these mistakes...but I could well be wrong!

  9. Dr. Waddy: Stacey Abrams cannot be considered a candidate for the Presidential nomination ( though Dem affirmative action for those whose self esteem has been unjustly harmed by the voters might mandate her ascension) and it would be an admission of very early defeat and the embrace of a potentially very flawed running mate by scornful Joe for one of the declared candidates to join with him. The 2020 Dem nomination is looking more and more like Kamikaze these days. But meanwhile - Brexit. Four more days.

  10. Four days to Brexit? Your timetable is out of date. An "extension" seems virtually inevitable now. Maybe unlimited extensions. I don't like the way things are going one bit.

    Stacey Abrams may just be dumb and arrogant enough to believe that it's her time to be President... Go for it, Stacey! The more, the merrier. It's every leftist for himself/herself/itself.

  11. Dr. Waddy: I think you are right on Brexit. What drama it is!