Monday, March 18, 2019

Brexit: Going, Going, Gone?

Friends, the latest machinations over Brexit have me very worried.  If the British elite succeeds in postponing Brexit for months or even years, it seems to me that Brexit is unlikely ever to occur, at least in any meaningful sense.  Was this Prime Minister Theresa May's secret agenda all along?  I'm beginning to think so.  Read all about it in my latest article:

In other news, check out this fascinating poll, which shows that support for impeachment is dropping and more and more Americans are coming around to the view that Trump has been the victim of a "witchhunt" and a vendetta.  Given the duplicity of the mainstream media on the issues of Mueller and collusion, it's a small miracle that so many Americans are clear-eyed.  God Bless the good sense of the American people!


  1. Dr. Waddy: Thanx for a plausible summation of the Brexit situation. The suspense is really building now and the outcome on March 29 will assuredly have far reaching political consequences in the UK.

    When I was in Parliament Square in January just before one of the votes, the clear majority of signs displayed by the large crowd were characterized by "Leave means Leave!". If the Brexit vote is negated, I don't think those who supported it and those who recognize the grave implications for UK democracy, will stand for it being nickled and dimed to death. No, it simply cannot be that they will fold! What can this mean? This crisis is perhaps the most critical for that great and exemplary civilization since May of 1940, when Parliament could have empowered a PM who would have surrendered, or when Margaret Thatcher was called to form a government which defeated an incipient Marxist takeover. What's going to happen? If the increasingly dictatorial bureaucracy of the EU and its naively totalitarian apologists prevail over the clearly expressed will of the world's historically quintessential democratic polity, the effect would be staggering and catastrophic.

    It could result in the breakup of the UK, as separatist movements in Ireland and Scotland might be emboldened. Though many in those lands have understandable reasons for desiring this, a weakened UK cannot be good for a Europe in real danger of a takeover by a presumptuous and ever more obviously totalitarian elite. A strong and sure Britain has prevailed before against a hostile Continent, saving the world in the process.

    Certainly agree with you that this crisis could cross the Atlantic. We are in the midst of a decisive, all out campaign to negate our 2016 election, exemplified by our very own Governor in unhappy and prostrate NY, a man whose advocacy and accomplishment of defiance of federal authority suggests treason.

    If American democracy survives, how will it be with us and an ever more imperious Western Europe?

    Rule Britannia as we know it, I say with all my heart! God save Her! Jack

  2. Dr. Waddy: Ditto on your expression of gladness for the burgeoning public awareness of how the Dems are trying to set a precedent for negating our "oh so ignorant" votes. Its a very promising development, both in what it suggests of a waning of the MSM's presumptuous power and in its implications for the defeat of the apparent "make or break" onslaught of the American left on our nation. They may well be headed for Yorktown 1781.

  3. May it be so, Jack! The latest info seems to be that the EU is demurring at the idea of granting an extension for no clear purpose. That's good. Maybe Britain will be forced into a no-deal Brexit, after all. Maybe, pushed to the wall, Parliament would suck it up and vote for May's deal. May's government may also fall...but how the EU would react, I'm not sure. It's a very fluid situation (he said with distinct understatement).