Friday, March 29, 2019

The Democratic Party is The Party of Billionaries

One man, one vote -- that's the essence of democracy, right?  Ha!  Not American democracy.  Not by a long shot.  Liberal billionaires Tom Steyer and Mike Bloomberg are making a mockery of the democratic process by plowing hundreds of millions of dollars into campaign ads to elect tame left-wingers to Congress.  And just wait til you see what they have in store for 2019 and 2020!  Bloomberg intends to spend $500 million or more in 2020 to defeat President Trump.  So you might say that the system he believes in is one man, 500 million votes.  Changes the equation slightly, doesn't it?  Read all about the evil machinations of these unaccountable tycoons in my latest article:


  1. Dr. Waddy: What consummate irony is there here. Those who have presented income and wealth inequality as proof of definitive evil requiring comprehensive mandated change, are championed by men of "obscene" accomplishment.

    That they are blithe to accept such succor should say to such as Steyer and Bloomberg only that they will eventually be transported to the scaffolds in well appointed tumbrels, just as British aristocrats were hanged with silken ropes.

    Those foolish, foolish swells live lives utterly unconnected to those of the real America, which rises at 5am to work, saves, obeys laws, pays its bills, patiently accumulates well earned financial security, disdains criminal presumptuousness, supports the police and military who keep the jungle at bay and cherishes a lifestyle based on respect for duly constituted governmental and religious authority.

  2. Jack, the connivance of most millionaires and billionaires with the corrupt establishment, and usually with the Democratic Party (counter to much leftist propaganda), makes me doubt whether our economic elite is worthy of the free and capitalistic society that has afforded them so much luxury and privilege. I've said it before -- a society whose elite is determined to blow up its traditions and values is not one that is long for this world...

    I'm intrigued by the silken ropes reference. Where does it come from? I thought nobles were never hanged, because hanging is a "common" form of death.

  3. Dr. Waddy: Before the 17th century nobles were sometimes hanged ,drawn and quartered, usually for "treason". I think several noble Jacobite rebels were hanged and spy Sir Roger Casement was hanged in 1916 and was at least offered the consolation of a silken rope. I do not know how the custom started.

    I should have added in my paean to the real America that it has no doubts about the definition of marriage and it is not that cynically and presumptuously embraced by Cuomo.

    Can you think of any historical situation in which the well off turned on the society which nurtured them? Other than a few prescient French grandees in 1789 I don't know of any. Maybe the perhaps obsessive drive of so many our successful to establish their "political correctness" is an unprecedented product of our loony national 50 year flirtation with national suicide.

  4. Dr. Waddy: I don't think all of the wealthy foolish; only those who do not appreciate their good fortune and the free nation which enabled it. Many of the wealthy are among the most positive, productive and constructive of good citizens.

  5. Hi Jack. I agree with you. Many of the wealthy are fine people and a great credit to the nation. Many of them are also "self-made" millionaires and billionaires.

    Good point about hanging, drawing, and quartering. I suppose a nobleman might earn himself a date with the hangman if he TRULY debased himself, but I think generally hanging was for commoners. Come to think of it, the "silken cord" was an Ottoman tradition, no?

    Hmm. Is there historical precedent for nobles or the wealthy turning on their own culture and institutions? To a degree, I'm sure there is. Think of all the elite Romans (and barbarians) who became Christians... Think of all the elite "natives" who collaborated with European imperialists. Generally, elite-level treachery is caused by self-interest, I would think, not ideological extremism, but no doubt that's a generalization. There's nothing new under the sun, right? Even "national suicide" has happened plenty of times before.

  6. Dr. Waddy: It might have been an Ottoman device - they took aesthetic and creative delight in the details of refined dispatch.

    Yeah, I wasn't thinking of Louis the 15th and "after me, the deluge!" And I didn't consider the mostly wealthy men who signed our Declaration.

  7. Jack, as I understand it, princelings were often strangled with the silken cord at the Ottoman court if they were seen as potential competitors for the throne.

    Yes, I'm afraid the phenomenon of an elite turning on its own government/culture is all too common, but generally the elite is making a calculation that it can gain advantage thereby. Usually it does. The Bolshevik case is a remarkable one because virtually all of the old elite was swept away... Anyway, in our case, it seems fairly clear that most of our elite has no intention of surrendering its power, privileges, or wealth. If anything, they expect to gain in status once the Left seizes total control. They may well be right about that too.

  8. Dr. Waddy: You may well be right. Most of them are no fools. An American Bolshevik revolution would have to take a form far different from the Russian one, though its airy intentions would probably be the same.

    But the real America, with well being light years ahead of that of the Russian peasant and worker and, even, the then Russian well to do( eg.medical advances), would, I believe, have the final say!