Wednesday, January 25, 2023

What Could Go Wrong?


Friends, when people ask me, "What's wrong with Eastern Europe today?", I invariably answer: "Needs more German panzers, obviously!"  Thanks to the wisdom of NATO, Ukraine is about to be overrun with German tanks, and I'll bet that will settle those Russians right down...  In fact, I can tell by the look on Putin's face that he's itching to surrender.  What a relief that's going to be!

Ukraine's hunger for Western tanks, which is about to be satisfied, is just one of many scintillating topics that we cover in this week's Newsmaker Show.  Brian and I also consider the balance of forces in the struggle between Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis, the prospects for Joe Biden's reelection bid, China's demographic stumbles, the future of the Washington Post, the political preferences of Gen Z, and the omnipresence of wokeness.  

Man oh man!  Is it possible to find any other radio program that packs so much insight into such a short span of time each week?  I doubt it!  Prove me wrong, people...


In other news, keep an eye on that explosive free speech case against the Biden Administration coming out of Missouri and Louisiana.  I'll be extremely disappointed if the Supreme Court doesn't weigh in on this issue in the next few years.  We need to know, once and for all, to what extent the federal government can participate in, and foster, censorship online.

Finally, undoubtedly the most important story of 2023, and perhaps that of 2024 too, will be the looming recession.  Maybe it will be in our rearview mirror by the time Americans vote in our next presidential election?  Perhaps.  The severity and duration of the downturn, more than any other factor, will determine Sleepy Joe's fate...


  1. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Re: the broadcast: It could also be a problem establishing a conservative Wash. Post because DC already has the conservative Wash. Times. Of course the american comintern (the MSM) gives the Times short shrift but then it might direct the especially vicious excoriation the left reserves for insolent apostates at the Post were it to turn coat. I did not think it likely that we would soon get another gutsy antirino opponent of the left like President Trump . Looks like we have one in DeSantis! I mean Reagan was followed by Bush I, Dole, McCain and Romney, none of whom demonstrated eagerness to go nose to nose with the relentless left.The moderator was right in noting that DeSantis's principled and provenh hostility to wokeness guarantees him getting "da bizness" from the MSM. But the contempt of those professionally discredited bigots is a badge of honor.

  2. Dr.Waddy from Jack: One of the many intensely tragic aspects of the Chinese diaspora, necessitated by China's destitution during its agonizing period of dissolution in the 19th and 20th centuries was the breakup of so many Chinese families.In perhaps no other country has the family been as fundamental an institution as in traditional China. To leave this and, of absolute necessity, go alone to mostly hostile lands,was beyond catastrophe. I've been acquainted with many young Chinese- Americans whose parents left China and though they had adopted some norms and customs contrary to Chinese tradition, overall reverence for the family still apparently obtained. No doubt most of today's Chinese students in America use modern technology to maintain close contact with their families in China and many may purpose eventual return.

  3. Dr.Waddy from Jack: How almost incredible to know that suffering and deprivation comparable to WWII again obtains in a Europe we thought beyond it! Russia continues to press its, I think, sole objective, the prevention of Ukrainian membership in Nato.Russia is a proud and rugged country, brutalized by its weather and historyand brutal to an extent confirmed by its incalculable cruelty in Ukraine, now and past. Nato pushed Russia beyond its endurance with its insouciant and relentless drive to the Russian border and the reckless proposition of Ukrainian membership in its antiRussian alliance. Think whatever one will of Russia's savage and inhuman prosecution of this war, this fundamental truth remains unavoidable and must be given appropriate credit for this catatrophe. You shouldn't toy with Russia anymore than you would vex a rhinoceros or hazard an alligator's sweeping tail, crushing jaws and primitive indifference to your well being. Until this is accepted by the west as a lamentable, tragic truth our policy will be misinformed.

  4. Jack, it's true that a right-wing, or even a middle-of-the-road, Washington Post would be excoriated on the Left, but what else is new? I would regard it as a huge win for our side. I doubt any conservative billionaire has the vision to make it happen.

    Personally, it surprises me how little success the MSM has had so far in chipping away at DeSantis's popularity. Maybe they haven't gone "all in" just yet.

    Jack, I see no sign that the West has learned any of the lessons you so wisely delineate in your last post. We seem to think we can kick the Russkies endlessly while they're down, and they will never respond in kind. Western leaders are getting bolder and bolder in declaring that we are collectively "at war with" Russia, and of course we are constantly escalating out support to Ukraine. Now, the Western public is, in fact, demurring, but our leaders are hell-bent on hurling us into the abyss of Cold War II, or is it World War III? Stay tuned.

  5. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Perhaps the far left has commanded its MSM tools to hold some of their fire for now. They may still be sizing up DeSantis. "What is this anyway. We've gone all out to destroy Trump and we may have succeeded. Now another true believer is on the rise? Our rino shills are letting us down bigtime! But this is the dead season for politics; lets let this all purpose "ist" provide us more ammo. Surely he'll overreach into open untethered Americanism! "

  6. Ha! You have your finger on the pulse of leftism, Jack. Whether they're capable of self-control I'm not sure, but common sense suggests that they're only good for so much hatred and bile at one time, and if Trump is absorbing more than his fair share then I guess DeSantis escapes, not unscathed, but less scathed, by default. One thing I'm sure of is that, no matter how pathetic the Dem candidate is in '24, and no matter how awesome the Republican, the MSM will go flat out to achieve four more years of leftist misrule. They know the stakes. They won't disappoint.