Tuesday, January 24, 2023

"M&Ms" Stands For "Monsters and Mass-Murderers", Don't Ya Know?


Friends, a cursory perusal of the new "woke" configuration of the M&Ms "spokescandies", as of last January, reveals the obvious and shocking truth: the new look was designed to foment a race war, a massive spike in global terrorism, the melting of the polar icecaps, and subsequent genocide, armageddon, and beer shortages.  That's why we at WaddyIsRight are so pleased to learn that the spokescandies will be temporarily "paused", while Maya Rudolph takes over the important role of Chief Candy Hawker.  Whew!  We really dodged the bullet there, didn't we?


In more lighthearted news, the U.S. has decided to escalate its involvement in the Russia-Ukraine war by providing M1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine.  Although the article doesn't even mention it, this will almost certainly lead to WWIII and thus to the death of everyone reading this article -- but Mitch McConnell likes the idea, so, heck, I say give it a shot! 

Finally, I like to keep track of the leftist ramblings of Robert Reich, because a) he's so adorably tiny, and b) he's an effective spokesman for hardcore "progressive" intellectuals and party insiders.  That being said, does Reich support Biden for reelection in 2024?  Not very emphatically, as you'll see here.  That could signify real challenges for our Gerontocrat-in-Chief...


  1. Dr. Waddy from Jack: I was not allowed access to the Fox article. Do they not know that I watch Fox regularly? Oh. . . Anyway, it appears from your comments that the Woke Inquisition has fixed its basilisk gaze on yet another heretical development. Suspicion levelled by that dread, august institution is tantamount to accusation and that mandates condemnation and subsequent social, professional and political immolation. Mercy may be shown if groveling regret is expressed with cringing diffidence and welcome of lesser punishment Who is Maya Rudolph?

  2. Dr.Waddy from Jack: In his play St.Joan, Shaw has a high cleric express a very tightly reasoned yet drolly facile defense of the suppression of heresy. No doubt this is required reading for the Woke Tribunal! Being consummate bigots they would miss the Shavian irony of the passage.

  3. Dr. Waddy from Jack: I dunno: the Abrams is one hell of a tank but its getting kind of old. It fought in Desert Storm. Do the Russ have something superior? BUT Ukrainians are superlative soldiers: I would guess not only hard but smart fighters too, alot like the Israelis and the Finns. If they want the Abrams they probably know why. As for WW III, ehh, no worries about that. Them Russkies are prideless pussies!

  4. Dr.Waddy from Jack: The Abrams article contained a link to an article describing a continuing Turkish refusal to approve Nato membership for Sweden. I cite it here because I fear it slipping my memory (what did you say your name is?). Turkey is upset by yes, pretty obvious anti Islam demonstrations of late in Sweden. But Sweden protests its devotion to free discourse (American wokeists , especially in the Academy ,take note). The Swedes may show enough backbone to stand firm even if it costs them a security measure they have, in a stunning develiopment after decades of neutrality, sought! They could serve as an example to an American polity a regretable faction of which thinks our Constitutionally guaranteed freedom of speech is subordinate to their demanding approbation. The Swedes have always been prepared to fight the Rus if necessary and they managed to stay free of Hitler and Stalin so they may have the horse sense and the moxie to defend what is probably a fundamental principle for them.

  5. Ah, you're unfamiliar with the incomparable Maya Rudolph, are you? She was a comedian on SNL, once upon a time. She's probably most famous for her ambiguous racial origins. She's white-ish, blackish, brownish -- the perfect spokeswoman, it would appear, for a woke candy company!

    All this blather about tanks for Ukraine makes little sense to me. The Russians had oodles of tanks when they invaded, and what good did it do them? I think we've proven by now that tanks are pretty easy to blow up! I suspect it's mostly symbolism, especially when one considers the tiny numbers of tanks at issue.

    I give the Swedes credit for defending free speech, even when they don't like the speech -- and, if bowing to Erdogan is the price of NATO membership, I encourage them to stay on the outside looking in. I don't believe Sweden is remotely threatened by Russia, and joining NATO would only harm, not hurt, the country's security, because it might foster a desire for vengeance on Russia's part. Putin has bigger fish to fry, for now, but someday he might be in a position to settle scores.