Friday, January 20, 2023

"May the Best Woman Win"?


Friends, Donald Trump is currently the only declared candidate for president in either party, but it sure sounds like a lot of Republicans, including Nikki Haley, think he's vulnerable.  Haley appears, in fact, to be inches from announcing her own candidacy.  As she says herself, "Stay tuned"!  My take: I'm certainly not opposed to a woman president, assuming she's a steely alpha female like, oh, Margaret Thatcher, but Haley didn't last long as U.N. Ambassador, and I'm not yet convinced that she's ready for the world's top job.  In the meantime, I wish her well.

In other news, the House will be investigating the circumstances under which Joe Biden stashed numerous secret and confidential documents in his office and his home, but of perhaps even greater interest is the fact that the DOJ apparently was content to keep these questions entirely under wraps.  What's more, that raises the tantalizing issue of who spilled the beans, and why.  Do I think Sleepy Joe will be held accountable for his criminal acts?  Heck no.  He's a Democrat, which means he always gets the benefit of the doubt.  His political future, on the other hand, may well be in jeopardy.


  1. Dr.Waddy from Jack: From what I've read about her she appears to be pretty solid; I like her strong support for Israel very much. If I were a dem I think I would dread the thought of her appointing Scotus justices. She appointed Tim Scott to the Senate and that choice is a big winner; black conservatives are very brave and principled people who are often singled out for especially vicious excoriation by the left.

  2. Dr.Waddy from Jack: The leftist dominated DOJ could simultaneously advance two leftist objectives, one certainly intended - the destruction of DJT - and one plausible - the jettison of PINO Joe, who has shown alarming signs of thinking he's really in the saddle.DOJ could make a disingenuous show of tasking Biden for the docs thing to "justify" its continuing onslaught on DJT and at the same time do Biden decisive political damage sufficient to turn him out to graze in dreamy nostalgia for the kumbayaa days.

  3. Jack, your praise of Nikki Haley carries weight, as far as I'm concerned! I will give her the benefit of the doubt. You're right: Tim Scott has been a capable Senator and a boon to our cause.

    How the DOJ comes down on the Biden business will indeed be fascinating to watch. Other than shake the tree, I'm not sure there's much they can do to him. Indictment is out of the question. The special counsel's report could be written so as to give him a pass, or it could be scathing, but, assuming Biden goes full speed ahead for reelection, I personally can't imagine that the DOJ would do anything much to stand in his way -- unless you count leaking, which is, or can be, a powerful weapon in these situations.