Monday, January 2, 2023

The Shorter, The Better?


Friends, the credibility of the New York Times is shrinking to the vanishing point.  It recently published an editorial arguing (with a straight face) that short people are better than tall people, and that we should all prefer diminutive mates, sire small children, and eat sparingly so as to stunt our growth.  This will improve our health, our moral standing, and of course will also limit the burden we place on Mother Earth -- the deciding factor, no doubt.  The arguments contained in this article are pure balderdash, needless to say.  Is the old cachet possessed by the more altitudinous among us somewhat unfair, and irrelevant to our basic worth?  That is certainly possible, but of course leftists and the Times always have to take things way beyond what's reasonable.  The races can't be "equal" -- no, whites are bad and blacks are good.  The sexes can't be "equal" -- no, men are definitely inferior, and women, if any can be identified, deserve to inherit the earth.  Are tall and short people equally capable of achieving goodness and greatness?  Again, no, we have to denigrate the tall and lionize the short!  In a way, the Times is just following the standard Marxist/Manichean playbook, but in this case it's doing so to a point of utter absurdity.  It won't be the last time -- that I can promise you!  Leftists have proven that they are capable of almost limitless inversions of common sense.  Be all that as it may, if you happen to agree with the Times that coupling with a dwarf is a potent form of virtue-signaling, I say: more power to you!  At least you'd be coupling, and that's a start.


In other news, Mitch McConnell will be starting off the new year right, by which I mean left, by which I mean wrong.  He'll be attending an event with President Biden to "celebrate" their bipartisan commitment to spending infrastructure dollars that our country doesn't have.  Boo! 

Finally, Tesla sales are up 40% in 2022, and yet its stock price fell 45% in the second half of the year.  Figure that one out!  Seems to me that the market doesn't appreciate Musk's activism on behalf of free speech.  Hey, I get it -- all those pesky "rights" that Americans keep claiming can really get in the way of profits sometimes.  Nonetheless, I hope Musk keeps his eye on the prize.


  1. Dr. Waddy from Jack: The phenomenom I believe you have noted: that of the switch of leftist intent from justice to perceived revenge ,has been their objective for a long time now. Now they don't give a fig who, among the proscribed, knows it. The switch from demands for "equality" to declaration of "equity" as that guiding principle for which they brook no doubt or active opposition is now fully open. Equity is of the subjective nature craved by the left in order to give their pronunciamentos well, whatever they wish whenever they wish: including unquestionable authority to define and enforce compliance,by any means necessary. Your prediction of the certainty of this syndrome ever expanding its amoeba like reach is very sound. Its end? Total control. The Times means to thrive in this new world by helping to bring it about.

  2. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Rights like that of free speech, as difficult a price as we do pay for them sometimes, are the only thing keeping the captains of commerce out of the tumbrels and Madame DeFarge's tender mercies. Some of them actually "feel" that the left ain't so bad after all. "Nay Faustus, thou must FEEL it (the pains of hell) , taste the smart of ALL. . . ! Since the left can be counted on to impose the pains of hell on multitudes, this is an admonition not to ignored by those who think it can be tolerated withal.

  3. Well said, Jack! That's the problem: too many Americans in the so-called center don't "feel" the outrageousness or the dangerousness of the Left at all. That's because the media is working overtime to make them fell the opposite: that lefties are caring and sharing, while conservatives are extremists and haters. Turning that narrative on its end won't be easy, no matter how many evils the Left perpetrates.