Saturday, January 14, 2023

The Truth About Kennedy and Nixon


Friends, this article naturally caught my eye.  The suggestion is that Richard Nixon had intimate knowledge of the CIA's involvement in the assassination of President Kennedy -- and that he was simultaneously unaware of the CIA's involvement in the Watergate burglary.  Now, we have to keep in mind that "involvement in" does not equate with "responsibility for".  There's very little that goes on in Washington, D.C., and internationally, that the CIA isn't tangentially connected to, but that doesn't mean that CIA spooks secretly run the world.  In any case, I've long since accepted that, whatever the truth of the JFK assassination happens to be, we're unlikely to get any closer to it than we are now.  Prove me wrong!


In other news, the outrage over the "Twitter Files" belies the fact that the Democratic Party and the Biden White House have been actively seeking to curate content on a wide variety of social media sites, not just Twitter.  Today we learned that, not only does Facebook suppress content that is true (but politically incorrect), but it does so, in many cases, at the behest of Biden Administration officials.  But, of course, neither Facebook nor the Democrats will see any problem in this.  They will say that it's done, America, "for your own good".  Now, if and when Republicans retake control of the White House, one wonders whether social media execs and administration officials will be quite as chummy.  I mean, I bet DJT would have loved to counsel Facebook, Twitter, and Google on all the "Trump misinformation" that they ought to have been suppressing.  Instead, naturally, they were amplifying said "malarkey" -- and, with the exception of Twitter, they show no sign of ever changing course.


Lastly, Hunter Biden is a real piece of work!  I guess we knew that already, but the shocking truth is that this overprivileged dirtbag is actively trying to a) reduce his child support payments to his "baby momma", and b) prevent his love child from taking his last name.  What a great Dad, huh?  You can't make this stuff up!!!  Can you imagine if any of the Trump kids had done 5% of the crap that Hunter Biden gets up to?  Oy! 


  1. Dr.Waddy from Jack: But Nixon didn't "take everyone down with him". That principled inaction was of a piece with his decision not to contest the 1960 election, which he rightly thought to have been stolen from him, a self made man and a stalwart in hunting down commies, by Cape Cod swells and amoral Mayor Dailey of Chicago.Nixon was a tragic figure; he was an essentially decent middle class achiever and patriot destroyed by Realpolitik.

  2. That's a good analysis, Jack. I agree: he was a tragic figure. Now, whether he ever threatened to "take everyone down with him", or had the means to do so, I rather doubt, but you're right that at some stage he accepted his fate and went with the flow. I rather wish Trump had had the wisdom to do the same!