Sunday, January 22, 2023

He's Still Got It!


Friends, as the USA teeters on the brink of default (yawn!) and as the moral/spiritual foundations of Western Civilization steadily erode (eek!), we should make time to celebrate "the little things", like astronaut Buzz Aldrin's recent marriage (his fourth) at the age of 93!  Holy moly!  He wed a woman 30 years his junior, who looks more like she's 50 years his junior -- not that ole Buzz is nearly as wizened as you'd expect, mind you.  The takeaway here is: if you're wondering what it takes to get a hot date these days, try walking on the moon.  Chicks seem to dig it...


  1. Dr.Wardy from Jack: Good gravy! Well, good luck to them. I really liked his comment shortly after landing: "magnificent desolation". He has had a rough time since 1969 but just imagine the glory he experienced on Apollo 11: the unobscured sight of the endless heavens and a unique perspective from which to contemplate the wonders they surely promise!!

  2. You're right, Jack: his own life journey bespeaks a certain "magnificent desolation". I'm not sure I'd want to be in his shoes.