Tuesday, January 3, 2023

If At First You Don't Succeed...


Friends, Democrats lost the Congressional race in New York's 3rd district, but they're not going to take an electoral defeat lying down!  No, Sir!  They're going to keep battering away at George Santos until he resigns or gets hauled away to prison (preferably both, actually).  Why?  Because he's a GREAT BIG FIBBER!!!  How dare he?  I mean, no Democrat in the whole history of Democrats has ever told a lie, and now THIS?  My latest article puts Santos's prevarications in their proper partisan perspective.  Someone needed to!

That's Rich, Democrats!

Anyone who gets their news from the mainstream media has been deluged with non-stop coverage of the résumé “embellishments” that helped to propel George Santos into office as a Congressman from Long Island. Santos has apologized for the fabrications, as he most certainly should, but leftists are still out for blood. They claim, with a straight face, that Santos should resign for his lack of truthfulness, and that it may even be appropriate to prosecute him for...something. What Democrats forget is that lying, while unethical, is protected speech in these United States, and, if we were ever to criminalize lying, or throw everyone out of Congress who has prevaricated, its halls would be empty – of Democrats, in particular.

Many have already exhaustively documented the countless misrepresentations that Joe Biden has made about his record, his family background, and his opponents. Biden routinely says things that aren't true. Either Biden is deliberately lying, or his mind is so addled by senility or self-regard that he lacks the ability to discern what is true and what is false. Either way, Biden would seem to be disqualified as a potential public figure, much less as the leader of the free world. And yet, according to progressives, Biden is a true American hero! None of this adds up.

Democrats' hypocrisy on matters of truth and falsehood goes far beyond their high regard for the serial liar Joe Biden, however. The modern Democratic Party and the progressive movement are built on a tissue of lies. This can be seen with ample clarity in their disingenuous claims and tactics in the recent midterm elections, which even CNN has criticized.

For starters, Democrats castigated their Republican opponents as “insurrectionists” and traitors, even though no insurrection took place in January 2021 and not a single person has been charged with, or been convicted of, insurrection. The sole purpose of the January 6th Committee was to misrepresent what happened on that fateful day in order to vilify Republicans, to conceal the share of responsibility borne by Congressional Democrats for the frightful lack of security on Capitol Hill, to conflate honest questions about the conduct of the 2020 election with violent opposition to American “democracy”, and to capitalize politically on a national tragedy. Nancy Pelosi excluded Republicans nominated by the Republican leadership in the House from the January 6th Committee precisely because she did not want anyone on it who might challenge the falsehoods and misrepresentations that would pervade its work. (Presumably, Democrats and progressives everywhere adore censorship for the same reason: they hate it when anyone points out that they are wrong.)

Democrats compounded these lies by trying to convince the electorate in 2022 that the Supreme Court, through the Dobbs decision, had ended “abortion rights”. It did no such thing, and access to abortion for the vast majority of Americans has either remained the same or has been enhanced in recent months.

They went on to promise Americans with college debt that portions of it would be forgiven, knowing full well that President Biden's debt forgiveness scheme was unlikely to pass muster with the courts and with the Constitution itself. They banked many votes in the midterms on the basis of that tactic of bait and switch.

Democrats simultaneously denied that the country faces any significant problems with illegal immigration or crime, even disingenuously suggesting that the current surge in both is Donald Trump's fault, or, conversely, a figment of the imagination of Fox News editors. Thus, the worst “lies” of Democrats and progressives in 2022 turned out to be ones of omission – of refusing to acknowledge the reality and legitimacy of voters' heartfelt concerns. Sadly, they got away with it, more often than not.

Lastly, leading up to the midterms, Democrats did what they always do: they spent public funds lavishly on social programs and pork barrel boondoggles alike, all while claiming that their “generosity” was a sign of their human decency. On the contrary, their fiscal improvidence is one of the main causes of the inflation now plaguing us, and will, if continued, bankrupt the next generation – not metaphorically, but literally. Someday Americans will learn the hard way that the progressive welfare state is itself a lie, writ large.

All in all, George Santos's résumé-building fabrications pale in comparison to the complex web of falsehoods that undergirds the Democratic Party and its progressive ideology. Santos should apologize every chance he gets – and he should stay in office, to join in the work of rebuilding the public's trust in the effectiveness and integrity of the federal government. It is the Democrats who, over the last two years, have left this trust hanging by a thread.

Dr. Nicholas L. Waddy is an Associate Professor of History at SUNY Alfred and blogs at: He appears on the Newsmaker Show on WLEA 1480/106.9.


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  1. Dr.Waddy from Jack: This is a good opportunity to hoist the dems on their own petard.They are utterly lacking in moral authority to denounce lying; they are, unapologetically, yet the party of Clinton. I agree, our side should stand together and unmoveable, as the dems do, and simply refuse to take any action against Santos and if the dems attempt it, simply overpower them, cynically and unapologetically. Its time for the Rinos to wake up! "But we can't sink as far as to embrace bad will in our own ranks!" One can picture Charles Schumer mirthfully sneering at that sanctimonious defeatism. " Oh, you'll sink and you'll like it, you gutless sissies" Charles doth sniff as he plays relentless hardball with his harrowing majority in the Senate. The present indecision over the House Speakership bespeaks open revolt against those in the GOP who lack the stomach necessary to take ruthless advantage of our House advantage. No need to try avoiding MSM censure; the MSM is irreparably corrupted into cringing dem factotumhood!

  2. Yes, Jack -- the Dems and their journalistic fellow travelers will never cease their attacks, so we may as well cease to worry about them, except insofar as we repay them in kind, of course. Poor George Santos is now on the lefties' radar, like Gaetz, and Greene, and Boebert. They'll have their fun with him, and he may well struggle to be reelected, but the bottom line is that, for now, we've got the majority. We better use it for...something!