Thursday, June 30, 2022

NATO on the Warpath?


Friends, this week's Newsmaker Show -- how you must have missed my weekly appearances! -- covers a lot of ground, as per usual.  Brian and I consider NATO's moves to expand its membership and shore up the defenses of Eastern Europe.  I argue that the "permanent" deployment of several hundred U.S. troops in Poland is merely symbolic, but the accession of Sweden and Finland into NATO is historic and will set off alarm bells in the Kremlin.  You can argue that the Russkies have only themselves to blame.  Be that as it may, further deterioration in Western-Russian relations seems assured.

In addition, Brian and I talk about the recent primaries, including the widely anticipated win for Lee Zeldin in New York, the neverending clown show that is the January 6th committee, and the true significance of the recent landmark Supreme Court decisions.

When we turn to "This Day in History", we cover the phenomenon of "defections" from East to West during the Cold War, the frequency of Soviet space disasters (and the fact that they were invariably covered up), and the political/strategic calculus behind Hitler's famous "Night of the Long Knives".

Oh, mama!  You don't want to miss this one.  Tune in today!


  1. Dr.Waddy from Jack: I tried to call up the broadcast but instead got computer language which was as Enigma code to me. Tried the Email but so far nothing. Did you have salubrious sojourne in the Sceptered Isle? Did you bid Boris good time of day?

    1. Jack from Ray

      BINGO! The next time someone I know tells me they are going on vacation, I will wish them a "salubrious sojourne". I hope they know what I am talking about. If not, I'll just wish them a nice and happy vacation.

      Why do you keep using these words on your post? Do you think anyone is impressed? Dr. Nick likes it, so what the hell can I say. One thing for sure, mainly, no one seems to be attracted to this site anyway. Why is that? Nick's articles are good.

      In the end, enjoy your hobby of attempting to impress people with your vocabulary. Have a nice day, many of them, and a wonderful Summer. Keep those brain buster words coming!

  2. I'm on it, Jack! I just emailed Brian to get him to fix the link. Try again in a few hours... It should be okay by then.

    I had a great time in England, yes! If you were on FB you would have seen a lifetime supply of my vacation pics by now. I just sent you a few by email, though. I'll be interested to see if you can interpret some of them!

  3. OK, the broadcast is decoded now!

  4. Dr. Waddy from Jack: John o' Guant in Richard II, lauds England in elegant and eloquent Shakespearean preroration: "this earth of majesty. . . this other Eden. . . this happy breed of men, this little world . . . this blessed plot", which moves me to Anglophilian delight! I cherish every moment I spent there and hope for more.

  5. Dr. Waddy from Jack: My latest understanding is that the Nato buildup consists mainly of troops retained on homelands but risen to increased rapid response capability. Putin's response to Sweden/Finland is "should they build their forces, so will we". I think Russia's intent in invading Ukraine remains unchanged. It is to eliminate the possibility of Ukrainian membership in Nato. Russia MAY settle for what they, with misgivings, consider an adequate guarantee of this. Donbas may be enough.BUT, for Russia, Nato in putative Ukraine remains unendurable and not negotiable. In a spavined Ukraine, maybe.I do not think Russia has ever intended forceful investment of any Nato country, including Sweden and Finland unless they think immediate threat to their national security is at hand! Russian understandable concern about further Nato envelopment must not be ignored.But the wise among them are probably willing to countenance Sweden/Finland's accession to Nato as, yes, historically justified fear of Russian aggression. ( I mean, does Putin fancy himself Peter the Great?)Russia's true stance remains ,Ithink, Ukraine as a line which WILL not be crossed. Nato's present reinforcement, yes understandable, further deters any unlikely Russian adventure. Russia KNOWS war and would not pursue it sans demonstrable concern for their national objective integrity.

  6. Dr.Waddy from Jack: In principle, the Jan. 6 tribunal is to be despised as obviously partisan, much in part due to Pelosi's "selection "of participants. But, unfortunately and completely disingenuously on their amoral part, its popular effect may be considerate! Could it be enough to dissuade the real America's conviction that President Trump is their man? If so, his mantle must be assumed by one of his mind, who could well be DeSantis, if needed. So far, he manifests President Trumps courageous and open contempt for the incipiently totalitarian American left!

  7. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Aside from my joy at the blow against murderous abortion on demand, I share your support of well conceived
    legal discreditation of dreamy leftist support for (sic) Roe v Wade!

  8. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Should Scotus be vigilant against guaranteed leftist blockade of recently confirmed national gun rights in NY.? Naw, let those to be exalted NY and NRA forces responsible for this gun rights affirming decision continue their legally necessary crusade to bring NY's official gun owner's hatred to light! And let us support them!NY is even now, thru its dem party supermajority concentating legislative proscription of legal gun possession in a wide variety of settings. These will be disempowered in court but until then? How many more deaths at the hands of the criminals so beloved of the NYS administration?

  9. Dr.Waddy from Jack: The American left now declares Scotus illegitimate and affirms its intent to "defy" Scotus. When did we last hear this? Why in Arkansas, Missippi and Alabama in the late '50s and early 60s and well, we know what happened there. Regular US military was sent in to enforce Federal law! And so it should be now!

  10. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Attacks on the Electoral College? Well surely the Gore and Hillary campaigns knew of the existence of the Electoral College and so did the GOP. It was a fair fight. Sorry lefties, you got outcampaigned!

  11. Dr.Waddy from Jack: I learned much from your commentary on the Night of the Long Knives.Hitler was a "prude" and surely most Germans would have disdained the lifestyle of the SA leadership. That gave Hitler much support for a suppression of a multitudinous SA. I think most of the SA was blended into the Wehrmacht and the SS.

  12. Dr. Waddy from Jack: I followed the US and Russian space efforts from 1957 (Sputnik) on. It was fascinating. With the very considerable caveat that the Russian effort came at the disadvantage of popular well being, being part of the Soviet military buildup, still: their progress was remarkable especially for a land recovering from the indescribable ravages of WWII.

  13. Nick, I was struck by your sheer hypocrisy in discussing with Brian about undermining the legitimacy of governmental institutions. It is one thing to criticize institutions. It is another to encourage an actual insurrection like the conservatives did.

  14. Glad you got access, Jack. Thanks for alerting me (and thus Brian) to the problem.

    Jack, in my view the only significance of Swedish/Finnish accession into NATO is political. There was NEVER any chance that Russia, as presently constituted, would attack the West. Never.

    Jack, I do view Trump as, to some extent, "damaged goods", but that has little to do with Jan. 6th and absolutely nothing to do with the silly little committee presently squawking about it. Trump has been hated by half the country since 2015. That makes it hard for him to win a national election. Hard -- but not impossible!

    Yes, most threats to "defy" SCOTUS amount to little or nothing. When a federal court issues an order, it is invariably obeyed. For now, anyway.

    Jack, I think most Germans believed that a coup really was percolating in 1934. Maybe it was -- heck! Anyway, the media coverage would have been entirely sympathetic to Hitler's position.

    Anonymous, there was no "actual insurrection". Actual insurrectionists bring guns and have a plan of action to overthrow the government. But nice try.

  15. Ray primarily and Dr.Waddy of course, from Jack: Ray, oh do give me a break here. I employ antique and baroque language for fun!.As for impressing people let me here affirm that my academic record is thoroughly banal and most unimpressive. The joke is on me and I don't mind that. Dr. Waddy seems to have a sense ot humor similar to mine and I enjoy bantering with him and anyone of like mind. And I rejoice at having my opinions seriously considered by him and PERHAPS others of comparable intellectual distinction. I cannot imagine that my presumptuous hyperbole might actually discourage reading of Dr.Waddy's well argued and documented post! Does it suppress commentary? Oh let me but see more proof, beyond yours, of this!

  16. RAY TO JACK I was just giving you a hard time to see how you would respond. Keep up the good work. Happy July 4th and have a super fine Summer.
    Best Wishes
    Sincerely Ray

  17. It's heartening to see my baroque and my mid-century commentators swaddled in such a warm embrace... Keep it up, gents! :)