Thursday, June 16, 2022

Is the West Having Second Thoughts About Its "LIttle Brother" Ukraine?


Friends, a couple of months ago, pretty much everyone in the West who consumed the mainstream media version of the Russia-Ukraine War had talked themselves into an expectation that Russian forces were about to collapse, and Ukrainian victory was imminent.  Well, now that prediction looks darn shaky.  Ukrainians are being pushed back, slowly and steadily, in Donbas, and, because of Russia's superiority in heavy weapons, Ukrainian security forces are taking lots of casualties.  What's more, it's inevitable that Western voters will sour on the conflict and grow more skeptical, as the losses and costs mount, and as energy prices remain high.  Check out this article, therefore, that hints at a possible change of direction in the Biden Administration.  The weapons and funds keep flowing, sure, but Biden appears to be thinking of an endgame that leaves Russia in possession of large swathes of Ukrainian territory.  And, like it or not, isn't that the only probable outcome here, assuming that the Ukrainian state even survives?  My guess is that a lot of mixed messages are flowing these days between President Zelensky and his Western counterparts.  A messy war may get messier!


Was a ruckus at the Capitol foreseeable on January 6th, 2021?  I'd say so!  Apparently there was plenty of intel in the weeks leading up to the fateful day.  That begs the question: why would leaders in Congress refuse the offer of National Guard reinforcements to bolster security?  This article doesn't answer that question, but my guess -- and it's only a guess -- is that too many Democrats find soldiers and policemen triggering, and too many of them suspected that federal troops would be used by President Trump to instigate a coup.  Frankly, though, with or without National Guard soldiers present, it should have been possible to foresee a potential disturbance, and then to contain it.  The security failures on January 6th were inexcusable, in my humble opinion. 

Finally, the title of this article speaks for itself!


  1. Hi there Nick! This is "Anonymous Ray" here.

    You know, if these hearings are designed to ban Trump from the presidency again, or any future political offices, so what?

    The most important thing is that real Republicans win Congress back this Fall, and more states stay Red, and then a strong Republican President is elected in 2024, like DeSantis, or Mike Pompeo.

    1. I agree "Anonymous Ray". Let's assume they are successful in marginalizing Trump and he doesn't run.

      The hearings are only further motivating the conservative base and alienating a good portion of independents. All of whom are looking for any excuse to cast their vote for right leaning candidates this fall, and the likes of a DeSantis President. I kinda like the ring to all that.

      Who is enjoying or buying this charade other than those who would never vote red anyway. The phrase "overplaying your hand" is ringing in my ears.

  2. Dr.Waddy from Jack: As always, your assessment of the present Ukraine situation is objective and I think it a very plausible prediction. Ukraine is paying a terrible price for the folly of baiting the Bear and both encouraging and accepting Western suggestion of support for Ukrainian Nato membership. That possibility was and is ANATHEM A to Russia! But as you say, the price could be much worse than the loss of eastern Ukraine.

  3. Dr.Waddy from Jack: As of NOW I think the leftist partisan emphasis on Jan.6 presents two distinct possibilities: the elimination of President Trump's viability as the candidate in 2024 and yes, the further infuriation of the real America at the relentless "American" leftist campaign to destroy all we value and replace it with a totalitarian elite.DeSantis shows promise of being a real America supporter as sincere as is President Trump. Watch out too for Senator Rick Scott, who is obviously on campaign already. I.E. Ray and Richie, I agree with you.

  4. Dr.Waddy from Jack: I think your comments on security on Jan.6 to be highly plausible. I think the "American" left craved such a demonstration; it played with fire and it got out of hand. The haughty and presumptuous "American" left didn't and may still not comprehend how the volcanic anger of the real America toward its relentless attack on all of our American culture is building! They will in November if we remain but true and turn out in our full American strength at the polls!

  5. Ray from Jack: I do think though that the possible discreditation of President Trump matters much. First, he saved us from Hillary by sacrificing a certain carefree senior citizenship. Second, he did demonstrate real intent to support the "forgotten" real America. He struck a very responsive chord by doing that, unequalled since Presideng Reagan.

  6. Dr.Waddy from Jack: PM Johnson told President Zelensky that Russia is being sorely tried by this war and that the UK backs continuing resolute Ukrainian resistance. That's a very significant endorsement, I'd say. I'm thinking about how Finland's two defensive stands against Stalin's onslaught in the 40s might compare and contrast with this war. Similarities: Both presented a small nation invaded by a Russia which expected quick victory and complete imposition of its will but each time the bear's snout was handsomely bloodied by gutsy peoples fully aware of the guaranteed horror of Great Russian rule; each time the dead weight of Russian power wore the smaller nations down. Finland of necessity permanently ceded some of its territory to Stalin but their straitened nation yet retained some considerable degree of independence. That was a rare concession from the Soviet monster!Ukraine too, may be forced into such a painful accomodation.

  7. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Differences? Finland stood alone except for the onerous "support" imposed on them by Hitler. If victorious against Russia he surely would have exacted his typically terrible price. Finland had been a part of the Russian Empire and does have significant geographic proximity to Russia but Ukraine has a unique historical place in the Russian view. When Putin argues that Ukraine is not a separate country, he does have some historical and cultural plausibility. The very obvious desire of the majority of Ukrainians to be free of Great Russian sway is of course the present defining moral argument against the Russian invasion.

  8. Dr.Waddy from Jack: But Russia, stung to the quick by Nato's reckless eastern advance, drew a line at possible Ukrainian entry into the obviously antiRussian Nato. They do have some good reason! Nato includes a united Germany, a country which within the memory of the still living, did Russia the very worst any country has ever done another! Their invasion has manifested Russian brutality unseen since WWII but to settle the conflict, Russia may, of understandably perceived ,historically seared into Russia's memory,resolution to be relieved of invasion from the West, insist upon plausible guarantees to the same.And that may well include the Ukrainian Donbass;Russian in its language and culture and perhaps seen by Russia as a western trip wire in some ways similar to its lost Eastern Europe barrier. Can any nation,(except for Poland), have better justificaton to prepare for incursion, than Russia?!

  9. Hiya Ray. I don't think for a moment that the Dems will succeed in "banning" Trump from anything, and in fact they may not want to. Many of them believe that Biden's best chance of victory in 2024 comes via a rematch against Trump. They may or may not be right about that.

    Richie, that's correct: no one is watching these ridiculous hearings except the far-left true believers. Everyone else thinks they're a farce and/or an irrelevance. Political scandals just don't move the dial any more, mainly because almost all of them are manufactured.

    Jack, to be clear, I continue to view Trump as a problematic candidate, but the January 6th committee, in itself, won't do any more damage to him than has already been done. I guarantee you that, in 2024, January 6th won't be a leading issue.

    Your comparison of the present Russia-Ukraine war to Russia's invasion of Finland in 1940 is intriguing. Another similarity: in both cases, the West's sympathies were with the aggrieved victim of Russian aggression. In neither case did that sympathy motivate the West to take meaningful action. I guess some would claim that arms shipments and Boris Johnson's well wishing constitutes Western "resolution", but the proof is in the pudding, and this war is a long way from over. A Russo-Finnish-style resolution is very plausible, Jack.

  10. Speaking of the Soviet Russia's invasion of Finland in 1939/40 (The Winter War), there is an excellent movie "Max Manus Man of War" depicting the life of a Norwegian Volunteer in that war (against Russia) who then becomes a major leader in the Norwegian resistance against the Nazis. Excellent movie! Very refreshing after having to navigate movie sites and see all this woke and cancel culture film bullshit, with a bunch of damn morons running around.

  11. Anonymous from Jack: Several thousand Swedes also fought alongside the Finns. They brought with them their superb Swedish Mauser rifle.I own one and it has the quality workmanship of a good modern hunting gun. The Swedes conveniently forgot to bring them with them when they were bade return to Sweden.

  12. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Your comment on President Trump does give me pause. Sans Jan.6 decisive discreditation, which you plausibly predict, he remains, essentially, the true demonstrated real American advocate! I hope it does turn out so. How about Hillary's warning to dems that they go too far in their open far left position. She oughta know! Oh but she was Slick Willy sly in hiding her radical intentions! Trouble was, she had her vindictive goals written all over her in her machine like voice and pained expression of views she loathed, in order to flim flam the inferior real America in its flyover country retreats. Let her remain an aged prophet. Her defeat was the defining triumph of common sense America and she pontificates to unhearing ears

  13. Ray, thanks for another solid movie recommendation. Is it in English? Norwegian?

    So Hillary is warning the Dems against steering too far to the left? Oh my! That means that the Dem establishment sees the writing on the wall and wants to claim the high ground once the party starts to pick up the pieces after November. A good drubbing could produce some very nasty infighting! I would love to see it.